Handcuffed Suspect Steals Colorado Trooper’s Car and Crashes During Pursuit

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Jefferson County, Colorado — On June 20, 2023, at approximately 10:57 AM, Colorado State Patrol Troopers responded to assist Otero County Deputies with a suspect fleeing from them, along Highway 50, in Otero County. The vehicle was reportedly called in as a “shots fired” call. In addition, the suspect was reported to have caused multiple crashes and attempted to cause head-on crashes with himself and other vehicles. Troopers were able to TVI (Tactical Vehicle Intervention) the vehicle and contact the suspect successfully.

During the arrest, the suspect gained access to the front of a fully marked Colorado State Patrol vehicle and fled. Agencies on the scene pursued the suspect in the stolen patrol vehicle and troopers deployed stop sticks further down Highway 50. After hitting the stop sticks, the suspect in the patrol vehicle lost control, crashed into the side of a stopped Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) parked on the side of Highway 50 and spun out, catching on fire. The suspect was extricated from the patrol vehicle and transported to an area hospital. The suspect later succumbed to injuries sustained at the time of the crash. The CMV driver was not injured. The suspect was identified as Anthony Alphonso Sanchez III.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Handcuffed Suspect Steals Colorado Trooper’s Car and Crashes During Pursuit

  1. Not a successful spike deployment as an innocent person was hurt and his livelihood was affected. Could have been an owner operator now got no truck to earn a living.

    Bad time and place to deploy them.

    In my expert opinion! 😂

  2. Poor Idubbz. His life really took a turn for the worse when he started disrespecting Sam Hyde. I will pray for his wife; Yoko Ono.

  3. im surprised that guys insides didnt become his outsides after that crash and the way that patrol car looked.

  4. He was SOOOO sure of himself! He needs fired! Open window, keys in car, not supervising those in custody while they jawjack about the chase. ALSO the only downside here is the taxpayers have to buy another car, otherwise a good ending.

  5. Hes thinks he can escape by driving (essentially) a giant gps tracker. The penalties for his initial crimes (prior to stealing the patrol car) probably wouldnt have been that severe, had he just accepted the consequences. Glad he smashed into the back of that behemoth truck instead of the cab of it or other occupied vehicle. That must have been an excruciating painful final moments for him and his dumb decisions. Those final screams.

  6. That dude was a classic example of crystal meth addict. He was so hyper and strung out. To be able what he did is unreal to the average person but when you are on that crazy horrible poison look what happens.

  7. What a complete circus from start to finish.Those spikes should have been set-up after the (CMV) imagine that commercial truck was carrying dangerous liquids or gases. There was also 3-4 normal cars sitting there .That could have been catastrophic.Luckily, no innocent bystanders were injured

  8. Great scenario for a Hollywood movie. He went for a ride got arrested for nothing, went for another ride and then semi truck transformer and his buddy Wesley Spikes stopped him

  9. That poor truck driver. The impact to knock that trailer off like that. It was wild watching him psych himself out to get in the front of that patrol car. That was intense for first thing in the morning.

  10. Imagine if in the future this would have been on an electric cruiser, there would have been a mini nuclear explosion and the extracting of the body would have been done with hazmat geared personnel fearing a 2000 volt discharge

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