Florida Man Leads Deputies on High-Speed Chase With Minors Trapped inside The Vehicle

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Ocala, Florida — On July 13, 2023, Deputy Ricketts observed a vehicle driving on Northeast Jacksonville Road. The vehicle, which was being driven by 19-year-old Jeremiah Lewis, had fresh body damage and was driving northbound in the southbound lane. After Deputy Ricketts activated his overhead emergency lights in an effort to conduct a traffic stop, the vehicle rapidly made a U-turn and fled at a high rate of speed.

Deputy Ricketts pursued the vehicle, which continued to drive recklessly. During the pursuit, Lewis hit a light pole and a stop sign, causing property damage. Then, a back-seat passenger began opening the door of the vehicle; after Lewis was apprehended deputies learned that this was a juvenile, who was desperately trying to get Lewis to stop the vehicle. After a successful P.I.T. maneuver, the pursuit concluded in the 1600 block of NE 32nd Avenue. Lewis attempted to flee from the vehicle but was quickly apprehended.

The investigation revealed that Lewis had six juvenile passengers in the vehicle; their ages ranged from 12 years old to 16 years old. The juveniles collectively told deputies they were desperately trying to get Lewis to stop, but he refused. He also refused to allow them to get out of the vehicle, which is why they were trying to open the door during the pursuit to escape. All of the juvenile victims’ parents stated Lewis did not have permission to take the children away from their residences. It was also discovered that the vehicle Lewis was driving was stolen from his grandmother.

Lewis was placed under arrest for Aggravated Fleeing or Attempting to Elude with Injury or Damage, False Imprisonment of a Child Under 13 Years of Age, five (5) counts of False Imprisonment, six (6) counts of Child Abuse, five (5) counts of Interference with Child Custody, Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Property Damage, Resisting an Officer without Violence, and Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Before Lewis was taken to jail, one of the juveniles’ family members had a message for Lewis: She told Lewis he put all of the juveniles’ lives in danger but that he picked “the wrong county” to do it in. Lewis is currently at the Marion County Jail, being held on a $51,000 bond.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Florida Man Leads Deputies on High-Speed Chase With Minors Trapped inside The Vehicle

  1. Imagine that, you put in a hard weeks work in the darkness. You're covered in coal dust, ears ringing from the pneumatic drills and machines. Then some crazy guy decides to take you on a high speed pursuit.

  2. Why were all the minors in the car in the first place? Where was Officer Mom while they were out joyriding at night?

  3. I have been watching this channel for a long time. 95% of crimes are committed by blacks. There are none in our country, so the question is – is this normal? Do they do anything useful sometimes?

  4. Looked to me like the entire time he was looking for a place to let them out and keep evading but police kept pursuing so close that he couldn't. Not defending him in any way but if these officers were more aware they'd have noticed that and let it happen.

  5. That idiot cop had an opportunity to stop the chase early on and just let the guy drive right by him. What a moron!

  6. Political prediction: “Jim Crow” laws will return to several states if African American leaders don’t make a huge change in the community culture. Look at abortion in this country. America is tribalizing fast. Tik Tok…pun intended.

  7. They run at an early age like Biden, around 9-12 months, track meet stars at 2-3 years old but when they get older they start slowing down. I've caught a few 12-13 year olds and i'm almost 50. Then at 18 if they've smoked they run in the car because it's an extension of themselves when they were babies. You've got to understand before you go all racist n sheeit 😂

  8. I live in Marion county Florida. The police don't play around here! Most people know.. If the police are involved! just chill the F out!

  9. Stealing from his Grandmother, joyriding, endangering the lifes of passengers and public.
    He has a great future ahead of him… as Career Criminal!
    Hope Judge & DA are competent 🙏🏾

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