Football Coach Knocked-Out in Post-Game Affray

From the report of Officer Luis Balderama, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: On November 13, 2021, at approximately 1148 hours, I was dispatched to the football fields in reference to an affray involving more than 30 people. This was the second time I had been dispatched to the football fields within the hour.

As I was en route, dispatch advised that there was a male subject knocked unconscious. By the time I arrived on scene, everything appeared to be quiet. As I exited my vehicle, I had to ask a female walking with her children if there was an affray going on, because I couldn’t tell based on my initial observation.

There were large groups of people hovering around the entire field. She advised that yes, there was a fight, it was all over and that it was further north of my location.

As I was walking, I was flagged down by a male subject who pointed to two male subjects who had just walked past me and advised that they were the instigators to the altercation and that was the reason why they were fleeing. I related this to officer Nathaniel Telles.

I then saw another small group of individuals surrounding one male who was on the ground and that was my victim, Mr. Enrique Aguilera. As I started relaying information to the fire department on where they could make entry into the park since we were right in the middle, I made contact with a female who was standing by Mr. Aguilera, and she was identified as Ms. Theresa Acosta. She was the fiancee of Mr. Aguilera and stated that the football game had been finished and her team was the Picacho Middle School football team.

She said that the players had finished the game and then as they were shaking hands with each other they started fighting. The kids started fighting and then the coaches tried to intervene and separate the children. The next thing she knew, parents started jumping in and then the parents started fighting with each other.

Video showed that the two teams had finished playing, and that during the process of shaking each other’s hands something was said amongst them. It caught their attention, as they stop moving, and then they start running toward each other. Then, some of the coaches and a few parents try to intervene and separate the children. A number of parents rush into the field and there are piles of people fighting on the ground.

I then spoke to Officer Telles, who had actually detained the male subject that I had called out initially. He stated that they were just involved.

As I was standing by with officer Benoit, David Chaparro came up to me and advised that he was the one who initially started the fight. He stated that he was on the Picacho team and was a friend of the head coach, Mr. Enrique Aguilera, who was transported to the hospital. He stated that the football game was over and a juvenile male on the Lynn Middle School team, wearing a red jersey with “87” on it, had said something to one of his players and the two started fighting. Then a white male coach from the Lynn team grabbed his player’s jersey and was about to punch him when Mr. Chaparro ran over there, threw the coach to the side. The coach then came back and punched him in the face. As soon as the coach had punched him in the face, he grabbed him and pushed him on the ground and the coach took him down to the ground as well, and then the next thing he knew, everybody just started fighting one another.

Watch as it all played out.


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  1. 15:00 Bruh the whole time the cops trying to talk to the kid sitting, the one in the black sweater is talking himself into a whole mess of trouble
    The parents eyes 👀 have me dying🤣 they’re like what the fuck are you doing

  2. How do you go through life knowing that you have warrants? If I found out I had a warrent for something I would drop everything to figure it out so I don't randomly get scooped to jail

  3. Father and son are most likely illegals. What a horrible life—you're enjoying watching your son play football. An altercation breaks out, and you run the other way because you could be caught and deported. The other man said clearly that the man who started it was wearing a grey STRIPED shirt, not this poor shmo.

  4. Parents ruin team sports. No, your son/daughter will most likely not make it to be a professional athlete, therefor it is pointless to take it THAT seriously. How about you do something useful and teach your kid self control and accountability instead of teaching them to be violent when they don't get their way. How about you teach your kid that there's more important things in life than winning a game. I can't stand seeing parents act as if their kid is the "golden child" and should be treated as such by everyone else. If you are an adult, stay out of the game and off the field. Why do you think kids are constantly challenging authority. It's because you set the standard. You taught them to fight the police. You taught them to punch their principle when they get caught doing something wrong in school. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

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