Has Canada Lost Its Mind

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Ontario, Canada. Couldn’t believe this was actually real.
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34 thoughts on “Has Canada Lost Its Mind

  1. I can confirm that “yes” the Canadian government and nearly half the population are bat crap crazy!
    The tyrannical medical social fascist governments are busy destroying Canadian freedoms, faster than anytime in our nations history.

  2. All this for a virus with a greater than 99% survival rate?
    Protect the vulnerable, flush the government on all levels and start over.
    Government of the people, for the people. I think some politicians have forgotten what government was actually created for.

  3. The Ontario and the Canadian federal government has indeed lost their minds! We are turning into a communist state day by day. Now I just learned how additionally stupid they are. The land borders have been closed for over a year now.. and this morning I’ve just learned of another loophole! Yes the land crossings are closed to unessential travel. That’s right we all know this. But the loophole, you can walk across. I didn’t know this, wish I had! I’m not pissed at those who figured it out, I’m pissed at myself for not realizing it and pissed at the commie government we are under for leaving a loophole! I mean if you’re going to stop travel and put Canadians in a covid jail for flying into the country then do the same to pedestrians. But then I’m thankful the politicians are stupid because it has allowed the smart people among us a chance to experience freedom! 👍 to those who are smarter than I am and much, much brighter than the morons running this place! Ford needs to loose his position in power but I don’t know who would do any better? They are all idiots! In answer to your ending question; in the back of my mind I feel like showing up at the Rainbow Bridge with a backpack and asking for political asylum on the basis of political corruption and mental cruelty.

  4. Actually, police chiefs across Ontario sent out public announcement at the same time. All this is doing is setting up Ontario for Martial Law – troops on the ground. BC Canada is testing out another social engineering test. They've declare with orders we are not allowed to leave our specific health district. This will all lead to martial law across Canada by November. We will be given UBI and everyone will be forced into bankruptcy. All land and houses will become become state owned. By 2022 Canada will be China 2.0. Right now they are threatening that Canada will remain locked down until 75% of the population is vaccinated, and then 20% vaccinated a second time. Big farma has Canada under siege. We have 80K troops, and 2 million citizen have firearms. There is no virus killing people in Canada.

  5. Whats even worse then our gov officials implementing these there's a sizable about if the population that is asking for it and literally want stricker enforcement and restrictions

  6. I doubt it will happen stateside, people already hate cops for the actions of a few, and tons of press intentionally phrased and presented in a way to paint police in a bad light. You thought the recent riots were bad, let them try that level of policing of a pandemic "lock down" which never outright banned leaving your house(as far as I know.) in the US, left and right would unite and the country would burn and with new covid-19 strains that we don't know if the vaccines will be effective against…Basically it would a nightmare, and it would change the US permanently in the worst way. But again I don't think it will happen. Hell I know it won't happen. As for our government and current president I don't think even he is that dumb.

  7. Our city government hired armed security to enforce the virus ordinances at our most popular park. It was for the first few months after the government lockdowns.

  8. Too draconian for me, but there are enough people being dumbasses I could see it… somewhat. But the majority of people are being smart about things in Canada. Don't think the police will enforce it, beyond the ones with chips on their shoulders that wanna swing dick

  9. Remember, CANADA does not have the same Constitution we have in the US. I agree its a huge problem but people in the US need to look at it as what CAN AND WILL happen when they let their rights be taken away 1 by 1 …….. Good luck Canada, hope Mike is right and the Officers REFUSE to use this new law even when they find it convenient for a stop.

  10. The level of ignorance in this comment section is amazing.

    This wasn't Canada as a whole, it was Ontario.

    It wasn't liberals, it wasn't leftists, it was conservatives.

    And it was never even put into effect, because the government – wait for it – listened to the people and to their advisors and reverse their position

  11. All 40 police chiefs in Ontario said no to stopping people. Think about that. All 40 overnight with the same response? It's a set up. This open up the provincial government to ask the feds to bring in the military to take over. Martial law withing two weeks once they can use fake PCR tests to increase "cases"

  12. We had enforced travel restrictions during outbreaks in Australia. They worked. We have no covid circulating in the community. We are pretty much back to life as normal, with the exception of international travel. Our economy is recovering faster than any other country. Our total covid case and death rates are amongst the lowest in the world. Temporary police powers were just that, temporary, and once the outbreaks and 2nd wave were defeated, things went back to normal. Our freedoms remain in tact and. Look and learn.

  13. Hi, I'm a resident of Ontario from a Police Family. The Police Services Board in my Home Town, London, issued a formal decree to the Provincial Government that they, on mass, refuse to violate peoples Charter Rights by pulling them over without cause and interrogating them at the side of the road. Police, including the O.P.P., have followed suit. The Ont. Government has now withdrawn their 'edict'.

  14. It's only the beginning. If Canada is anything like the USA it is that once a law in made it is never un-made. And there is nothing Canadians can do because the Government has absolutely no fear of the populace–they don''t have guns let alone gun rights.

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