Ex Football Player On Crack Fatally Shot By Phoenix Police Nov 30-2020

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Critical Incident Briefing: Officer-Involved Shooting near 23rd Avenue and Indian School Road
DECEMBER 14, 2020 10:00 AM
Please be advised, the attached video may contain strong language as well as graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Phoenix Police Department released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting which occurred in the early morning hours on November 30, 2020 in the area 2300 West Indian School Road.

At approximately 2:00 a.m., Phoenix Police Officers from the Cactus Park Precinct responded to a report of a man acting strange and appeared to be jumping onto vehicles as they were driving near Indian School Road and 23rd Avenue. The caller told 911 that he had seen the man earlier in the night and that he appeared normal but when he saw him again, he appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

“He’s trying to jump on the car, and tries to, to hit him…, to hit the car with his body,” the caller told the 911 operator. “Yeah. He’s on 23rd Avenue and Indian School.”

The two officers arrived within minutes of the call and saw the man matching the description walking in the middle of the roadway. Both officers exited their vehicle and immediately noticed a man about 35 feet away armed with a gun.

The man walked toward the officers, ignoring commands to drop the weapon.

When he was within feet of the officers, they shot at the man in an effort to stop the threat.

After the man was shot, he continued to hold on to the gun and officers repeatedly told him to throw the gun away. The man refused to comply. As additional officers arrived on scene, they used a stunbag and baton rounds to get the man to drop the gun.

However, the man did not drop the gun. Approximately six minutes after the initial shots were fired and after the less lethal munition were ineffective, the man pointed the gun at officers once again. Two additional officers fired at the suspect.

The officers continued to work to ensure that it was safe for them to approach the man, but the man continued to move toward the gun.

In order for officers to safely approach, pepper balls were used to keep the man separated from the gun. A police canine was used to the take the man into custody.

Officers rendered medical aid while they waited for fire personnel to arrive.

The man later identified as 33-year-old Ekom Udofia was transported to the hospital where he died.

The gun used by Udofia was found to be a BB gun.

There were four officers involved in the shooting. Three of the four officers are assigned to the Cactus Park Precinct. One officer has 2 years of service, one with 3 years and one with 13 years of service with the department.

The fourth officer is assigned to the Canine Unit of the Tactical Support Bureau, he has 21 years of service with the department.

There were no injuries to officers.
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  2. So sad Drugs are bad for you kids and sad for the cop who had to do his duty.. that dude is a fucking beast though literally nothing can stop him he’s a truck wish he could’ve used this natural Brute strength in sports.. sad

  3. Damn everything they were using seemed to have little affect, I think they were ready to deploy an Abrams tank

  4. It’s so sad . These poor officers, how they have to live with this all because we have people who know the news will make them out to be saints so they figure we’ll I want to be known for something

  5. CNN will edit the video and headline: racist cops shot an innocent ex-football player who need help. BLM: He is a gentle giant, just minding his own business on the street. Those racist cop just shot him.

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