Fatal Shooting of Firefighter: Why Every Cop Should Train BJJ

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44 thoughts on “Fatal Shooting of Firefighter: Why Every Cop Should Train BJJ

  1. You can also be fully trained and just get fucking got. Saying he should have been trained better in hand to hand is great but what if it didn't matter? Dude clearly was bigger and stronger than the cop in general. It was a justified shooting. Taking the "he should have been better trained" stance just makes it seem like if you know martial arts then there's no need to resort to the gun if they have no weapon other than their body. Could it have changed the outcome if the officer was better trained in CQC? Possibly. Is it a guarantee? No.

  2. Why is nobody talking about that piece of shit nurse and her bf or husband who stand there and criticize the cop and watch him get his shit beat in and don't help him when he asks for help but as soon as he shoots the firefighter she wants to be all hero and try to save the firefighters life. Fuck her. That's all I have to say. Anyone who can stand there and watch an officer get his ass beat and not help is a piece of shit.

  3. Maybe those fucking retards should've stopped filming and actually assisted? You know like a functional person would do? That firefighter would still go to prison but at least he'd be alive.

  4. Ground tactics and BJJ is critical in street self defense and seeing another day on patrol as a PO. I trained in that and it did translate into better outcomes. Unless things are extreme / exigent circumstances and need to be contained right now, wait for that cover Officer. Don't try and go hands on solo. Needless to say, that FF made a very bad choice and the PO was within the use of force continuum to protect his life.

  5. Bottom line…you don’t fight a police officer. What did that firefighter expect as he was bashing a police officer in the head on the concrete?

  6. im glad this man was taken out of the census, this man if given a second chance would just do this again. a violent man like this should be dealth with violently and should be stopped from hurting others in the future. Im happy this officer protected us from the firefighter with a rage complex from hurting anyone in the future. thats the kind of person that doesnt need to be among us. good shoot. now we're all a little bit safer.

  7. It's pretty scary that as a British officer who does not carry a firearm I'd have no option to fall back on once I was pinned like that

  8. this actually reminds of the trayvon martin george zimmerman fiasco. very similar circumstances, trayvon was on top of george supposedly beating his head into the concrete and then george shot him.

  9. All good information, but instead of using Jiu Jitsu, this officer used something that worked a lot better and yielded a better outcome than the taxpayer having to pay this disgraced firefighter's rent from now on. The great circle of Darwinism went 360 that night.

  10. Having worked in LA County IMO one of the most important things, even before fighting skills, is MAINTAINING PHYSICAL FITNESS post academy.

    I can only speak for how things are done in Southern California, but you have these academies where in addition to the academics they run it something akin to Marine Corp boot camp. Especially if you're going to an Academy like the Orange County Sheriff's that, thanks to El Toro Marine Base, was founded and run by guys who had been Marines and then joined the Sheriff's Department. Now all of that was many years ago but the training philosophy became ingrained and continued.

    There's all this high physical fitness, which is good but the other side of the coin is they also used physical fitness as punishment.

    If you do something wrong and you're made to run or do push-ups as punishment, you are conditioning the recruit to, at least subconsciously, think of physical exercise as punishment.

    Also, most departments that I know of do not have post Academy physical fitness testing or standards. I think that is ridiculous, particularly for patrol officers.

    Too many cops rely on their badge and their authority or readily available back-up to gain compliance. Further they are unskilled or low skilled in the use of their baton or other non-lethal equipment they have on their belt.

    I was fortunate early on that I had a training officer who drilled it in my head that most dirtbags I would run across would just as soon rip that badge off my shirt and shove it up my ass as look at me. And this was back in the day when, besides your firearm, your only options were baton, tear gas and hands.

    So basically when I hit the gym I was training like every shift I would have to be fighting a 6-2 brick mason and all I would have is my hands.

    Now beyond strength and cardio training, I also studied and practiced Arnis/Eskrima and Yoshinkan Aikido (Jiu Jitsu was around, though thr Brazilian jiu-jitsu really wasn't a thing then) with emphasis on those techniques that would be useful to law enforcement.

    But again, the foundation for all of that is basic physical fitness.
    Which, if you look a little buff and strack in your uniform, can be an effective "technique" all its own

  11. The cop got lucky. Had he waited one more second to pull the trigger, the next punch could have been a knockout blow. He could have either died from head trauma or suffered brain damage.

  12. Since this shows only part of the incident, did the cop call for backup in the first place? Why did he feel the need to go hands on by himself instead of controlling the scene until additional help arrived? Context matter is this analysis. That said, the firefighter got what he asked for once the fight started. The officer had every right to defend himself. I'm only questioning the events that led up to the video. Going hands on like that should be last resort. This isn't the first time I've seen a cop go Dirty Harry only to get in over his head. Rule #1 of fighting, there is always someone tougher than you and you never know ahead of time who that person will be. Act accordingly.

  13. What an awful outcome for everyone involved. What a horrible position that patrolman was placed in. Stay safe, Mike and all the other guys who put on the uniform.

  14. And he had some training. I agree training is important. But no one style or art. My personal preference is karate, judo, and aikido. But i studied the others to understand what I may go up against.

  15. If there's nothing graphic in the video then why did the dopes at You Tube have me sign in to confirm my age?

  16. asshole had it coming. clearly this was one of the guys that cant handle their liquor. to have instigated one fight then another before even getting involved with the cop. this dickhead was just looking for a fight. i agree if more cops actually knew how to fight, especially from the guard there would be alot less police involved shootings. well if they were inclined to actually fight before simply pulling their weapon just to end the event. but each altercation is different.

  17. Every video i see of an officer properly trained in BJJ typically has the best chance of controlling the situation while minimizing injury to the officer and suspect.

  18. I've questioned many police officer use of force situations, but this is not one of them. The officer was 100% justified here.

  19. How the hell could that guy represent or be a firefighter. Sorry the guy could have been shot sooner. Like when he first charged the cop. The cop tried to obviously subdue the guy first. With that said even defense training doesn't always help. I have seen video of a champion mma fighter get ko'd from a random dude. The guy should not have fought the cop and I believe this cop is justified.

  20. The dumb fuck picked a fight with a gun. He continued to attack the armed cop. Before that he pummeled a cab driver over the cost of the fare. His ego and anger got himself shot.

  21. Once you hear the words "you're under arrest" it's time to stop. You're done. You're gonna have a bad time no matter what the process isn't pleasant theres no getting around it but it's up to you just HOW bad it'll be. Being calm and cordial will go a long way. Refusing to comply and punching a lone officer on his back in the face also goes a long way….. as in you'll experience the rest of your life not living it lol.

     Fight in the court not the street.

  22. He looked up and made eye contact after his group told him to stop. He's a violent drunk that would have proably wond up beating someone to death in the future. You could clearly hear those blows. He was beating to kill. All the hand to hand training in the world doesn't do shit when you're simply out classed in strength.

  23. I don't think the cop was wrong.
    But, it could have been been stopped or de escalate by
    the wife and some of the bystanders… standing around watching is no help to either of them..
    So, if your not going help then, keep it moving…
    From the sound of it, there were enough people standing around watching that could have helped this guy stay alive.

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