Handcuffed Lady Steals Cop Car

Back in March of this year, the lovely Angie Frost was pulled over for driving a stolen motor vehicle in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Police Department have released body camera footage that shows a woman stealing a police cruiser. While I’m not sure about the policies of Tulsa with putting prisoners in the front seat (I know many State agencies do this for transport) I do know that for a woman, she’s got a lot of balls.

After a short chase with a little cop car on cop car action, they were able to locate Frost, who had bailed out in some apartments. So, bad job good job I guess?

This one is gonna be talked about a while and will be the stuff legends are made of to pass on to rookies 🙂 You can’t make this stuff up.

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Author: rafael.nieves


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  2. "Oh ow ow ow what an ass hole!" just steal a police vehicale , but Ow Ow Ow…. go fuck yourself Thief. now you made it worse. You suck at being a criminal…. just stop…please!

  3. As I have watched several videos from the tube (including Yours) by the years, I see lot´s of "normal seeming" people in the states badmouthing police in traffic stops, arguing and trying to get off the hook, or questioning otherwise. Is it reality, or is it just "cream of the crop". As here in Finland it would be (and is) totally absurd to question police´s work when stopped for speeding, or for a check for ID or any other cause by the police. (Of course career criminals are a thing of their own). Does people there have less respect for an official in general?

  4. The two things you shouldn't do. #1 is don't pull on Supermans cape. #2 Is don't steal a police car from the Tulsa police department!

  5. I heard Sean “Sticks” Larkin (Live PD) say it’s Tulsa PD’s policy to transport prisoners in the front seat. He never explained why they do it but I spent a career in LE and never understood why some departments do this. I’m sure they have their reasons but it seems so much safer to be in the back seat behind the cage… that’s where I preferred my arrestees.

  6. I'd like to hear Mike get on the phone with one of those IRS scammers that have been calling 99% of the north american population and annoying everybody. Those scammers are so annoying.

  7. Is that Rachael Mothey? seems like something she does….
    Regardless that chick has balls.. but what was their reason for throwing her to the ground to handcuff her. she can't weigh more then 85 lbs…. seriously tuff guys weren't they Mike?

  8. Mike, I agree with you. However, I would like to add some suggestions above using a car with a cage. Mainly, all cops should invest in this type of handcuffs and carry and use. They are hinged cuffs that are larger and have more teeth. They have the teeth to fit smaller and larger wrists. Also, when you buy hinged cuffs read the directions. They can be used with the wrists side by side. However, they are meant to be used with the one wrist above the other behind the back. The cuffs are therefore oriented in a straight up and down manner, inline with the spine with one wrist above the other. Also, always double lock them cuffs. This correct way of using hinged cuffs impedes one's ability to step through the cuffs and pull them to the front. Not saying it still can't be done; but you almost have to dislocate a shoulder to do it. I hardly ever saw these type cuffs used correctly.

  9. The version they had on live pd was really good. They had the dash footage from the car she stole. She definitely drove it like she stole it. She got hard on the brakes to make a left and the rear started to come around then she slammed the throttle to the for and got a pretty good drift going. Then hopped out while the car was still in drive and went into the back of a new Sentra.

  10. Why would you put somebody in handcuffs in the front seat. Hell, why would you put anybody that’s not a ride-a-long, explorer, or your partner in the front seat????

  11. whether or not it's within dep't policy, putting someone in the front seat is just f*cking stupid, imo

  12. 1:56 i like how they throw her on the ground and pick her back up i know their is a fire in his heart and i can't blame him i would of done the same thing

  13. I believe it should be best and recommended practice to have everyone not associated with a ride along or kind-hearted transit to be placed in the back. Oklahoma has had several cases in recent. OHP is just one I can think of. Arkansas had a Greenwood, AR PD tahoe stolen as well.

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