Duante Wright’s Mom Gets Harassed by Cops

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage from the Brooklyn Center Police Department of an incident where Katie Wright, mother of Duante Wright, was harassed by a cop during an arrest. Wright said she was recording the interaction from a distance.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UVM-nHnXVs ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Duante Wright’s Mom Gets Harassed by Cops

  1. If you’re on a highway the sides are called emergency lanes, you can’t just pull onto the side of a highway unless it’s an emergency. I know this because I recently got a phone call that was important and would take my mind off of driving so I pulled to the side of the highway to answer the call. An officer got behind me with lights on to ask me if I was ok, I stated that I was fine I just needed to answer a call. I got a ticket for being parked in an emergency lane. I tried to fight it with no luck.

  2. sue for his immunity to be revoked and then civil law suit for violation of the first and the fourth amendment, and violence by a police officer….filming is a constitutional protected activity…the high courts and the supreme court already ruled on this…punk ass cop

  3. Just because you think you aren’t doing anything wrong, does not mean you are not doing anything wrong. Glad to see this mother, who taught her son virtually no values or respect, inserting herself into a situation that she isn’t apart of. Pulling over into the emergency lane on the side of a busy highway, when it’s not an emergency and causing more of an issue, is dangerous for all drivers. And then getting out of the car and walking on the highway, again without a legitimate reason, just continues to make the situation more dangerous for all involved. There are traffic rules for a reason. Anybody that says it’s not a big deal, fine, I propose a trade…she can hop out and run around the highway all she wants, but its 100% her fault when she gets hit and gives up all rights to seek compensation. If some rubbernecker runs her fat ass over, she gets to pay for any damage to the car and mental issues the driver has to deal with.

  4. The title of the video seems a bit biased don’t you think? It isn’t illegal to film but pulling over on the side of the freeway unless you have an emergency is a safety hazard and is not acceptable at any time. I subscribed to this channel for the unbiased videos. But it seems to be one sided now with how the title is labeled. Both you an I know it wasn’t harassment the cop didn’t even know the lady until she said that even then it’s too broad to know who her son is without a name.

  5. Hmmm and you wonder why her son tried to flee from the police 🤔 Where did he get that attitude from? There was NO harassment at all. She is just trying to use her name and her son death as a means to do what ever the hell she wants and that sick.

  6. You’re allowed to film police from a safe location. Doing it while illegally parked on the side of a highway does not qualify…

  7. I know this might get on some peoples' nerves, but I don't care. She didn't raise her son very well. No he shouldn't have been shot, but he shouldn't have tried to flee either. And he shouldn't have been participating in armed robberies, either.

  8. Disgusting behavior by law enforcement as usual 😭😭 this poor woman now has been victimized twice by these blue line gang members 🤢😭first they murder her son & now violate her rights because THEY DON'T WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. THESE MURDERS DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR RIGHTS, THEY JUST WANT TO HIDE MURDERS.🤢😭BLUE LIVES MURDER AND LIE🤢😭

  9. So now we see where her son learned to ignore a cops directive, no he should not have been shot, but just like mom a few thousand volts should do the trick. Too soon?

  10. Who Escalated here? Maybe the person they were dealing with on the OTHER side of the freeway didn’t want her recording.

    So many other things I could say.

  11. You can hear the other officers plead with the cop. "She's good you can leave her" + "Hey don't worry about it, come on! (Let's go)". They all knew he was on an ego trip. Nobody followed him or backed him up. They all knew he was about to go do something wrong. They wanted no part of it.

  12. So, is she just pulling over to record whenever the cops are arresting someone now? Is she taking it upon herself to police the police? It looked like she was ready to fight. I don't really understand why she was recording but yes, that's her right. I don't know the legalities of sitting on the side of the road. I am a bit worried about her state of mind though–she's still grieving and looks to be making life harder on herself with what appears to be vigilante actions imo. Also, when was this recorded?

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