Karen Goes Full Karen Not Wearing a Mask in Store

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from Brook Park Police Department in Brook Park, Ohio of an incident on 1/18/2021 of a disturbance of a patron at a grocery store not wearing a mask.
A female named Karen Turner of Parma Heights, Ohio was asked to leave the store for not complying to it’s mask policy.
The police report states: A female was asked, by store management, to leave the Marc’s store (5725 Smith Road) because she refused to wear a
facemask/covering. The female refused to leave the store, refused to provide any personal information to police, and resisted officers
while she was being arrested for criminal trespass.
Turner was charged with resisting an officer, failure to disclose personal information, and trespassing.
A court appearance and trial are pending.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqdgQ7PQWr4 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Karen Goes Full Karen Not Wearing a Mask in Store

  1. Watching this a year later, I wonder how many of them are dead from covid or killed family members with it. Public servants were treated like crap during this. So glad I do not work with the public anymore

  2. These are the types of ppl, that need to stop being allowed walking freely. lol
    They always go too easy on them, cause at the end of the day, they belong to a ward.

  3. It's amazing how many of these "pro-freedom" Karens don't know that freedom goes both ways. You have the freedom to go to not go to any store that enforces these stupid mandates. AND they have the RIGHT to EXERCISE their stupidity and have you leave their establishment. "Do they serve the public" is the dumbest question ever. I hate this woman

  4. In case you guys don’t yet know what the differences are between federal laws and state laws, it’s on bing and I’m just pasting here what it says so you can read the copied and pasted text
    The basic difference between state and federal law is that federal law applies everywhere in the United States. State law applies only in one state. A second difference is that some areas of law, like family law or corporate law, are typically left to the states.
    My understanding is that basically, federal laws apply to all of the states

  5. She keeps screaming federal mandate. Does she not understand she’s not in a federal building?! People think they have it all figured out and sound ridiculous. At least do your research.

  6. The officer should have just told this stupid woman this. Any private business or dwelling is not controlled by state or federal law when deciding who to let enter their premises. If a shop decides that they will only accept entry from people wearing pink pyjamas that is their right. I think social media has a lot to do with people being misinformed especially if they are stupid in the first place.

  7. What’s a federal law that PREVENTS me from wearing a face mask??? 😂😂😂 she is asking as if they were making her not wear a face mask. Freaking hilarious.

  8. Is this footage from a security camera? How come it's on a commercial website? There are laws in UK against this to protect privacy. The Data Protection Act is used to protect a person's image. This is wildly out of control.

  9. Karen: OOOOOOOOOOH! No 4x
    Police: You are pulling away from us
    Karen: Oh no im not
    Police: Miss stop pulling away from us. You are trying to get free away from us. Thats resisting
    Karen: Oh I can't want to sue your a** 3x hahahaha!
    Police: Oh I dont want to provide you
    Karen: Oh! no 4x Because um…
    Police: Could dont do
    Karen: No because i didn't committed…
    Police officers: No its not your store…
    Karen: Oh wait! hold on 2x. DO that provide services
    Police: That doesnt matter
    Karen: Give ma. Gimme my cellphone
    Police: Miss stop pulling away to from us
    Karen: No 3x! Gimme my cellphone
    Police: Pulling away from us is resisting
    Karen: Oh, no 3x gimme my cellphone. give. me. my. cellphone. nOw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Karen: Give me my cellphone
    Police: Miss Everything is recorded
    Karen: Give, me, my, cellphone, NOW!

  10. These morons need to stop reading portions of the law and thinking they know everything. Any business can refuse service to anyone and for any reason. They can also ask you to leave or trespass you, and if you refuse to leave, you are now trespassing. Once that happens, you go to jail. Technically the business doesn't even have to have a reason that pertains to the laws. They can refuse service or ask you to leave because of your behavior, and having a bad attitude is not illegal, but you can bet your ass, a store will still ask you to leave.

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