How Police Wives Expect Their Husband to Answer The Phone at Work

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They’ve got some interesting expectations I tell ya πŸ˜‰

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35 thoughts on “How Police Wives Expect Their Husband to Answer The Phone at Work

  1. Hey! Mikey finally crawled out of the hole he was hiding in. No comment on the 19 cops you were defending that are now proven cowards? Of course not. What a pathetic worm.

  2. Reminds me of that Breaking Bad scene, lol. Very funny. Just had a cop drive into the house across the street from me this morning. Luckily everybody was okay but I can't say the same for their house or their air conditioning unit 😬

  3. 999.99999% of my wife's calls could easily wait a day or a week to discuss, but no she'd call when I was trying to deal with 5 issues. A typical call would be would be agonizing over pros & cons of flight departure times for a trip 8 months away. Over time she learned that "I'm busy" meant I was going to hang up.
    But for 35 years all I ever heard was how swamped she was at her work. I never figured how she found the time to plan all our vacations, read the newspaper(when we still got it) and 100 other things while being so swamped. ??

  4. I haven't killed a single human person in nearly 53 years. It will be 53 years if I can go without killing anyone for 3 or 4 more months. Is that a good or a bad thing? Is not killing people a failure on my part? Your loving cops kill 1200 people a year and they are given good pay, a nice house, cars, guns, praise and worship. Ye All Mighty Cop Praise B Police…

    I killed no people in 52, nearly 53 years and my house, all in the house and on the property was taken away, I was beaten and raped several times over a number of years in my bedroom, and nude in holding cells skin on cement and steel. Was I supposed to pin on a badge and kill people, abuse more people, is that my failing, was that my mistake? I never gave it much thought coming out of high school. I had delivered pizzas, and worked at Central Hardware part time when my dad called me from his place of employment. That was in 1987 one or two days after I finished high school.

    He told me I had a full time job waiting for me at a wire products company out in east Columbus. His coworker's wife worked there, put in a word for me. I learned to operate a forklift and was a finishing line packer. 3 years went by and the boss found out I don't like cigarette smoke. He lights up, blows smoke in my face and dares me to quit. I did quit a week later and went unemployed for a time, 1990.. Taking that job was a mistake, I was only doing what was expected of me, what my dad told me to do.

    Maybe I was too busy working jobs to kill anyone, I really never thought I was qualified to be anything like a cop. Years passed and I learned more about cops and the thought of being one then sickened me. I was a security guard for less than a month, that job was both easy and hard. By easy I mean all I really did was sit in a car and watch over a construction site or sit in a booth and opened a gate to let vehicles drive into a worksite. The hard part was the number of hours I was expected to work with little to no sleep in between work assignments. That's why i quit, I needed my sleep. If you see a security guard sleeping on the job now you know why.

    I've been broke, needed money, never robbed anyone, I was attacked by Iranian salvage yard owners, never killed anyone, I was attacked by drug crazed teens, never killed anyone, I was beaten and raped by sheriffs and police, never killed anyone. Held against my will by people who screamed at me for hours, never killed anyone. Those much less provoked than I have been have killed and gotten away with it, like Kyle Rittenhouse. I bet he is allowed to have a gun, I am not.

    Am I wrong for not killing anyone? Was that what I was supposed to do? Because I always thought killing was wrong but now I'm not so sure.

  5. Don't feel bad, this is a lot like being a GM at a restaurant, but with employees nagging me at the same time – plus you get to give Karen more tickets, or possibly an arrest, I have to give her more discounts lol

  6. β€œThis is a citation for interference with official acts and obstruction. It lists a court date here at the bottom. Sign next to the β€œX”. Your signature is not an admission of guilt, just a promise to appear before a judge…”

  7. I called my brother once and he said, β€œ I am arresting someone. Can I call you back?”
    Me: β€œYES! Why did you answer”?

  8. LOL Made me think of my late husband and his "Hello Dear," everytime I called him at work. (100 times a day, lucky he worked for himself)

  9. I set a dedicated ring tone for my wife's number so I knew it was her calling me, making it easier to let it go to voice mail as necessary. The ring tone was the "red alert" klaxxon from Star Trek. (She wasn't amused when she eventually found out)

  10. Could've made that funnier by saying to your wife on the phone "love you honey" before you hang up and then the criminal saying something like that back..
    But it was still a good video..πŸ‘

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