Drunk Driver Does Backflip for Officer to Show He is Sober

In today’s video a drunk-driving suspect did a backflip to convince police he was sober on a car stop in Broadway Heights OH. When the backflip didn’t work to convince officers he was sober the man identified as 27 yr old Tanner Watson began arguing with the officer about his definition of a straight line.

Tanner was originally pulled over by the Broadview Heights Police Department in Ohio on November 23 for speeding.

When asked Watson admitted to drinking three or four beers. He was asked to get out of the car to do field sobriety tests at which point he actually impressed the officers by doing a backflip after he failed an eye gaze test.

‘Your driving’s pretty bad, your eyes are super glossy. I can smell booze coming from you, so I want to run some sobriety tests on you,’ the unidentified officer said.

Moments later, the young man performs a backflip, causing the officer to laugh.

‘That’s good, man,’ the officer said. ‘I can’t do that, I’ll tell you that.’

Despite his gymnast move, Watson was still told he had to perform the walking test by walking a straight line, to which the allegedly drunk man asked: ‘I’m asking you, what do you want me to do as a straight line?’

Because Watson is confused as to what a straight line is, it makes the officer ask him if he’s ‘had any psychedelic drugs today, man?’

Watson tells the officer ‘no,’ and then becomes angry, telling the officer: ‘To me, I picture a straight line compared to your straight line, it would be obscured.’

The officer then asked the man to put his hands behind his back and arrests him for an DWI and is issued a citation for speeding.

Watson goes on to ask the officer if he has ‘any proof’ that he’s drunk, and the officer replied: ‘Tanner, you can’t even tell me what a straight line is.’

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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23 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Does Backflip for Officer to Show He is Sober

  1. The back flip was,right before the alcohol kicked him in the face with Iron,lead,steel "boot"!lol
    He starts with one cop,for 20 mons but ,when he gets louder,6 more pull up,when he gets louder,6 more pull up.When he's cool one cop lol.

  2. 👏👏👏👏 For the backflip and the patience of the officer👮‍♂️, glad to see drunks off the road. I've never had a DWI. I would call a tow truck to take me and my truck home when I used to drink It was cheaper and safer than a DUI. That's what they called it,back in the day, when I used to drink🍻

  3. this guy knows cops use every little thing in these test to say you are drunk. why he keeps trying to clarify what the cop wants

  4. Tanner is gonna show up to court with a dismissal if he blew well enough in the sub station. cops just need you to complete these tests for the charge to hold itself in court. cops were telling me to walk a line in the middle of the road. i wore casts on my legs for 4 years of my life i cannot walk straigh physically. i explained the concept tanner is explaining too at one point. im also autistic so i repeat instructions every time im told them to show compliance and that im obviously paying attention. he was smart to do that too. the cop gave up to bring him to the office to try and now have him fooled into completing a drug test in the substation to finally nab him with something. i refused my drug tests in the sub station as well. i also spent the next 6 hours being talked to by 4 different cops each one asking me obvious questions to answer then sneak in "so you were out smoking meth all night" each time i would catch them one cop got so mad he threw a fucking chair. its such a corrupted ass system. they sure got me and my .01 test lol. the report even was a complete fabrication they tried to say i went 85 mph around a 360 loop with a reccomended speed of 15 mph, in a giant ass truck. if i drank id have flipped the truck. cops are trash lol. im not sure how i even blew .01 i was sober.

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