Las Cruces Psychiatrist Arrested by Police After Joint Investigation by DEA, Locals

After an extensive investigation by Las Cruces Police Department, the DEA, and Metro Narcotics, psychiatrist and pain management specialist Mark D. Beale was arrested and ultimately charged with three counts of Criminal Sexual Penetration in the Third Degree, twenty-eight counts of Criminal Sexual Contact in the Fourth Degree, and three counts of Battery.

Las Cruces police first learned of sexual assault allegations against Beale in October 2018, ultimately investigating complaints from six of his patients prior to his arrest. Three more victims came forward after news of Beale’s arrest became known. The allegations date back as far as January 2015 and the victims range in age from 21 to 60.

Metro Narcotics is a joint agency formed by the Las Cruces Police Department, the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office, and New Mexico State Police.

In unrelated news, Jeremy Dewitte had a pre-trial conference scheduled yesterday morning before Orange County Judge Andrew Bain. Neither Jeremy nor his attorney showed up. [In related news, guess how I spent three hours yesterday morning.]

At the end of the morning session I spoke with Judge Bain, who confirmed that he had not received a request for a continuance from Dewitte or anyone representing him. Realistically, this nonappearance is a minor administrative matter relating to a traffic ticket, and – assuming something didn’t come in that the judge missed – it’s probably not Jeremy’s fault. Judge Bain made it seem like this happens all the time, stating that they handle it by calling the attorney to figure out what happened and reschedule.


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46 thoughts on “Las Cruces Psychiatrist Arrested by Police After Joint Investigation by DEA, Locals

  1. That POSA card scam isn't just at Freddy's it's everywhere. The NRF National Retail Federation has lots of info on that scam.

  2. This guy did the right thing, Keep your mouth shut, don’t talk to the police, and ask for a lawyer! See “Don’t Talk to the Police”

  3. He doesn't seem to concerned about the charges. He is thinking I will just go to another state and continue to do the same . Sexual pervert.

  4. So many of these so-called pain management doctors are corrupt. We had one in my county go down for years of violating the law. From pills for sex to dozens of other forms of disgusting behavior.

  5. He’s the Metro State psychiatric ! In no way or form was he impersonating , I hear what you’re saying but statue 970 says he can do what he’s doing and it’s legal !!

  6. I would just like to say that 7 years ago i reported this doctor MARK BEALE to the NMMB for similar allegations he was contracted by the SSA to do evaluations. With that being said please understand it was a mandatory appointment in order to continue with an SSI claim. My story is way to long for the space here. However, if the NMMB would have listened to me at best done an investigation and SSI and my attorneys would have even asked me about the incident, those 20 plus people would have been spared the struggles we all face today! A predator in every sense of the word. I am beside myself that not a single person to this day seems to want to help me or even listen to my story. It just shows the corruption and negligence of every branch of this country federal and state wide. I hope the ones who have been burdened by this monster will read this and know i tried to get his license taken 7 years ago and im so sorry my complaints went un noticed much less investigated.

  7. What a truly depraved pervert. Doctors and psychiatrists are held in such high standard that when this happens I always pray they throw the book at them. Put him under the prison and don’t ever let him out.

  8. I think the way they approached him was wrong. He should have been seated in an interrogation room, given 10 minutes to relax and had the officers come in and let him know.

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