Good Samaritan Helps Cop During Gun Battle

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage from the Albuquerque Police Department of an incident that happened in August of 2021. A convicted felon had a shoot out with 4 officers. All four were wounded by the suspect. The suspect was shot but survived.

The most severely wounded was Officer Mario Verbeck who was left in an alleyway when a Good Samaritan named Johnny Garcia hoped the fence and rendered aide.

Officer Verbeck survived and Mr. Garcia was heralded as a hero. The two have since become best friends.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


30 thoughts on “Good Samaritan Helps Cop During Gun Battle

  1. ABQ should be burnt to the ground. The city has zero redeeming qualities. And now it and the whole state is ran by cop-hating lunatics who want to decriminalize crime.

  2. I’m a dispatcher and I would crap my pants if a civilian came up on my radio channel. I would instantly know things had gone so wrong. What a hero this man is!

  3. Good News! "Earlier this year, the suspect James Ramirez committed suicide while in custody at a federal facility. He was being held for charges related to this shooting."

  4. Most people would run the other way when presented with a situation like this. Instead, this gentleman stayed by the officer’s side, radioed for help, told the downed officer he would be ok and helped as much as he could until other officers and the ambulance arrived. That’s the true definition of a hero and I have the upmost respect for this guy!! I pray the officer is doing well and is going to make a full recovery 🙏🏻 💙

  5. Man I saw them running along the wall and I'm thinking in my head, stay the hell off the wall. I could hear ricochets coming off of it.

  6. sooooo cops get help from citizen and citizens while cops extort , lie, deceive, steal murder citizens, wowwww Americans truly are very dumb. cops are not for citizens, they are trained like that , them vs us, hundreds of utube video prove it. WAKE UP FUNNY PEOPLE COPS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND BUT THEY SURE NEED OUR HELP.

  7. Oh my, this is tearjerker. Praise God for Johnny Garcia! He's a true man…an American! 🙏🏽❤️🕊️🇺🇸🇺🇸
    It can't get any better when I read that they're best friends now. Wow…God bless both of them and each officer that was wounded that day.

  8. Knowing this police officer made it and that man there that risked his life to save another that he knew nothing about never met him that is what being a good person is all about that's what I don't care I know it's what being American is but you don't have to be an American people do it all over the world I am proud to be an American but all I'm saying is dish right here is just pure loyal love trust I swear it the only word I can describe is guardian angel I'm so happy I clicked on this video I see a lot of videos of cops that are just cricketer than a drug dealer beating people but then I run up on very few videos of something like this and I really appreciate it it's a sad thing to see somebody die or get hurt regardless of who they are I'm just extremely happy that that officer is okay and still with us and I really hope that Good Samaritan was rewarded actually I take it back he was rewarded with the loyal friendship true friendship is worth more than money and gold

  9. This citizen took the same risk to help the officer as all officers do everyday. Putting oneself in harms way to help others. There were still multiple shots being fired when the citizen initiated help, while he stayed with officer (whispering so as not to attract the attention of the suspect), all the way until the shooting stopped. Whatever awards are available for galantry in the face of death while helping another person this HERO needs to be nominated. Most hero’s don’t think they are heros, but, the nomination/acknowledging/awarding is setting an example for others to follow.
    I hope everyone gets through the stress/emotions that comes with a gun battle, officer down, unknown if suspect died, etc. Take the help that is available, now, and/or later if things need addressed.

  10. Thank God for this guy and bless him. The officer and him thinking of using the radio and talking him school it was genius I thought. By the guy using the radio it got him help much faster and I truly believe this little bit of time saved, saved his life. I don't know if the dispatcher realized it was a civilian using the officers radio but I just thought it was awesome and I know the guy may have not known the way he was holding the camera but at that angle trying to help the officer move closer to the road up at that angle I also believe was helpful even if the guy didn't realize that's how the camera was angled pointing here

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