GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Bodycam Footage of Lorain Police Officer Shooting Dog

*WARNING* This video contains graphic language and scenes that may be disturbing for some. Viewer discretion is advised.
* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Lorain, Ohio — On Sunday, July 2, 2023, in the 700 block of Oberlin Avenue, near West 8th Street, Lorain police officer Elliot Palmer patrolling the area saw five large, yellow dogs running loose through several residents’ yards and on the sidewalk, and none of them were leashed, he wrote in his report. The bodycam footage shows a woman trying to hold onto two other dogs by their tails, and one of the dogs named Dixie gets away from her and runs towards Palmer. He then fires his weapon at the dog multiple times. In the video, Dixie gets up and drags her hind legs until she is at the end of a neighbor’s driveway. Dixie’s owner, Tammie Kerns, can be seen walking up to Palmer, yelling at him that he just shot her dog. Her daughter, Mellenie Kerns, was the woman holding Dixie and another dog when Palmer walked up. The dog died on the sidewalk as a result of her injuries. Mellenie said the first bullet hit Dixie in the spine. The Kernses have threatened to sue the Lorain Police Department in the wake of Dixie’s death.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Bodycam Footage of Lorain Police Officer Shooting Dog

  1. Absolutely no excuse for that. People, learn to control your dogs! The dogs owner is 100% responsible for it’s death. Any other argument is a complete waste of your breath.

  2. I say the fault is 50/50 because

    1. Owners should have had all 3 dogs on leashes. When ever I take my dog out in the front yard she is on a leash for her safety.

    2. The Officer shouldn't have continued shooting as soon as he saw the dog running the other way. But for the first shot it was warranted because an unknown dog was charging at him.

    So yeah fault lie at 50 Owners / 50 Cop

  3. Usually I dont give two craps about clips like this but yea that dog was clearly just coming up to him in a non aggressive way he just wanted to use his weapon and kill something

  4. M'aiq would like to remind everyone that downvotes this video that you are hurting "PoliceActivity" by doing so. This one didn't like watching the dog die, but still upvoted the video, since it supports the author of this channel.

  5. The cop was just hungry, probably Asian. That’s how you escalate a situation especially when a dog is not gonna grab your gun to shoot you and the owners didn’t seem to have him sent after the dog. There’s a special place for the cop in BLM riots.

  6. Officer needs to be fired! These control freaks out here killing people and animals because they think they have the right. Disgusting these are the kids who got bullied in high school then becomes a cop to bully others.

  7. Very sad situation. If I were the owner instead of yelling and screaming at the cop I woulda held my dog in my arms to comfort him in his last moments.

  8. I hope the family sues and wins. I hope the officer is fired and charged. This is just an evil and reckless thing to view.

  9. There were 11 reported golden retriever bites between 2014 and 2020. That's not deaths, that's bites! 2 people died in a 6 year span. Yet the cop shoots the dog multiple times. I'd have to be shot too if someone did that to my dog.

  10. Imagine shooting a Golden Retriever as he runs away and then telling a jury that you were afraid for your life.
    I support our men in blue, but fuck this cop. No discipline, trigger happy…get him off the streets and take away his gun.

  11. I get that dogs can be protective and can lash out but man.. get a grip. this was completely uncalled for. If you felt threatened, mace would have done the trick and the dog would be alive.

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