Hooters Waitress Offers to Take Clothing Off During DUI Arrest

From the report of Officer Klein, with the Sarasota Police Department, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: “On Sunday, October 30, 2022, at 3:53 a.m., I was on uniformed marked patrol within the City of North Port, Sarasota County, when I approached a red traffic light at the intersection of North Cranberry Blvd and North Toledo Blade Blvd, when I observed a black Hyundai sedan which had stopped over the painted stop bar and crosswalk, placing the vehicle almost completely in the intersection as it waited for the light to cycle.

I checked the vehicles license plate through NCIC/FCIC which revealed that the plates were expired as of 4/2/21, and that the registered owner, Naomi Furrer, had a suspended driver’s license. Once the light cycled, I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Upon making contact with the driver, I immediately identified the driver as Naomi Furrer, the registered owner of the vehicle.

While speaking with Furrer, I observed her to have bloodshot watery eyes and slightly slurred speech. Furrer appeared to struggle with completely recalling her recent events and locations. I observed that Furrer was dressed for Halloween, and she stated that she was coming from a Halloween party. I observed Furrer to be wearing a yellow, non-descript wristband on her left wrist, consistent with wristbands issued at local bars. While further speaking with Furrer, I smelled the strong odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath and person.

I questioned Furrer about her license status, and she informed me that she knew her license was suspended and that she was trying to get it fixed. I instructed Furrer to exit her vehicle, and she complied. I observed Furrer to be unsteady on her feet as she was exiting her vehicle. While outside of her vehicle, I continued to smell the odor of alcohol emitting from Furrer;s breath and person. I asked Furrer if she would perform field sobriety exercises, and she agreed.

A further computer check revealed that Furrer had three active suspensions for failure to pay traffic citations, and one active suspension for violation of financial responsibility.

Due to the totality of the circumstances and Furrer’s performance on the field sobriety exercises, there is probable cause that Furrer violated F.S.S. 316.193(1)(a), Driving under the Influence, and F.S.S. 322.34(2)(a), Driving While License Suspended With Knowledge.

Furrer knowingly operated a vehicle on a roadway while her license was suspended and while under the influence of alcohol to the extent that her normal faculties were significantly impaired.

Furrer was placed under arrest and placed in the back of my patrol vehicle. A probable cause search of Furrer’s vehicle was performed in which two small open containers of Fireball Whiskey and one empty White Claw Hard Seltzer can were located within the passenger compartment.

I transported Furrer to the Sarasota County Jail without incident, where I requested Furrer provide a breath sample; she refused. I advised Furrer of her implied consent warnings which she indicated she understood. Furrer still refused to provide a breath sample. Furrer was issued copies of her citations and was booked. Her vehicle was later removed by Talon Towing.

Furrer’s trial is ongoing.



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36 thoughts on “Hooters Waitress Offers to Take Clothing Off During DUI Arrest

  1. "YES SIR, But" "But wait" 😆 The Officers were very nice and explained multiple times! Did she catch a charge for soliciting an Officer, which that's exactly what she did by offering to take her clothes off! How gross! Handle your business lady and quit trying to manipulate your way out of a situation that your careless and dangerous actions put you in! You did this and I would be willing to bet she's worked this angle multiple times throughout her life to get her way! How annoying and sad! She could of killed people as well as herself for driving while intoxicated. 🤬 I predict that she will do this again!

  2. I once had a girl and her boyfriend yell during an argument "SHE worked at hooters" like it made her better than me. I laughed 🤣 I could easily work there, any girl could really, but I would never. & It's not a compliment or an accomplishment I would be proud of if I did 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Wow, If I were stupid enough to drive with 5 suspensions and not sober, I would hope to have these officers stop me. Very professional.

  4. 1. DUI
    2. Suspendend License
    3. Insurance suspended
    4. Expired Registration
    5. Unpaid traffic tickets
    6. Traffic infraction

    Why even drive? Uber would have been cheaper and smarter.

  5. I'm so, so glad they didn't let her get away with it. I bet she's always used her body, her looks and her tears to get away with sh!t. Not tonight Old Love! Lmao. Admittedly, it was frustrating that they let her carry on like a pork chop for so bloody long. They should've tossed her a*se in the car 10-15 minutes earlier.

  6. I'm glad that the officer removed her from our roadways making us all safer. That being said, with 5 times suspended wouldn't she be better off refusing Field Sobriety Tests and the test at the police station? She wouldn't have the DUI and her license would still be suspended. She should have spoken only Swedish throughout the exchange, that would have helped her a great deal.

  7. Putting the Bucks tee shirt on her at the end is the best lesson she will ever be given. Hopefully, she will decide to choose self-respect and personal accountability. Her bachelor's degree gives her a chance to become successful on merit alone, so she's more fortunate than many who can't afford college.

  8. She's very manipulating. I was shocked when she said she would take off her clothes. How low can you go? She probably has done that before. So glad she didn't kill any innocent people. Go back to Switzerland. She's pure trash.

  9. As someone who struggles with suicide, it shook me she really tried to play that "I'd rather be dead!" card. Come on now…take responsibility for your actions.

  10. Hmmm . it's not even clear if she's the ho they make of her, at 19:50 there's a 3 seconds cut right before she says "I 'll take everything.. Ooh please don't charge me" ….. … making that sound like "I 'll take everything off please don't charge me" looks clickbaitish

  11. 9:05 bruhhhh all these instructions and most of the officers who give them couldn’t do it themselves, if it were recited to them exactly how they recite them to people. imo lol

    She’s definitely dui but man. Gotta be something simpler that gets the job done

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