Knox County Deputy Accidentally Shoot Fellow Deputy While Aiming For Attacking Dog

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Knoxville, Tennessee — The Knox County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage showing the moments a deputy was attacked by a dog then accidentally shot by her partner who intended to shoot the animal. On July 5, Knox County deputies were called to the 8200 block of Brickyard Road in Powell around 11:00 p.m. While outside, a pit bull came around the mobile home and began attacking Deputy Lydia Driver.

Driver’s partner, Jordan Hurst, tried to subdue the dog but inadvertently shot Deputy Lydia Driver in the leg. Deputy Driver was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for emergency surgery. She recovered in the intensive care unit before being released on July 9. Hurst was put on administrative leave, as per procedure, a release stated. The dog that attacked Deputy Driver was taken into animal control custody and remains at Young-Williams Animal Center.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Deputy #1
3:23 – Bodycam: Deputy Hurst
6:53 – Bodycam: Deputy Driver

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Knox County Deputy Accidentally Shoot Fellow Deputy While Aiming For Attacking Dog

  1. Don't police have pepper spray? I don't understand why the go to is to shoot the dog and not tase/pepper spray it. I've seen quite a few videos that show police just seeing a pitbull and shoot it on sight. Like….don't postal workers have pepper spray for this exact reason. If there are any police out there I would love to hear the reasoning. Maybe I'm missing something….

  2. Officers should probably have a weapon light and a seperate light for scenarios like this. One handing was not a good idea and the target was not in a great spot. He should've positioned himself better and had a weapon light for two hand control.

  3. Just more proof that female officers are a liability and not fit for the profession. She saw it coming and took no action to shoot the dog. Then once it latched on, she lost her mind and still took no action to shoot. Then when her partner went to do it, she started flailing everywhere making a clean shot almost impossible. Then once shot, she freaked out some more.

  4. Pepper spray, tazer, blunt object or a good ole fashioned rear naked choke. A gun is almost never the right choice when a bite victim is entangled with the dog. A knife would be acceptable here too but lots of departments don't allow edc knives.

  5. I feel bad for her lmao, gotta suck being shot by your own guys. At least it was only one shot, not like that undercover cop that got shot 6 times by his own guys.

  6. … These guys start screaming… no cool under pressure. The officer being bitten should have drawn her own gun and shoot the dog, not his partner, far away, in the dark, against a small target, where tge target and victim were moving all around. F for both.
    Glad all end well tho.

  7. This reminds me of a case that happened recently in the Pacific North West. There was an officer in Vancouver WA that was chasing a suspect. The suspect ended up at the doorstep of an off-duty Sheriffs Deputy and tried to break in. The Deputy went outside and confronted the suspect, who stabbed him several times and then ran into the Deputy's house to attack his wife. The pursuing officer showed up and mistaken the Deputy, who was now beat up and covered in his own blood, for the suspect and shot and killed the Deputy when he saw him try to enter the house.

    Of course every anarchist in the area celebrated it like the worthless pieces of shit that they are. I can't even imagine what the officer must have felt….I heard a clip from his interview later that day and he was in tears. I can't even imagine.

  8. Don't shoot one handed, straight armed. Lmfao. This dude thought he was in a movie. That woman just backs up my no female cop theory

  9. Anyone going to rip on this male officer shooting a female officer? I like the content this channel provides but damn can this community be toxic

  10. A knife would have been a better choice in this situation. Pepper spray is iffy on pit bulls because of their high pain threshold. They are genetically programmed to bite and hold on, no matter what.

  11. Not to diminish the fact that the officer was attempting to help, but taking a high risk shot with a pistol at an attacking dog, at night, with one hand probably wasn't the best option to go with first. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why it's important to do after action reviews, and making them readily available for other agencies.

  12. that upper leg shot does not feel good but for me the pain took a solid 10 minutes to set in and then my nerves were so destroyed that it just went numb after a couple days.

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