Former District Attorney Arrested for DWI in Broad Daylight!!!

(Silver City, New Mexico) – @CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage from Grant County New Mexico Sheriff Deputies DWI investigation of Francesca Estevez, former district attorney for southwest New Mexico’s Sixth Judicial District, with one count of first-time “aggravated driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug.”

A Grant County sheriff’s deputy took Estevez into custody in the parking lot of the Silver City Denny’s, located at 708 Silver Heights Blvd., 40 minutes after a 911 caller reported a reckless driver headed east on U.S. 180 toward Silver City at mile marker 108.

This isn’t the first time police have pulled her over for reckless driving. In 2016 she was driving reckless and was seen on video stumbling while talking with officers. She was not field sobriety tested in that case. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Former District Attorney Arrested for DWI in Broad Daylight!!!

  1. EVERYONE LISTEN! These tests are made to make you fail! It’s about following small details, not balance. I’m not saying she’s not drunk. She was. But refuse the tests and tempt your fate in court. But, don’t drink and drive and this won’t be a problem.

  2. My sisters father is an alcoholic and didn’t have his license most of his adult life when it got taken away after his umpteenth DUI… he was in jail a lot… but now he’s in his 70’s and he got his license back and a new car… hopefully he learned his lesson(s)… he was also an abusive a hole… the only time he was nice to me was NEVER!!!

  3. The younger cop is such a little turd. Couldn't tell her husband why she was arrested over the phone, wouldn't let her take her purse, although the other cop allowed her to take it. Such a little control freak

  4. whether you are impaired or sobor as a judge you should refuse these field test cops are not trying to get you on your way as quick as possible. they are looking only to find any reason they can to take you for a breathalyzer test.

  5. Seriously y’all??? These officers were NOTHING but respectful and professional with her!
    I have no doubt if she had hit your family or friends that day, impaired or not, just by being so reckless you would be singing a different tune!
    They didn’t HAVE to let her husband pick the vehicle up instead of impounding it or informing the restaurant manager what was happening with it either!!! GOOD JOB OFFICERS! YOU ARE VERY APPRECIATED!!!

  6. I thought open container laws where the dumbest laws I’ve ever heard of but called in as reckless driver is the new dumbest – anyone can call in about any car for any reason – the police didn’t see the driver doing anything – that had to be the least effective method of law I have ever heard of – Americans are truely stupid they really re – I think I’m gonna call 8n some reckless drivers now – since no eveidemce is required I’m going to lie – what a stupid country

  7. Why the charade with FST ? It's just ridiculous. It's insulting to everyone involved's intelligence. Whip out the PBT immediately and get it done.
    In Europe it is done within 1 min.

  8. Where is the breathalyzer? What a waste of time and humiliation for this woman and other in her place. She didn't seem drunk to me at all.

  9. If you just look up her name online, you’ll see this isn’t her first DWI rodeo!! Back in 2016, while she was still the current DA, a witness called police after following her and capturing her on video for 5 minutes swerving left numerous times into oncoming traffic barely missing hitting several cars, and then swerving right several times and driving on the right shoulder of the road!! Both city and state police responded, they also have video of her stumbling while walking around after the stop, they’re captured on their own videos talking about how she was obviously impaired, but both LE agencies decided NOT to do any FST’s on her and let her go!! News reports allege these officers ended up under investigation themselves for letting her go!! It appears this woman may have a serious problem with driving impaired, and after watching that eye witness video of the 2016 incident, I hope this latest one is a WAKE UP call and she gets herself some HELP!!

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