if cops were hypnotists

If cops were hypnotists, traffic stops and family trouble calls would be a lot easier 🙂

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Author: rafael.nieves


21 thoughts on “if cops were hypnotists

  1. Did u think you could change our country's future by omitting my question? Your family's security is….oh well-nevermind as you seem to believe that you are on the winning side.⏳

  2. For real, hypnotism is employed against me daily by those trained to trigger another mental state/persona in me-this has been going on since 96 or 97, at least.
    I have been questioned about every aspect of my life and every confidence of others that I may know. 3rd and 4th grades, pre-kindergarden-WHATEVER info crosses my mind.
    Utilizing various types of assaults to maintain a state of trauma has been given a clear and resounding "go", (as I have nearly no new info interesting to pd).
    I was hospitalized on grounds of being psychotic/sciz-effective; second time I was hospitalized as schizophrenic…and that I crave abuse, sexual attacks; intellectual property theft by the ones employing these tactics are excused as well-especially any research on legal issues).
    Cops here are well versed in interrogation techniques, of the hypnotic realm and Brownwood pd's use of hypnosis provides the only verifications of these tactics as they are frequently exposed by the amateurs they enlist-so only the last 6 to 7 years of these tactics includes them.
    As you can imagine, both "good" people and controversial people have had their lives and privacy irrevocably violated.
    Now average citizens have been trained to "trance" me, (in exchange for whatever crumbs that the police feel they should bequeath).
    Have you ever been involved with a program such as this?
    Thank you for your serious consideration.
    Certainly police are renowned for twisting the facts-suffice to say that my so called mental illness was diagnosed as such despite being identical to the activities I engaged in for over 20yrs as a Pentecostal church member. "Receiving" verifiable voices is a keynote of paranormal beliefs. The police aspect, employing the use of alternate personas (which have been openly demonstrated to those enlisted for their training) makes the schizophrenic diagnosis seemingly apparent to those viewing such horrid acts.
    These individuals are fully aware of the education of small children who can now "trance" me, as well as their unwitting schoolmates.
    Setting up grown people as pedophiles/traffickers is an insidious method used to enable law enforcement intimidation…very well trained little monsters. 👣(fyi-I am in the book)

  3. Why use hypnosis when you can just threaten arrest to impose your will? Oh, wait….police officers already do that, right. And let's not forget the contempt-of-cop charge you'll be facing if you resist their will.

  4. Anyone else have a brief vision of that scene in MIB II when J told the guy to move out of his mom's house and it was implied that he killed her?
    Hypno powers are great, but beware unintended consequences.

    On the other hand……. I can also see how it would make so many things so much simpler.

  5. I wonder if Cops did have such powers that this world would be a better place? I bet cops think it would be better….but then again (insert no trust comment here)

  6. This was actually pretty funny. I won't lie I dislike MOST cops, but I used to be a douchey early-mid 20's prick. Some officers DO have a stick up their ass but for real, if you just treat the cop with respect and whatnot and you don't have a huge history of getting pulled over, you'll probs get away with a warning. Don't do the bullshit only opening your car window like 2 inches and shit cause then you'll just piss the cop off and they're either going to A) Think you have contraband or B) Write you up for as many violations as they can. Because they can.

    Why do I dislike MOST cops? Because when there is a bad apple cop most of the time other cops watch and just let bad cops get away with shit like using excessive force and planting evidence. The truly good ones seem to be few and far between. The only way I'd ever be a cop would be if I worked for Internal Affairs so I could fuck over the shitty cops who abuse their power.

  7. The technique mike is jokingly and incorrectly demonstrating is simply called a instant induction. You can just linguistically do it through conversational sleep deprivation like the agency would. Great content Mike. Entertaining. 5 stars.

  8. A pro police youtuber called AIU has just released a video on the Willy Bo shooting and how The Young Turks, and others have been proven wrong in their claim that the police 'executed' an innocent sleeping black man.
    Of course it turns out that he wasn't asleep at that time and did reach for a gun.
    They won't retract their race baiting statements though, I bet.
    AIU has done videos showing a very strong association between the actions of Gavin Long and TYT rhetoric.

    He has done a lot of pro cop anti race baiting videos.
    Pro cop being essentially just looking at evidence and being reasonable.
    Although AIU stands for Atheism is Unstoppable, which you will disagree with probably I am sure you would like a lot of what he has to say.

  9. This is funny. I do want to add a slightly serious note. Please don’t get offended. But my bank sits on a 2 way rd with a blind hill to my right the only way for me to safely turn left is to pull into the turn lane and use it as a merge lane. I guess I’d rather get a ticket than get t-boned by a vehicle I couldn’t see.

  10. If civilians were Hypnotists…. You will stop being a egotistical ass clown. You will not shoot first and ask questions later. You will stop harassing the wrong people and actually do your fucking job that we pay you for. You will stop using the constitution as your personal ass wipe. You will acknowledge that you too are a civilian and stop thinking otherwise. You will be held to the same laws like everyone else. You will be held accountable for the innocents you kill…. Do I need to keep going? I think you get the point.

  11. Do a part two with drugs and alcohol
    Murder and other few things no they should gey punished but hypnotized to necer do it again and to complete their payment to.victims fam

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