In Depth: WSU Football Player Excessive Force Lawsuit (Part I)

On October 30, 2018 Treshon Nedill Broughton filed suit against Alex Gordon, Shane Emerson, the Pullman Police Department, and other unnamed defendants with a complaint alleging various violations of Broughton’s civil rights. Broughton alleges unlawful detention, filing of false or misleading documents about said detention, excessive force, violations of Broughton’s Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, and malicious prosecution – all stemming from an incident that took place on February 18, 2017 in Pullman.

Since that incident some videos have emerged, but they are all incomplete – showing only a portion of what was captured – and they also represent only a small, cherry-picked portion of the full body of video associated with the incident and arrest. It’s difficult to form an opinion about something when you don’t know what actually happened.

So for this case, let’s begin filling in the blanks. Portions of this video have been publicly disseminated. Subsequent videos have not.

*At one point in this video on-screen text directs the viewer to the description. I want to comment specifically on that scene, where the officer yells to Broughton “You’re under arrest for using a fake twenty!” Because the comment is more opinion than factual reporting I posted it to the Real World Police Patreon page as a public post. You can check it out there if you’re interested in reading. The post is at


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32 thoughts on “In Depth: WSU Football Player Excessive Force Lawsuit (Part I)

  1. Fake currency is in our currency. I would always let them go if the story sounded believable and turn the money and report over to the secret service. We know all that went into a shredder.

  2. You know if people would just listen when the cop says put your hand behind your back none of this f**** s*** what happened let them do what they have to do then talk once they feel the situation is there to talk just listen and things wouldn't be better damn.

  3. You notice how more than a couple of dudes say – "is that Shane? Oh shit, we in trouble now!!" – sounds like this cop had a bit of a reputation?

  4. Anybody ever think he didnt know he had a fake 20 ? Any body ever thing maybe he was out getting drunk and paid for something with something larger then a 20 and the change he got back included a fake 20 but he prob didnt check each bill he got back as change because WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT , NONE OF US and even if he did check em (wich I bet he didnt ) he was too wasted to even notice any of it was fake ? No ? We are just gonna go straight to he tried to use a fake 20 on purpose and intentionally? Cuz he isnt white right? Obviously only white people can make mistakes not black people . Duuuuhhhhh right 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  5. To avoid being taken down by the police: First, don't commit crimes. Secondly, if you DO commit a crime, do NOT fight the police when they arrest you.

  6. Treshon won a $150k settlement and all charges were dismissed. This is admission of guilt by the state. He is wrong for passing a fake bill. He was handled improperly.

  7. Hhhhmmmm soo i cannot find a single moment when cops did anything they wouldnt do to everyonelse. People need to get away from the victim mentality when approached by cops because it is a dangerous mindset to have (mostly for yourself). If you feel a stop or action is unlawful the best way to handle it is in court.

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