Hayward Police Officer Shoots Suspect Armed With Gun

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Hayward, California — On Oct. 24, at about 9:56 a.m., Hayward Police officers were dispatched to a disturbance near the 21000 block of Gary Drive. Witnesses called to report that a man went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, armed with a gun. The man went inside the home and got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend’s mother before witnesses said they were able to lock him out and call 9-1-1. As officers responded, witnesses reported that the man fired numerous rounds from a handgun and was leaving the scene in a gray Mercedes sedan. Officers located the Mercedes as it fled eastbound on Grove Avenue. Officers attempted to perform a traffic stop, but the man failed to pull over. A pursuit was initiated as the man continued to flee through unincorporated Hayward and onto eastbound Highway 580. During the pursuit, the man showed pursuing officers the gun and, at one point, he reached speeds over 85 miles an hour before he exited the freeway and continued northbound Eden Canyon Road. In an attempt to end the pursuit, officers initiated a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) to disable the Mercedes.

Officers forced the car onto an embankment just north of Highway 580 on Eden Canyon Road. As officers attempted to block the Mercedes so the man could not drive away, an officer’s leg was pinned between the Mercedes and a patrol vehicle. The man then got out of the disabled car and ran northbound on Eden Canyon Road, with a gun in his hand. Officers chased after the man and gave him numerous commands, trying to get him to stop and drop the gun. As he continued to run, a woman traveling southbound on Eden Canyon Road was stopped by the man. Officers saw him point a gun at the driver and try to open her car door. Officers intervened, and this is when the officer-involved shooting took place. The man was then taken into custody and received medical treatment at the scene. He was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Authorities are not releasing the man’s identity or the names of the officers involved. A record check revealed the man had no criminal history prior to the date of this incident. The woman inside the car was not injured during the incident. A loaded handgun was recovered at the scene. Two officers, including the one pinned between the cars, received medical treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at local hospitals.

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0:00 – 911 Call
3:26 – Bodycam Footage of OIS

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Hayward Police Officer Shoots Suspect Armed With Gun

  1. Shoutout to everyone involved with this situation. Especially that first caller, the woman with the two-year old. Absolutely calm, cool and collected all while trying to comfort her terrified young child as a murderous maniac was trying to get to them.

  2. If he gave up and detained he would be at home in two days with max 8 or 10 grand bail but The grimreaper brought there this white suv with a female driver, if it was a man he would reverse it quickly but the woman stopped there and began to watch the scene. She was not even the screaming lady, she was posessed by the grimreaper.

  3. This video is the embodiment of how PROPER POLICE WORK SHOULD BE DONE.

    From the Dispatcher, to the responding Officer, this was 100% perfect work!

    I get haters in my comments all the time because I expect other Officers to train a little bit to be in shape for things like this that happen.

    "Why don't you become a cop & do this then" is the most common response that I get. Well you CLOWNS I am a cop & I do train for things like this. I put in 8 hours a week of training. For me to not do this but expect others to would make me a hypocrite. I don't know why people just assume I'm just bashing on Police just because I feel they should be in shape for the job they're being paid to do.

    Not being in shape gets INNOCENT people & other Officers KILLED!

    This Officer was able to run & use his radio at the same time WITHOUT choking on his saliva & without his adrenaline being heard through his voice. His voice wasn't shaky because he was in shape & he knew this bit of running wasn't anything he hasn't done a MILLION times before.

    He was in shape, he did EXACTLY what he should've, he didn't place ANYBODY else in danger, his physical fitness didn't place ANYBODY else in danger, & he gave the guy ample opportunity to surrender before shooting.

    This is how it's done.
    Pay attention those of you who think Police are ok being out of shape. THIS is what you should be doing EVERY time you chase somebody.

  4. I was a little befuddled by what the running officer was trying to communicate to the squad car. Did he want him to run him down? I was also curious why he didn't hop on the running board or something and let the runner wear out. And I have no clue why the squad car drove up on the suspect with the window a couple fee from the suspect. And I have no clue why the squad car then pulled directly into the backdrop of the running cop.

  5. The medical aid rendered at the scene was everybody looking at him and going "He daid". I could tell just by the way he stiffened up from the shots, that's a CNS hit for sure, probably in the spine. Dead before he hit the ground. Amazing the choices people make.

  6. I saw some folks asking about the sequence and whether he had dropped the gun first. Here it is:

    5:52.02 – Gun starts to turn to officer (open to interpretation)
    0.57 seconds later – Shot 1
    0.33 seconds later – Shot 2
    0.13 seconds later – Gun falls free of hand
    0.17 seconds later – Shot 3
    0.10 seconds later – Gun contacts ground
    0.63 seconds later (5:54.16) – Suspect is down per NFL rules

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