Heroic Firefighters and Police Officers Save Lives during a Raging Apartment Fire

Fire and Police Videos YouTube channel has obtained video from Santa Fe, New Mexico Police officers’ lapel cameras showing a fire ripping through a Santa Fe apartment complex days before Halloween 2019.

Numerous fire and police officers were dispatched to the scene. Both agencies responded heroically with no regard for their own lives. Officers went door to door making sure everyone got out safe. One officer can be observed saving a dog during the blazing fire. Firefighters and police helped people jump from balconies to get them to safety.

The cause of the fire is suspected to be started by a resident who intentionally started the fire in her apartment. She succumbed to injuries from the fire.

The fire has left these residents without a home, and lost most of their possessions and clothes during the fire.

Thank you to Santa Fe Police Department for the footage to tell this story.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvlWW6c7rm4 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Heroic Firefighters and Police Officers Save Lives during a Raging Apartment Fire

  1. The officers didn't save the lady, he made her fall straight on her back and you can hear her pain. It looked like she ended in back injury. I thought police would be smarter to save the dog once not risk going back in again. They could of grabbed a mattress down stairs for the people to land on instead of their backs. Why did the people ignore the police warning, knocking on their door to get out.

  2. Holy crap, good job guys, good job getting everyone out. Would have been nice to get a better look of that lady in the towel but lives definitely come first.

  3. I would NEVER EVER LEAVE my damn ANIMALS EVER!!! That is as BAD AS LEAVING A SMALL BABY who depends on you to take care of them. Its no different

  4. Great job to the officers and the fire department. it’s important that the fire and police departments work together in times like this it helps to expedite evacuations if the need arises that so the firefighters can position their rigs according to the information given by the dispatcher from the caller for areas on fire etc.

  5. First of all the owners left the dog, secondly they didn't even need to reenter the apartment, all they had to do was open the damn gate to get him out 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. May God bless all the members of the Santa Fe Police and Fire Departments and keep them safe at all times throughout their careers.

  7. What FD is this??? How do you not set up ladders on each side but start an hose line? Thought it was life before property?? That truck only have one ladder?

  8. GOD bless the Officer to the utmost for being so caring. helpful, and concerned for others!! I pray GOD continues to protect him and his family always. It would be a miracle if I found one kind caring Officer where I live. The Officers where I live are hateful and on the criminal's side When I reached out for help they were hateful and vicious to me. Situation was never resolved 😢 still suffering from same issue every day.

  9. Weird the second officer seems so concerned about not busting open a residence- but yet when there arent fires they they bust in all the time. Like the masonic Orange color of the building.
    Orange and blues.
    They didn't catch that person.

  10. Great job all! Had the identical thing happen in 2000 in TN. Most thought the fire alarm was a false alarm. Had to run door to door like these officers, in order to get everyone out. Hero fire fighters fought raging blaze in freezing outside temperatures. I pray that all were safe in the end. Praise officers, fire fighters, emts, paramedics, Red Cross, etc.

  11. My heart breaks seeing these people lose their home and possessions but thank God all were saved from harm. While I know they have a hard road in the next few weeks things can be replaced but lives can't. Love seeing the selfless efforts of rescue and other people doing a great job at protecting lives. So proud of all that had a part in this tragedy. My prayers to those affected by this loss

  12. My question is what apartment building doesn’t have fire pull stations with alarms? That’s why they are there so police and fire don’t have to go door to door and risk their own lives trying to evacuate in a huge building I thought it was the law apartments MUST have fire protection this is just crazy to me!!

  13. 0:51 very surprised how quickly then flames popped out after that. Excellent video.

    Also, people have to learn how to land when they're dropping from a distance, falling, or rolling. SMH…

  14. I didn't hear any smoke detectors going off. Did these apts. not have any ? That policeman with the camera going was a true hero and didn't slow down once to get help to everyone.

  15. someone train them to say fire…. because yelling get out now doesn't really give people a sense of urgency like "🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 does

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