LAPD Bodycam Captures Police Shootout With Suspect During Foot Chase

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Los Angeles, California — On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 10:06 a.m., LAPD Topanga Division received a LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System alert corresponding to a 1997 Ford Explorer. Officers Oscar Granillo and Eduardo Guillen began following the stolen vehicle. As the Explorer prepared to make a left turn, both officers observed the driver (later identified as 29-year-old Daniel Carver) furtively reach toward the passenger side of the vehicle. Granillo broadcast a request for Air Support and additional units based on that movement. Granillo and Guillen activated their patrol vehicle’s emergency lights and siren in order to initiate a high risk traffic stop. Carver failed to yield, and a pursuit ensued. Air patrol tracked Carver and his vehicle and subsequently advised Granillo and Guillen to back off from the Explorer. After losing sight of the Explorer, Granillo and Guillen were advised the Explorer had turned east into an alley, and the driver had abandoned the car and was hiding in vegetation on the north side of the alley.

Granillo and Guillen eventually located Carver crouched in the vegetation, holding a soft-sided cooler in front of him. Carver looked in the officers’ direction, then began running. Granillo and Guillen began pursuing Carver on foot. The officers shouted commands at Carver during the foot pursuit, stating they would tase or shoot him if he did not stop. Carver said, “No,” in response to their orders, and continued running. While running, Carver held his cooler bag in front of him with the strap over his left shoulder and periodically looked back over his right shoulder. At one point, Carver slowed his pace. He then removed a stainless steel .38 caliber revolver from the cooler bag, turned to his left, and faced the officers. Carver held the revolver with a two-handed grip, pointed it at the officers, and fired. Granillo and Guillen immediately unholstered their pistols, dropped to the ground, and simultaneously returned fire at Carver.

Carver fell to the ground then rose to a seated position while pointing his revolver at the officers. He then attempted to stand as both officers continued to fire. Carver subsequently fell face down to the ground and lost control of the revolver, which landed three feet from him. Guillen sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. He was transported to Northridge Hospital where he was examined and ultimately admitted. A one millimeter metallic fragment was identified in the gunshot wound, but medical staff opted not to recover the fragment. Guillen was released from the hospital on April 10, 2018. Granillo sustained abrasions to his right elbow and upper forearm as a result of his fall to the pavement. He was transported to Northridge Hospital. Medical staff treated Granillo for his abrasions and released him. Carver was pronounced deceased at the scene on April 9, 2018.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “LAPD Bodycam Captures Police Shootout With Suspect During Foot Chase

  1. The police do shit like this putting their lives on the line for 40-50k a year to protect YOU and some of y’all want to defund police? Shame on you. Yes there are bad apples here and there but very rare and they’re often held accountable.

  2. Thank God this didn’t end very differently because that guy was firing shoots up close on the police officer. I just knew we were gonna see him get killed! Thank God I was wrong and we went to be with his family 💯 Man that freaked me out. God Bless this guy & his loved ones.

  3. I truly love that it seemed the key concern was the officer being shot in the leg and not scumbag bleeding out in his last moments of pain

  4. Wow! It sure is a good thing that cops don't have to abide by the draconian "10 round magazine" laws in Commiefornia!

    Too bad the same doesn't apply to the residents of Commifornia. They are instead treated like serfs in the "land of the free".

  5. "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences."

    Grow a spine or go elsewhere, you snowflakes!

  6. Officer: “you’re gonna get tased, STOP!”
    Suspect: “NO!”

    Officer: “you’re gonna get f**ken shot!”
    Suspect: “NO!”

    Officer: “Get on the f**ken ground!”
    Suspect: “NO!”

    Outcome: “very well you shall be turned to Swiss cheese”
    Suspect: “N… whaat?”

  7. Beautiful mag dump, all on target. Love how he reacted quick and cleared that jammed round. Suspect should have dropped his bag and gun, taking his chances at running. But nooooooooooo, now he lost his backpack and his live.

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