Leon County Sergeant Arrested for Drunk Driving

On October 18, 2020, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Anthony Moschetto was dispatched to the intersection of Centerville Road and Buford Blvd in Tallahassee, Florida, to assist the Tallahassee Police Department with a traffic stop. According to Moschetto’s sergeant – who related the message – the driver, later identified as Morgan Wysocki, was a sergeant with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and was possibly under the influence of alcohol.

Moschetto arrived on scene at 11:50 p.m., and contacted TPD Officer Jonathan Scott. Scott reported that at 10:56 p.m., he had been operating his marked TPD vehicle, traveling south on Capital Circle at Centerville Rd, when he observed a red 2014 Jeep SUV, stopped on Capital Circle in the left turn lane to Centerville Rd. According to Scott, the vehicle was stopped for a steady red left arrow, and proceeded against the red arrow through the intersection, making a left turn onto Centerville Rd. Scott conducted a traffic stop. Events proceeded as shown in this video. According to TPD Sgt. Wagner, he made the decision to turn the investigation over to the Florida Highway Patrol to avoid any conflict of interest due to the close relationship between the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s Department.

Sergeant Morgan Wysocki ultimately pleaded no contest to the charge of driving under the influence. He was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to twelve months of probation with the possibility of early termination, fifty hours community service (25 of which could be bought-out at $10 per hr); DUI School Level I; a six-month driver’s license suspension; Victim Awareness Program; vehicle Impoundment/Immobilization for thirty (30) days; court costs and fines; and general conditions of probation. Wysocki had previously been arrested for DUI at the age of 20.


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28 thoughts on “Leon County Sergeant Arrested for Drunk Driving

  1. I need you to step out of the car. He says NO three times and the officer allows him to just sit there. If that would’ve been anybody without a badge they’d have been yanked out and tased. Unreal.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Law Enforcement Officers should face double consequences for breaking the law that citizens do. They are tasked with upholding the law and should be held to a higher standard when they break it.

  3. I asked for a license, not a badge. LEOs are the first to criticize drunken driver's on the road then want professional courtesy when its one of their own. Boy I bet they wished in-car recorders and body worn cameras weren't common.

  4. Why do “good cops” always seem so scared to arrest bad cops who are breaking the laws they know damn well are laws for good reason?

  5. …they called more experienced people so that he would have all the time possible to sober up just enough to pass the sobriety test. This is still bullshit cops helping cops. Any one of us would have got a sobriety test on the spot and taken to jail.

  6. The fact that even CONSIDERING giving him special freatment, or ANY cop that breaks the law, is ridiculous! Even if it were a speeding ticket there should be NO special treatment other than common courtesy offered to every citizen.

  7. Thank god this is all iver the internet because that guy needs to be fired from his position. This "leniency" for fellow law enforcement is an old school thing and is a dead issue. If anything, law enforcement should be held to a higher level of scrutiny and punishment. His and her behavior during this traffic stop was unacceptable.

  8. I’m a big advocate of LE and I have LE family, but I do not condone this cocky, arrogant, entitled POS. His attitude before and during this traffic stop is indicative how he probably is professionally as well. His wife even had an entitled cocky attitude. Sickening and shameful! Zero tolerance for DUI, and especially when it’s LE!

  9. The way cops are treated during a DUI with gloves on you could probably get away with amount of time they let pass before they even start the test.

  10. How can you ENFORCE the law, if you can't OBEY the law? That is the bottom line! These hypocrites!! (The driver) The officer who is doing the video has 'mush mouth' I can only catch 30% of what he is saying. Also, if a 'civilian' were to get out and walk up to the police, they would draw their guns in fear that we had a weapon. You KNOW this guy has a gun, he is a SHERIFF! But they are ok with him and his wife walking up to see what's going on?!?!?!

  11. Here comes that higher standard again. gang members protecting other gang members. Don't worry a judge gang member will slap his wrist and let him go. No blue line here.

  12. Well, I was watching on my TV but couldn't run to the comment section faster on my phone when she walked back to the patrol car and said "hurry up!" Omg. You are not above the law. Plus, the whole flashing his badge. Man, it's scary thinking he is supposed to be protecting me.

  13. I've never been a cop, so I guess I don't understand the exact pressure to let fellow officers go. But I imagine it's the same as any other situation where there's pressure to do the wrong thing. I can't imagine essentially admitting on camera that if the camera was off, I'd be letting the guy go. There should be no tolerance for even saying something like that.

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