“I don’t know what a registration is” | Washington driver arrested for DUI

On November 1, 2020, a non-dentist wearing a BRATZ shirt was in a “bumper” in the parking lot of a residential building in Pullman, Washington. After exchanging insurance information and Snapchat profiles, one of the parties on the receiving end of said ‘bumper’ decided that they wanted a police report… at which point, the not-a-dentist allegedly took off.

Shortly thereafter, the ‘bumping’ vehicle was located and stopped by an officer with the Pullman Police Department. The driver admitted that she had just been a “bumper” and that she hadn’t been drinking… not really, no… just one regular twelve-ouncer.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. She was ultimately not convicted due to insufficient evidence. More to come on that.


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46 thoughts on ““I don’t know what a registration is” | Washington driver arrested for DUI

  1. Oct 31 🤔tape release date nov 1 🤭 your a little off 🤦‍♀️ I think she did a far job on sobriety. The charges were dropped!! She’s lucky! Next time don’t do any of there sobriety test. Next time you may not be that lucky.

  2. People saying the cop seemed nervous and fumbling and while there may be some truth to that, I think it's mainly just his manner which probably works well for him most of the time. Seemed professional enough to me. And yeah, she was great too and hopefully learned her lesson.

  3. the guy exchanges numbers and insurance info with her and then calls the cops on her? hmmm more to it. They probobly followed her out of the bar. she didnt deserve a dui. this channel is pathetic exploiting peoples lives for views, her name is easy to find and she should seek retribution for them using her image

  4. "do you think your ability to operate a vehicle was impaired by your drinking"? OMG that's an admission of guilt and an automatic charge. You say "yes" and drove that's saying you not only did it, knew you were impaired, and did it anyways. That might even result in a careless driving charge.

  5. Kudos to both the young lady and the cops. Respectful on both sides, and showing genuine remorse for her actions on the other. This is a great example of taking ownership of your actions and accepting the consequences.

  6. she went from giving that gawk gawk 3,000 to a frat boy at avfrat party and taking shots to getting a dui. yep pretty good for a 19 year old 🙂

  7. When they first get to the station to start the paperwork, it looks like she’s def eye-f$&king him 🤣 I guess she’s trying to use what’s she’s got! 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Man this went totally different than I thought. she's not the brightest apple of the bunch but she sure was respectful and took her charge like a descent Woman! Tho honestly it's because she's got some rich azz parents that are going to take it all under their wing. She honestly acts like she's got some very important parents or something like she knows she's going to get off… but either way thanks young lady for respecting these officers, their trying to just do their job.

  9. Ps. You also had a very nice officer. I’m so happy a smarty pants didn’t stop you and wipe ur smile away , and walk on ur great attitude. Even in near future if anyone’s is ugly to u , kill them with kindness. It looks good on you.. love to you all out there.. just a mother and wife out in Lil town of duncan sc

  10. I am a big stand upper against drink and drive , I MUST SAY THO “ I almost hated to see this young girl get arrested…. she was to sweet. THE PART where she was holding one foot up , was cute >. Oh let me use my left foot 🦶 , and when it dropped >. I’m so cold ..lol I found myself wanting her to pass… IF YOUR READING THIS YOUNG LADY .. I hope you never drink and drive again. Your life is very precious to yourself and your family I’m sure , and let’s not forget about other innocent ones out there on the road with you. If you hit and possibly hurt or k*** some1 it would scar your heart and others for life. You seem smart and very sweet ,and I have a feeling you get it! Good luck to you , and ALWAYS keep that great personality. To many ugly people in this world today and our officers 👮‍♀️ risk their lives daily for people they don’t even know. I myself get upset sometimes with them when u have a few that’s making their own play book , but most are great and I thank them as well.. WELL DONE GUYS ON THIS ONE ,both parties…

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