Houston Police Officers Shoot Suspect Who Was Charging at Them With a Knife

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Houston, Texas — The Houston Police Department released video of their deadly encounter Feb. 23 with a man accused of fatally shooting a San Jacinto County deputy constable with the officer’s own weapon at the PlazAmericas mall. San Jacinto Precinct 1 constable deputy Neil Adams, 62, was shot to death by 35-year-old Czyz Deonte Harrison, who was also shot and killed, according to HPD.

Officers were dispatched to an assist the officer call at the mall at 7500 Bellaire Boulevard about 4 p.m. on Wednesday (Feb. 23). Upon arrival, officers met crowds of people exiting the mall stating that a male wearing a blue shirt was involved in a physical altercation with an officer inside of a business. Witnesses stated the male suspect took the officer’s weapon and shot the officer (Constable Deputy Adams). Officers entered the mall and located Harrison coming from the second floor. He was wielding a knife.

Officers took cover and utilized voice commands, but Harrison refused to comply with orders. When Harrison began charging at the officers. two officers discharged their duty weapons, striking Harrison. Harrison fell, got up and attempted to flee. Officers utilized a conducted energy device (Taser), causing Harrison to fall to the ground. Harrison continued to resist and officers eventually were able to place him into custody. Paramedics then transported Harrison to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Houston Police Officers Shoot Suspect Who Was Charging at Them With a Knife

  1. These video are exactly why its laughable when people suggest shooting suspects in the legs that man was a dead man when he got up and walked away he just didn't know it yet

  2. That security guard described the situation perfectly, repeated himself in case important bits were missed, gave exact location and description of the suspect AND victims. Cops response?

    “WHERE AT?!”

  3. Just goes to show that you can never kill evil dead enough. If they magdumped him, i wouldn’t give a shit. He could’ve got up and continued to stab others if that taser didn’t work.

  4. Exactly why officers put so many rounds into these guys, absolutely mind boggling he got back up after the first round of shots.

  5. give that brave officer who charged into action not knowing what he will face a 100K Bonus for Killing a POS criminal… THANK YOU SIR, you are loved and respected by everyone bu tdirty democrats who let these creeps out of prison time and time again and give them light sentences.

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  7. What a high stress situation and only a micro second to think of what to do . Hope cops are OK 👌. What was that suspect thinking !!! How to make cops shoot him?

  8. I'm thinking that after he was pronounced dead, it's possible that he got up in the morgue, freaking the entire hospital staff. Jokes aside i'm sad for the deputy Neil Adams.

  9. Create that distance in your mind if he gets to here im shooting do not retreat hold your ground and make that decision especially after you know hes shot a officer. I see to many times these officers back pedaling then shooting all because they have been brainwashed that if you have to shoot someone your the bad guy. The most important word in your report due to the totality of circumstances is why i made my decision

  10. He really didn’t. He said he shot the officer at the END like wouldn’t it be very important to say an officer got shot with his own gun first.

  11. Amazing that there are people loitering around the inside of the mall even when those people in particular know there have been reports of a shooting.

  12. Rest In Peace Deputy Neil Adams, at 62 the man served his community instead of retiring. His fight with the suspect saved lives and bought innocent bystanders time to flee.

  13. The cops seemed completely disinterested about the whole deal till they realized it was one of them (LEO) that was shot and down.
    Shows how much they would rush in for you or me.
    Home boy definitely had some arterial bleeding going on after taking rounds; just a matter of minutes for him from there. Without a doubt shows a person can be mortally wounded and still be a threat.

  14. About right.
    Sits his ass at the door, needs somebody to go with him.
    Finds out an officer is down?
    Beats a path forward, needs no help.
    You are your own hero.
    You rely on the cops to save you, you are probably already dead….

  15. Not until he heard an officer was shot did he show any authentic sign of concern. I 100% support our good officers but honestly not sure bout this.

  16. Frustrating the first officer just couldn't put the info he was being told repeatedly together and stalled because of it. Sad he also didn't rush in without the backup he was demanding until he found out it was another LEO. Civilian lives are just as important.

  17. That first cop sucks at his job, can't even relay basic info over the radio and when he does he gets it wrong. Ignores the guard who gave a clear description of events and the suspect. Hire that security guard, dude was on point.

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