Las Cruces Police: Code Enforcement

On February 18, 2021, Officer Javier Ontiveros with the Las Cruces Police Department Code Enforcement Section was dispatched to 648 South Mesquite Street to evaluate a complaint of metal containers that had been emplaced on a lot in the city’s historic district.

This meeting between Officer Ontiveros and Derrick Pacheco, who owns the lot, sets the stage for a long and contentious saga regarding Pacheco’s project, which he sees as beneficial to the community, the restrictive rules of the historic district where his lot is located… and the self-appointed enforcer of those rules, Mr. Ortega.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 We’re building a community garden
08:35 Twenty feet that way, ten feet this way
11:14 Meet Mr. Ortega
17:02 Checking with the boss
22:52 “They’re going to have to remove them”
25:24 Some bad news… ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Las Cruces Police: Code Enforcement

  1. Zoning is in place for a good reason.
    You just don't go and plop any old thing down on your property. Eyesores ruin the whole appearance of a neighborhood. Oh, and the property values drop if you want to sell. The potential buyer sees a monstrosity sitting across the street and says ,forget it.

  2. 10 years ago, i was looking at a vacant property, Found out it was classed as "Historical" and under the laws, was not allowed to disturb more then 10 square feet of natural ground. Saved $175K and allot of heartache

  3. HA HA HA! These same self-righteous, blue-haired assholes that tell all of us what to think, say, and do finally meet some come-uppance. Hey you "community garden" Commies, I guess big government rules aren't so good when they effect you, eh?

  4. I have a friend who lives in a private gated community with a lake. One day he got a call from the HOA telling him that his teenage son was down at the lake with some of his friends messing around and got in trouble for something or other. As a result they held a meeting to discuss what penalties there would be. At the meeting he was informed that his whole family was not allowed to use the lake for 90 days, essentially the entire summer, and they were only allowed to use the road from the front gate to their property. My friend was very upset and he verified with them, "So I'm only allowed to use the road from the front gate to my house, correct?"
    "Yes, from the front gate to your house." they said.
    "So I can throw a parade on the road from the gate to my house…got it." he said defiantly as he walked out of the meeting. 😎 I don't know if he ever did it or not, but knowing him I wouldn't doubt it in the least.

  5. You have "historic districts" in 'murica? Here over the pond in the UK, we consider everything in the US as "new build" 😂🇬🇧

  6. As a code officer in Florida, I feel for this guy. The dumbest complaints are these, but you have to act because of residents that have nothing better to do than be a nosy loser who's entire life is knowing all the rules, all the history, and calling incessantly.

  7. This is so rediculous how people think since they were there "all their lives" or longer than anyone else it makes them the "Ruler of Rules". Why can't people mind their own damn business and feel like their opinions are the facts of life and no one else's opinions matter? Same shit is happening in my neighborhood. Literally every single home except 2 homes in my neighborhood has been reported for something regarding city code. Wonder who could it be that doing the reporting? Probably the old man who hasn't ever been reported and his neighbor who's also in his family… I let my dog shit in his yard now and never clean it up. Call who you want buddy. Your gonna have a shitty day til the day I die…

  8. Regardless of your mission you still have to follow local code. Code Enforcement is more than just aesthetics. Code Enforcement guarantees there will be no environmental or safety issues on down the road. Sometimes those issues don’t pop up until many years down the road. Not to mention code enforcement holds everyone to the same standards. Standards are the reason why the neighbors are complaining. They likely have faced consequences when they built or added something without consulting local government to maker sure everything was done right. Governments should always be fair and impartial. You let one person break the rules and everyone else starts doing it. Property values decline and safety and environmental issues become the norm.

  9. I've had a school bus in my backyard for almost 3 1/2 years. Luckily I'm in a lower middle class neighborhood with no HOAs and no historic designation. All my neighbors pretty much leave each other alone when it comes to what we have on our properties.

  10. Permit paul on the phone over here

    Alright looking at street view: this lot was a POS before this guy spruced it up – containers and all. What the hell is the guy on the phone whining about – look around this neighborhood! This community garden is like the only plant life around

  11. My city has a few self-appointed activist regulators. They have made it their mission to complain about certain issues.

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