Houston Police Shoot at Suspect Who Opened The Door and Fired a Gunshot at The Officers

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Houston, Texas — On Thursday, May 11, 2023, Westside Patrol Division officers responded to a report of a discharge of firearms at an apartment at 10202 Forum Park Drive. As the officers approached the door of the apartment where the suspect was believed to be, 41-year-old Edwin Lopez opened the door and fired a gunshot at the officers. Officer Hunter returned fire toward Lopez and then backed up to a safe location. A few minutes later, Lopez exited the apartment with gun in hand. He was given verbal commands to drop the gun, which he did, and was then taken into custody without further incident. Lopez was not injured in the incident. Officer Hunter was hit by shrapnel from Lopez’s gun and was treated at the scene. Lopez is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant in the 209th State District Court.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Hunter
2:43 – Bodycam: Officer Bo
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Houston Police Shoot at Suspect Who Opened The Door and Fired a Gunshot at The Officers

  1. If this officer ever reads my comment.
    I would like to congratulate him for his lightning reaction, we need more officers like him to save the community.

  2. I'm sorry you open your door and INSTANTLY fire a shot at an officer, and then you can't lay on your stomach because you have a "bad heart"? Who gives a shit? Gtfo of here.

  3. na tha boy thought the cop would freak a bit and fumble. Looks like he fumbled to even get the gun in working order lol. Excellent. People doing stupid things arnt generally the smartest folks, so trust them to not know how to use a gun

  4. This is the craziest cops activity video EVER! The cops are so nonchalant. Like a absolute BOSS. Reminds me of an old dukes of hazards episode or cutting a wild wrestling promo

  5. Houston the most diverse city in america..and now a shthole. Whats that tell you. Lets see..Japan, Norway and Switzerland…Healthy wealthy and wisest of nations…what dont they have? Yeh, diversity

  6. The police did not identify themselves. The guy who opened the door was the one who called 911 about someone shooting at him. The guy thought it was the shooter who had returned to shoot him. So his idea was to open the door and shoot first.
    Granted, this was a very bad idea! His best action would have been to stay inside with the door locked until he was sure it was the police outside. Also, the police should have identified themselves. Extremely lucky no one was killed!

  7. Quickdraw and close to his target and that was just fooling around. Good job officers. The defendant was a dumb ass.

  8. wtf is up with Americans opening their door with a gun? this is not the first video like this I've seen. If you're that terrified of what's outside that you think you need to shoot it… DON'T OPEN YOUR DOOR.

  9. it escalated so quick my goodness. imagine if that officer came a step or two closer to that door. the result could be different.

  10. I don't think the man did anything really wrong they didn't announce themselfs he heard people sneaking around outside his house messing with his dog sure he could have handled the situation better but unfortunately not everyone who owns guns are trained in how to handle these situations its a very common reaction for civilians and the police should have been trained on this its a doorway the most dangerous time for police and they didn't do anything they should have been trained for this but they seem to have done almost everything wrong.

  11. That's some insane reaction speed. Doesn't matter if his hand was on the gun already, his actual reaction time was unbelievable. Must have been mentally prepared at all times to deal with something like this.

  12. This is bull crap this officer should be fired!!!! A homeowner has every right to answer the door with a gun they never identified themselves!!!! And even if they did it doesn’t give them a right to start shooting!! He obviously didn’t know it was police!!! they are trespassing without a warrant!!! You shouldn’t of come out with a gun lmao Houston is one of the most dangerous cities in America!!!! Every day I’m losing respect for law enforcement because of shit like this!!!

  13. No one supports the police more than I do.. But that looks like a bad shoot. The shooter is the one that called to police. What to my mind makes it a bad shoot is The police didn't call out that they were the police

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