Ex-Kansas Officer Gets Shot After Disarming an Officer And Pointing a Gun at Another

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Kansas City, Kansas — On November 22, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department received 911 calls about a man standing in the middle of the road pointing at the sky and trying to jump in front of traffic. As soon as officers arrived 36-year-old Lionel Womack started running at them. Womack attempted to get into the passenger side of the police car then ran around the vehicle where he came into contact with an officer. Womack reached toward the back of his pants and the officer, assuming he had a gun drew his weapon.

Womack then got into the driver’s seat of the patrol car, and the same officer tried to get him out. A fight ensued over the officer’s weapon, which discharged two shots. Womack successfully disarmed the officer and pointed the weapon at that officer before then pointing it at the other officer, who shot Womack. Womack was taken by ambulance to a hospital and pronounced dead two hours later. The two officers received non life-threatening injuries. Womack came from a law enforcement family. His wife and mother are police officers in Kansas City, Kansas, and his stepfather is a retired police sergeant. Two aunts are city police dispatchers.

Womack was hired by the Kansas City, Kansas police department in 2007, promoted to detective in 2018, and terminated in August 2020 after numerous policy violations and conduct issues. Womack filed a federal lawsuit in December 2020, alleging excessive force by Kiowa County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Rodriguez. Womack said Rodriguez intentionally drove over him in an August 2020 incident that was captured on dashcam video. The deputy has denied the allegations and said qualified immunity applies in the case.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer #1
1:13 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Ex-Kansas Officer Gets Shot After Disarming an Officer And Pointing a Gun at Another

  1. First officer needs to quit while he's behind. He did everything wrong, and the boot licking is gross. He's not cut out for this.

  2. Idiots will still say “why didn’t you just disarm him” as he’s practically pointing the officers own gun at him

  3. The guy that got shot was a former police officer who was fired for multiple conduct violations and has a pending lawsuit against the department

  4. I am glad the officers are okay. Given the report in the description, this feels like a pretty clear case of SBC.

  5. That officer should be fired. That suspect could have shot an civilian after shooting the officer if he was alone

  6. from zero to 100 mph in seconds, huge adrenaline dumping in to bloodstream, the despair the moment you know your fu@ked when he took his gun and the relief when his partner dropped the guy what a ride

  7. I love this channel and have been subscribed for a long time but I'm not a fan of the new spoken description of what's about to be clearly shown in the following video.. I hope you guys stop this new pre video format.. its annoying

  8. No idea why they let a clearly distressed very strong man let run that close to them. Anyway, it turned out fine but could have been a total disaster…

  9. Imagine if it was a single officer unit. Unbelievable. Sad all the way around. Dude came from a LEO family and went off the rails at some point.

  10. Crazy how the local media ran with the “Witness” who said his ex colleagues were out to get him since he used to work for the same department. That he wasn’t aggressive and they shot him for no reason.. weird

  11. Criminal decided to turn his attention towards the threat/ the cop with a gun…but not quick enough.

  12. Guy was fired and shot by the same department. Can only imagine going to the office in the morning and telling all your officers good morning ,ready to start your shift..to getting fired, losing mental health and becoming a danger to society. this is one of the saddest things I've seen. Dude was killed by co workers.

  13. I think there must’ve been a malfunction, failure to feed or eject and he was actually squeezing the trigger but it would fire. I think he would’ve killed the officer on the ground. Good job by that other officer to engage the suspect.

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