Lucky to be Alive, Officer Shares Her Story to Investigators!!!

Laguna Pueblo, NM – @CopsConsTV obtained footage of a New Mexico State Police officer is seen giving her statement to a multi agency investigation team to share her side of the story on the shootout and pursuit from a September 12th, 2020 incident firefight.

She begins by reading a statement on record and then answers questions from investigators. She highlights the fear of being killed, not knowing why this happened, and her injuries.

Back story and video link:

On September 12, at about 9:30 a.m. a New Mexico State Police officer was on patrol on Interstate 40 at milepost 130 near Laguna. Officer was parked in the median of I-40 when she saw a white GMC pickup following the vehicle in front of it too closely. Officer initiated a traffic stop on the GMC pickup. The pickup was occupied by a male later identified as Robert Benjamin Nelson, 28, of Scottsdale, Ariz. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Lucky to be Alive, Officer Shares Her Story to Investigators!!!

  1. I think the suspect was mad that he was being pulled over by such a badass woman and he would NEVER EVER have that and wished so badly to get his microP 💦 so he thought he could shoot her and she would just lay there and give up. Little did he know she was TOO bad ass!

  2. This officer is a FREAKING HERO X A MILLION!! How many officers could ever get shot…in the head no less, and have the wherewithal to do EVERYTHING she did! Just AMAZING ! I NEVER again want to hear ANY NONSENSE about woman shouldn’t be police!!! I was a dispatcher for 20 plus years and I’ve been on the radio with officers who were shot….this is just next level…All her training kicked in and she overcame ….I’m AMAZED. She should get so many awards….

  3. Need to give her credit for doing her duty as a law enforcement officer didn't back down after being shot chased the suspect down no other units around just herself angels over you. Great job state officer of New Mexico. Nicholas from Colorado cortez

  4. With the seriousness of her injuries especially her right eye, she would have been forgiven if she stayed put instead of pursuing the POS

  5. This officer is amazing. The video of this incident is scary as hell. It's good to see she's recovering well. I hope she is/has been able to return to her job there, if that is what she decides she wants to do.

  6. She should be police chief! I pray that you make a full recovery. Its terrible that now you have to deal with all these senseless injuries. God bless you officer Duran!

  7. These investigators look really bored… there’s a video, I think it would have been better had she just answered the questions they were looking for. She wrote this speech after watching her own lapel video, so there’s nothing she can really say that will change the narrative that’s already been captured on video.

  8. She did well and she did her job! she could have easily been killed that day, a few inches to the middle and its her chest, head etc etc!
    She even said could they put him in the other unit as she couldn't deal with him, she could have put him in hers and asked why, or argued! but she didn't.
    Well done on a job well done and the courage to carry on regardless and see that he was taken off the streets!#I hope he was done for trying to murder her!

  9. I'm wondering if the injuries to her hands were from the flying glass rather than a bullet. Maybe bullet fragments because the injury didn't seem too severe from what was visible. I see her fingers are taped on her left and a bandage on her right ring finger. Glass fragments or bullet fragments in her eye. Also, not many people mention she caught a round with her vest. It certainly could have been much worse. Her quick reaction and defensive movement saved her life. In her statement she never mentioned that she accidently dropper her magazine from her rifle as she repositioned it to pull the charging handle. I wonder if she even knows that happened yet at this point.

  10. It's frustrating she had to go through a critical examination of her every action, but at the same I understand. She answered all questions with honesty and integrity. I can only hope she and police like her will continue protect myself, friends, family, and all law abiding citizens of this great country.

  11. Why do they need a drawing when they have dash cam and badge cam? I could see needing a drawing (old school procedure) if they didn't have any cam footage…

  12. This woman is a hero. I hope the police department and other officials reward her for her actions. She is a perfect example of a great cop. I hope can overcome the trauma and remain happy. I wish her much luck.

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