Furious About Fireworks?

In this clip of the Off the Cuff podcast, Mike the Cop reads Dave and the Underpaid Producer a letter from a local news story of a neighbor that absolutely lost his mind over fireworks in the neighborhood and decided to put everyone around him on notice.

SOUND OFF in the comments on your opinions on the matter lol

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43 thoughts on “Furious About Fireworks?

  1. I was just wondering cause I'm not in the us, can you just buy fireworks? Are there any laws you have to follow or are you just free to buy and light. I'm asking cause here in australia fireworks for the most part are illegal, you have to have licences just to buy them and no one can be in a couple hundred meters or so. So i was just wondering what its like in the usa.

  2. I understand this person's frustrations. In my neighborhood, "4th of July' is a multi-week celebration. I'm a pretty relaxed person, but I have to get up at 6AM for work. When people are setting off fireworks until 1AM or 2AM for days on end, it really affects my ability to sleep. One neighbor will set off one loud firework every 15-20 minutes for several hours. I just fall asleep, then get woken up. I'm a really light sleeper, and even with earplugs, a white noise generator, and installing double-pane windows, you can still feel the "thud" because these are the mortar ones that go up several hundred feet. It's awesome these people love America and love fireworks, but it's called the "4th of July" for a reason. Stick to the one day, no the week before and the week after.

  3. I work nights so does that mean I can threaten my neighbors every time they mow there grass at 9am while I'm sleeping or cut a tree down or hire a crew to re shingle there house?

  4. Wouldn't happen near me sadly, my town only allows private use/ownership of fountains (sparks), sparklers, firecrackers, and smoke balls… Weeeeeee -.-

  5. FIREWORKs are for the emotions of a child, hence most of the population today. Most adults don't care for fireworks, and realize the danger and pollution they cause. In my case the neighbors house burn bad, because of some jack ass lighting off fireworks. The house is gone, and he's was sued for there losses. Whats even worst, this moron lost part of a finger to some firework.

  6. Just get some ear plugs and set your alarm clock right next to you on full blast. That has always worked for me when I have had to get up super early after Independence Day. You can also spend the night with a friend who lives in a neighborhood where fireworks are illegal or join in on the party and get two hours of sleep like everyone else. I think we can all agree that partying all night is a lot more fun than being a grinch and ruining everyone else's fun.

  7. I grew up in Macomb. My wife in Chesterfield (her parents still live there). So I can't help but say "Chestertucky!" πŸ˜‰

  8. If I got this letter, I'd buy so many fireworks I'd take out a second mortgage. I've gone in to work with no sleep before, yeah your day sucks, but its just one day. If it really is a big deal, get a motel room in the city where no fireworks are allowed or go camping far from anyone, or build a fort like you did when you were a kid out of pillows and blankets.

  9. That’s when I buy the drum of black cats and blow it off at midnight on the dot, and a brick on the hour every hour after… Just for kicks I would blow of and m80 is every 30 minutes.

  10. We used to really drag ass to fireworks complaints on the 4th and New Years. The goal was to let them blow them off all on that night. That way you didn't get the calls for onsey twoseys for the next month!

  11. You desecrated the most sacred symbol in America to propagate your gang, your click! If I see one more person pushing this gang related propaganda i'm going to lose my mind. Yes I am triggered. Please destroy the desecrated American flag, a kind request from management.

  12. Did they report the author of the letter for making threats? When they reported the author did they think the best way to report it would be through Mike The Cop?

  13. i arrested a guy for DUII that had about 200-400 worth of illegal fireworks in his backseat. he chose to have me throw them away instead of charging him for it πŸ™‚

  14. Firework smoke is irritating, a lot of people die of asthma attacks near the fourth. i know someone who died this year of asthma. I feel like legalizing them just makes the problem worse.

    It also terrifies my dogs so badly i have to lock them up in the pantry with relaxing music playing at 75 db.

    That being said, i love a big boom. They just dont sell the stuff i love down at the stand tho. Gotta know a good ole boy. Kinda stuff that will remove a torso, not a finger

  15. This is a funny to me, especially since a friend of mine ( Sheriff Deputy for Macomb County) bitches on FB about his neighbors setting off fireworks. I'm just like, "AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!"

  16. I work 4am-1pm and guess what I was doing the night of July 4th? I lit off some fireworks and let my neighbors light them off as well. Yes, it sucks not getting any sleep for work the day after, but I chose to work this job knowing I'll have this shift. This is my problem and I'll take responsibility for it. Have decent windows and decent walls, you'll sleep right through the fireworks. I hate other people like him that want to shit on everybody else's fun because they chose to work a job with an early shift.

  17. Yep, my theory is the lower the IQ, the more noise they like. My knuckle dragging neighbor, who is on "disability," i.e., doesn't have to go to work, has no problem making the neighborhood sound like the firebombing of Dresden until after midnight. Then there is New Year's day, and just for kicks, he blows them off at random times during the year. I get up at 0430.

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