LAPD Cops Unleash a Barrage of Bullets on Suspect Who Rammed Multiple Police Cars

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Los Angeles, California — On August 9, 2023, around 5:50 p.m., Foothill officers received multiple radio calls, ranging from a hit & run traffic collision to a reckless driver driving a Department of Water and Power (DWP) vehicle in the area of 10600 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard. When the officers arrived at scene, their preliminary investigation determined the crime committed was an Assault with a Deadly Weapon by vehicle and broadcast a vehicle description, as a white, full-size sport utility vehicle. Responding officers searching the area located the vehicle and a pursuit ensued. The suspect, later identified as 28–year–old Manuel Ramirez, entered the 5 Freeway. During the pursuit, Ramirez collided with two non-involved vehicles. Ramirez failed to stop, continued on the road and exited at Colorado Boulevard.

Upon exiting, Ramirez drove into a multi–unit business parking lot with no access to passage. Ramirez continued up a steep narrow driveway and rammed through a secured metal gate into a secondary parking lot. Ramirez conducted a U–turn, accelerated the vehicle towards officers and intentionally struck two occupied police vehicles and an uninvolved van that was occupied by a citizen. Ramirez’ vehicle came to a stop at Edenhurst Avenue north Colorado Street and as officers tactically approached an OIS occurred. Ramirez failed to surrender and accelerated the vehicle towards officers which resulted in a second OIS.Ramirez continued to drive a short distance and the vehicle came to stop. Officers verbalized with Ramirez to surrender with no success.

When he barricaded himself in the vehicle, the Special Weapons and Tactics team responded to the scene and took Ramirez into custody without further incident. Ramirez was struck by gunfire during the OIS and he was transported by to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Ramirez was released and later booked for California Penal Code 245(C) – Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer, his bail was set at $152,000.00, Booking No. 6656610. Three officers were injured during this incident. Two officers injured during the collision were treated at scene for their injuries. One officer was treated at a local hospital and has been released. The investigation revealed the DWP truck was determined to be an unreported stolen vehicle.

Additional Footage from KTLA news Helicopter:

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0:00 – Highlight
0:18 – 911 Calls
4:24 – Dashcam Footage of Pursuit
7:11 – Surveillance Footage
7:51 – Dashcam Footage From Multiple Angles
9:31 – Bodycam Footage From Multiple Angles
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “LAPD Cops Unleash a Barrage of Bullets on Suspect Who Rammed Multiple Police Cars

  1. How can that many rounds miss the target? Maybe its the" i have to qualify once a year" mantality. Never touch your gun till you have to qualify once a year. Its ridiculous

  2. Definitely some mental health issues here. That guy needs some very serious help. And a permanent padded room to reside in forever.

  3. What Spectacularly Pathetic attempts to neutralise a threat!! These guys looked like Keystone Kopps. If they were ever faced with an armed criminal who had a decent plan, they wouldn't stand a chance.

  4. All those bullets and he is still alive to fight with them? Now l'm totally grateful that no officers were hurt but these boys need to spend some serious time at the range. lf your going to shoot, you better hit what your shooting at.

  5. Офицерам и сотрудникам полиции США – моё уважение! У нас в России когда я вызывал полицию на буйного соседа который кинулся на меня с ножем, после чего я убежал к себе домой и заперся у себя, он обхарках все стены в коридоре, всех обматерил, включил ночью музыку на полную и закрылся у себя в квартире. Приехавшие сотрудники полиции постучались к нему, после того, как он обматерил и их через закрытую дверь, мне сотрудники дословно сказали: Когда у вас будут побои, тогда и задержем ( на Русском – это дословно звучит так: Когда убьют, тогда и вызывайте ). Я написал заявление в полицию и мой заявление рассматривалось только в рамках ГРОМКОЙ МУЗЫКИ В НОЧНОЕ ВРЕМЯ!!! Соседу дали штраф и всё на этом. То, что он на меня прыгал с ножем нигде не фигурировало. У меня сложилось впечатление, что сотрудники мне вообще не поверили на слово и подумали, что я вру и наговариваю на неадекватного соседа (сосед на учёте психоневрологическом диспансере. Имеет огроменнейшие долги по квартире за которую не платит больше 10 лет, имеет огромный долг за дтп в которое он по пьяне попал и разбил своей машиной рейсовый автобус, все соседи кроме меня с мамой съехали и сменили место жительства, все его боятся) Полиция ничего годами не делает. Приезжают, выписывают символические штрафы и уезжают. Говорят: "Он больной. С ним ничего нельзя сделать". 1 человек терроризирует весь подъезд в доме (В подъезде больше 80 квартир, самый, самый центр города. В соседнем квартале Администрация губернатора и государственная думма)

  6. Just goes to show you that qualifying with your weapon as a police officer now ain’t what it used to be. Throwing that much lead at him and not ending him right there is pathetic shooting.

  7. I mean this should be elementary. If you dont want a bunch of terrified ppl with guns to fire a barrage of bullets into you, maybe don't break into homes that arent yours, steal or hijack or "commandeer" a vehicle that you do not own. Don't deal drugs. Dont beat down random or known people just because you are angry at them. Don't lead the police on a high speed chase. Dont wave around a firearm and threaten people, and last but not least do not break the law in general. Now, mind you, even if you have never broken a law in your whole life, there is still a chance a group of terrified police officers might fire a barrage of bullets into you or your car. Because thats what terrified people WITH fire arms often do. Regardless of training, or anything else. It happens regardless. But it usually DOESN'T happen if you arent doing anything reckless, dangerous, or ILLEGAL. Hope this helps.

  8. What a friggin mess. I sure hope some training classes of what not to do come out of this event. Crossfire everywhere. Those officers are so lucky they did not shoot each other, although it seems none of them could hit the side of a barn anyway. One officer should have been assigned to use his vehicle as a ram or moving blockade instead of firing all those shots.

  9. Its sad what us as humans do to each other . But Got protect the good cops putting their life on the line because of worthless evil ppl .

  10. $152k bail? Are you kidding? The guy clearly demonstrated a very high propensity towards destruction of life and property with zero regard for human lives. Who in their right mind would let this POS back on the streets before his trial?

  11. Was that black sprinter van there by accident or was it a police vehicle? 10:44 because they were shooting the sh*t out of suspect vehicle with that van so close. Wondering if someone was in it or if it just rolled after the impact of the DWP truck.

  12. Ol law Mayne sent his ese law man out there with the spike strips so he won't get his own head blowed off 😂😂😂! Boy we live in a dirty world don't we!!?!! Soon as he started to lay da spikes they started bussing 😂😂😂😂

  13. The police all worked so incredibly well together and the one who took charge was wonderful right down to getting a translator, assigning an officer to cover a civilian trapped in the midst in their vehicle and switching to less lethal and getting spike strips out in a matter of just a few mins. . It appeared all officers were ok after the ramming, I would have liked to find out for sure a the end with a wrap up voice over. Very professional A+ to these guys praying all of them ok. The guy completely brought the end of the call on himself.

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