Houston Police Fire at Man Threatening to Shoot Officers

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Houston, Texas — On Wednesday, May 3, 2023, Houston police patrol officers responded to a check on welfare call at a residence at 413 Rouse Street and were told by a family member the suspect was having issues with alcohol and using narcotics. The family member also stated the suspect had threatened him and the neighbors. The suspect was later identified as 46-year-old Edgar DeLeon. As the officers made contact with DeLeon, he became aggressive and then went into the residence, threatening to assault his family member, neighbors and officers.

DeLeon then threated to retrieve a pistol and shoot officers. At that time, officers discharged their CED (Conducted Energy Device) at DeLeon at least twice with no effect. After making the threat, DeLeon moved quickly toward the kitchen and behind a counter, which obstructed the officers’ view of his hands. Officer Alvarez discharged his duty weapon at DeLeon, striking him multiple times. Officers immediately provided medical assistance until Houston Fire Department paramedics arrived and pronounced DeLeon deceased. HPD Officer A. Alvarez, who discharged his duty weapon, was not injured in the incident. Officer Alvarez was sworn in as an officer in March 2019 and is assigned to the Northeast Patrol Division.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Alvarez
5:10 – Bodycam: Officer Reyes
8:35 – Bodycam: Officer Donohue
10:02 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Houston Police Fire at Man Threatening to Shoot Officers

  1. I'm not defending him or his actions but look his name up. He was a regular guy until the drugs or alcohol fucked him up to this point.

  2. The cop “theater” is amazing. The cop saying all the things they need to say for the camera “where’s the gun” “stay with us”” partner shut up don’t purger yourself on camera “ etc. they must take a class on how to cover your ass after you commit unnecessary murder.

  3. 7:15 was litteraly his last breath .. dude why do this to yourself and the officers … those guys where not expecting to kill someone that night .. this shit haunts them too …

  4. So……..was there a Glock 17 even in the house? I didn't see one.
    Also, some cops think if you have to shoot once, you might as well shoot ten times. Many civilians have gone to jail for shooting too many times.

  5. Never calling the cops on my brothers if they wanna act up and throw hands the we gonna do it and then we’ll be chill not even 5 minutes afterwards. It would break my heart to send my brother to jail or watch them get shot up

  6. I am very pro police. However i never saw this guy in possession of a gun or anything. Just empty threats. I see no reason for him to have been shot.

  7. " Officers immediately provided medical assistance" Ah yeah nah he stood there and watched/listen to him die and then still did nothing. No point trying after he has long taken his last breath and is long brain dead to pretend to render medical aid to them. Also no weapon was in his hands or posesion at the time of the shooting? Not really a clean shooting is it. Seemed the guy was acting racist to the 2nd officer and then the moment he mentioned killing them that officer went in hard and took him out.

  8. All the cops needed was a reason to start dumping their bullets, a simple reason that the cops cant see your hands would be enough to kill you.

  9. How many family members have gotten their own blood murdered by snitching??? It’s disgusting people get their own family killed by being cowards and trusting these degenerate pigs.

  10. i dont find this sad. that dude was going to hurt somebody. i delt with a heavy addiction to stimulants for 2 years and never did i feel the need to do something like this at my lowest points.

  11. He was so confident, the biggest man in the room and then humbled by a little piece of metal. If he was able to act like that after he was shot, he was able to act like it before he was. Deserved.

  12. Pro life tip: Don't tell an Officer you are going to grab a specific model of gun to kill them with it and then dissappear behind cover.

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