Florida Man Arrested For Impersonating a Police Officer

In late-November 2018, an unknown subject transmitted on Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s radio frequency, using a two-way communications device, without authorization. The subject used a radio device to speak and identify himself as Washington-37, Washington-21 and Washington-15, requesting “radio checks” and driver’s license information regarding various subjects. The subject also set off “alert” tones on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office dispatch radio frequency. The same subject later transmitted on Washington County EMS radio frequencies, identifying himself as “EMS-3” and “Medic-121.”

At one point, a police lieutenant sent a radio signal to the transmitting device, intending to shut down the unauthorized transmissions. A short time later, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a series of the same signals, which shut down the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center radio for several hours.

The unknown subject made multiple attempts to continuously disable Washington County Sheriff’s Office radios, and sent disabling signals to EMS radios which disabled EMS communications for 13 hours, and later, again, for about seven hours.

A radio text message was subsequently received from the unknown subject advising, in essence, that he would leave the police alone, if they left him alone.

In January 2019, investigators with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, while working a similar series of radio transmissions and service interruptions, developed a lead, and on January 4, 2019, BCSO investigators arranged a meeting with Cody Blaine Jones under the guise that they wanted to give him a “thank you” card for his assistance to the Sheriff’s Office. Jones was advised that he was being detained, and he attempted to run, however Jones was tackled to the ground and was taken into custody, after which he gave this statement. When Jones was captured, he was found to be in possession of a police badge and gun. Jones had previously been prosecuted for his participation in a “swatting” network, along with various drug charges, and was a convicted felon. After being transported to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, Jones gave this recorded statement, along with another, much longer, recorded statement.

Cody Blaine Jones was ultimately charged with disruption of a computer network, unauthorized reception of communication services, three counts of falsely personating a law enforcement officer, depriving a law enforcement officer of a means of communication, unauthorized transmission to government radio frequencies, three counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and violation of probation. Jones was ultimately convicted on multiple counts and was sentenced to five years in state prison.

Jessica Ann Marie Davis was charged with accessory to a number of the charges against Jones, as well as perjury not in an official proceeding. All charges against Davis were eventually dropped, however Davis kept busy, and has since faced prosecution for driving without a license, driving a motorcycle without a motorcycle license, possession of paraphernalia, driving without insurance, failure to exhibit a driver’s license, forgery (for attempting to pay for Taco Bell using a fake $100 bill), driving without a motorcycle endorsement (again), driving without a motorcycle endorsement (yet again), destruction of / tampering with evidence, and a probation violation.

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00:00 Police interview of Cody Blaine Jones
23:01 Police interview of Jessica Ann Marie Davis
32:19 Photos of radio equipment

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  1. What people don't realize is there is TONS of people who know how to do this but just weren't dumb enough to actually call into dispatch. Like he said it's fairly inexpensive and doesn't take a genius to figure out. It does show however how vulnerable the police are to being wiretapped or listened to and how easy it'd be to wreak havic on their systems.

  2. He did all this crazy technological shit to disrupt their systems & misdirect their resources only to be tricked into coming to the sheriffs office because they had a thank you card for him 😂

  3. They nail this guy for 5 years for screwing around with the police radio communications, but only give Jeremy Dewitt 1 & 1/2 years for much, much bolder police impersonation on multiple occasions, going so far as to actually shut down busy interstate highways with zero authority and physically attacking other vehicles on the road.

  4. people like this need a job in. something similar but productive an legal CIA NSA FBI will pick him up he's valuable an could use it for good won't be long before the government offers him a job

  5. Wait … so you are telling me it isn't Jeremy this time? ! What if he was impersonating Jeremy, is it a crime to impersonate a known police impersonator? LOL

  6. Being a technically savvy person is a lonely thing. Most people do not want to pay their dues to understand what is what. We love to talk to interested parties about what we did, how "cool" it was to achieve it. This is a dangerous impulse.

    This kid was playing cop. He needed to be stopped.

  7. When these stupid c**t LEOs aren’t aware of the audio recording in progress I lose it. Bald cop won’t stop smacking and tapping the table. Fucking idiot.

  8. Let me outline your case against me and fill it in with all the juicy details and implicate myself I crimes and qualifiers to upgrade charges, just sit down with me here and take notes. Oh you're recording? Perfect!

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