LAPD Officer Shoots Man Advancing Towards Him With a Knife

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Los Angeles, California — On July 7, 2022, around 5:00 p.m., West Los Angeles officers responded to a call reporting a man armed with a knife in the area of Pico Boulevard and Sawtelle Boulevard. The first police unit at the scene was a uniformed sergeant. The sergeant was directed to the man by a community member. The sergeant exited his police vehicle and began giving directions to the man, later identified as 36-year-old Felipe Guerrero.

Guerrero, armed with a knife, continued to walk in the direction of the sergeant. As the sergeant continued to give commands to Guerrero, Guerrero, still armed with the knife, ran toward the sergeant resulting in an OIS. Guerrero was struck by the sergeant’s gunfire and fell to the ground. Guerrero was taken to a local hospital and later pronounced deceased. The knife Guerrero was armed with was recovered at the scene. The sergeant was transported to a local hospital for an injury he received from falling during the incident.

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0:00 – 911 Call
1:17 – Bodycam: Officer #1
1:52 – Witness, Cell Phone Footage
2:02 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “LAPD Officer Shoots Man Advancing Towards Him With a Knife

  1. Did they really bring out the riot shield/10 officers to develop an elaborate plan to go flip over a guy that was already shot dead and non threatening? I must be missing something…this looks like they are about to invade/raid a house on a big sting op. Justified shooting, YES…but the over-the-top planning and staging process looked like something out of reno 911.

  2. Some of these cops just aren’t right for the job, I mean it took so long for them to figure out what to do like act sooner you should know what to do immediately, your a cop

  3. Ah man they’re taking riot shield precautions with a man who just got an entire mag point blank like just render aid immediately this guy ain’t gonna jump up and attack you lol

  4. Why did they shoot him? 😢
    He was an angel! An avid church goer and often do voluteer works!
    he wanted to be a doctor, cant ya'll see the college application form that dropped from his pockets?!

  5. Being an LEO does not look like an enjoyable profession.

    I have a feeling the rookie at the end who couldn't operate the cuffs might have had some "I gotta rethink this decision" moments after this.

  6. So dramatic to cuff one guy full of led cowards American policies trash lol yea take tons of time so we make sure the guy doesn’t survive these shots

  7. 2:45 – Not a one of them even look like cops. Actors moonlighting perhaps? LAPD is always so embarrassing to watch. They are always an absolute sh*t show. Except the cop here. He did well.

  8. Fully justified shooting, however these officers need some serious training. I've seen plenty of other incidents where officers secure the suspect and then render aid much much faster than this, plus the suspects knife was already out of his hand and away from him. Not to mention there was like 3 or 4 pairs of handcuffs being tossed around…😐

  9. Female officer at the end, bless her heart, can't manipulate the handcuff. But to the sergeant, great job, sir. I'm glad you are okay and yes, that shithead with the knife was definitely, "danger close". I'm glad all of the PO's are okay. Back the Blue.

  10. Initial call of guy with a knife and LAPD just sends one cop with a handgun.
    To approach the guy's corpse LAPD sent 10 cops, a ballistic shield, a bean bag, and they have a strategy briefing?

  11. It's hard to find good police willing to put their lifes on the line to protect citizens. The officer didn't shoot until he had no choice and that's what we need to see more of instead of officers jumping the gun.

  12. The female cop that "tried" to handcuff the suspect needs to go back through remedial training. That was pretty painful to watch.

  13. even tho the suspect deserved to be shot but the whole policy on cuffing the suspect while having been shot 5 or 6 times is very inhuman and questionable tactic. Secure the weapon, render aid… its not hard. They secured the weapon, search for more, render aid at least, they didnt…

  14. He let him get way too close tbh he should’ve shot him right after he said once stay right there – guy was already charging him

  15. Shout out to the officer assigning different officers their specific tasks. I’ve seen very disorganized approaches to rendering aid after shooting. This is always the best way to do it if you have enough officers.

  16. cop was like barney fife 🤣 also nice job wasting time getting a shield they didn't even need. must've been the clown department

  17. Always curious about the LAPD methods on cuffing. Even on offenders who have been lit up they seem to get 10+ officers and shields

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