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So a guy named Keaton Patti states on his Twitter that he: “forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies and then asked it to write a Hallmark Christmas movie of its own. Here is the first page.”

While we think the bot thing isn’t real and that Patti is just a genius writer, we read the 1 page release of the script and it’s amazing 🙂

We read this during our live Christmas Extravaganza which is on this channel, but we have started a new channel specifically for those who want to follow Off the Cuff show as its own dedicated content. Where it crosses into law enforcement topics we will also share some here.

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39 thoughts on “Hallmark Hot

  1. I like the "Thin Blue Line" Flag, NOT. it is 100% against the UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 18-Part I. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE-CHAPTER 33 – EMBLEMS, INSIGNIA, AND NAMES § 700-Desecration of the flag of the United States-Specifically Subsection (a)(1) – “Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.”

    Also 4 U.S. Code § 8 – Respect for flag – No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Also (g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature. Also (i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. At last (k) The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

    You should be Ashamed of yourself for this Disfigurement! This is no different then someone burning the Flag. It is a disgrace and insulting to what I have served and others in my family have died for to defend. It shows that you are a Enemy of the State and the Constitution you swore to up hold. You REALLY should consider taking that Abomination down!

  2. Officer Mike, Is there any truth in the following: When an Officer is on the scene a person must comply with the Officer's demands, like: Stay in your car, get out of your car, go stand over there, Fight that fire, or, shovel that mud. If the officer is wrong in the demand that needs to be addressed later through the system in place for such arguments, and not at the point of enforcement.

  3. Drunk pigs all need to die. You all don't give a crap. You all police with your feelings, when you should be policing by the law. By the way you are not the law! You are there to enforce the law, and feelings aren't the law.

  4. Officer Mike, I have concerns about being able to defend my family and myself.
    I have some physical limitations and am concerned about being overwhelmed by a more capable fighter.
    I have never fired a gun before. I would like your advice. I have thought of your Hallmark Hotness also but also have thought of seeing if a firearms trainer/expert could evaluate me as to see if firearms training and ownership and concealed carry would be suitable for me. I suffer from severe chronic pain and I would like to get an outside objective viewpoint. Technically where I live I can fill out the paperwork and buy a gun and keep it in our home but I would want to make sure that if I do pass all the screening involved with getting a gun that I get optimal safety training and the requisite time in practical training with the weapon.
    I personally would rather not have to think about it but I’ve been in situations were I felt “naked” or “vulnerable” without a gun. I didn’t have a desire to fire on someone but I did think it would be good to have if I did all the responsible things to de-escalate a situation but the other party or parties were looking to do possible injury or worse to me or mine. Would it be a good first step to call a reputable local range that provides training?. I am willing to disclose to them all of the aspects of my disabilities as I want to make the best choice for my family and myself.

  5. People of America, you can rest easy. Fat, drunk idiots with badges will protect you. Just goes to show how low the hiring standards the police have.

  6. Hey Mike, happy holidays and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I just have a question that I would find interesting to hear your take on. Judge Bloom in Florida recently dismissed a case where the parkland students were taking the officers who refused to enter the school during the shooting to court. The Judge’s reasoning was that the officers had no obligation to protect the students and so there’s no legal actions that can waged against them. If you wouldn’t mind giving your opinion I would be interested to hear your take on the case, and I would also be interested to hear from an officer what level of public service would be reasonably expected from other officers.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and engaging with it if you choose to do so!

  7. You should review the situation between Tall Guy Car Reviews and the lawsuit against the Arizona Police Officer that’s pulled him over. 🤔

  8. Wow! This renewed my innocent childhood feelings of Christmas! 😊Thank you for bringing back the Joy of the Season,😜 and reminding me of the important lesson of Christmas: – Bones help Nobody! 🤣Happy Holidays!

  9. If could get the bot write an entire script and it be performed at my local theater I might consider going, that was hilarious.

  10. Like getting pulling teeth some videos, but yes it was worth it… And with wisdom the likes of which I have not heard since "Forrest Gump"… 'the bones help no one'.

  11. Deeper is better just ask your wife.😐🤣

    Seriously though. Ask her😐

    Nice job guys! Lol.
    "Killed in every war"

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