Does This Gun Control Analogy Make Sense?

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This is a common style of argument that people run into but does it make any sense? These are my thoughts, what are yours? I’m Mike the cop and thanks for stopping by!
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38 thoughts on “Does This Gun Control Analogy Make Sense?

  1. Your analysis, Mike, was far superior to the implied rationale of he post. And TY for reminding people yet again that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are restricting what govrnment is allowed to do, not what the government may allow permission for the people to do. (It's shocking and so sad how many are supporting government simply moving to negate the rights of the people!)

  2. To be honest I wish everyone who conceal carries would train hard to be proficient with their weapon. Can you imagine how much crime would go away if all CCW holders were “Black Belts” in firearms handling.

  3. It doesn't make any sense. This is like saying that you don't have the right to punch someone out of self defense if you are not trained in martial arts. Whether you're trained or not, you have a right to defend yourself. If you're not carrying a gun, and you don't know any martial arts, there is nothing wrong with punching someone if you must out of self defense. No training is required. Same with a gun. Might be more effective if you have training with a gun, but you still have a right to own one and carry one and use it in self defense when you need to.

  4. And 10,000 hours of jujutsu training won't protect you from a bad guy with a gun standing across the room. The governor also signed a law permitting teachers with 24 hours of basic handgun training to be armed on school premises. A lot of teachers are opposed to this law, but if an active shooter appears at my grandkids' school, I pray a few of their teachers are prepared to defend them.

  5. Yea, guns are so useful that allow you to protect yourself regardless of your physical habilities or 1000s of hours of training.This is specially crucial for vulnerable people (elderly, poor, disabled, women, etc…).
    I actually like his analogy, imma steal it and use it in future debates

  6. Perfectly explained Mike. Your explanation of how the constitution applies should be taught in schools with a refresher course for incumbent congresspersons

  7. How many hours do cops need before they can carry their weapons on duty? How many hours do most military members actually have before they go to war? It's an uneducated argument. That once again is based on emotion instead of all the things that really matter. Idiots thinking that out lawing a law abiding citizens right will stop someone with a death wish to harm others will stop.

  8. there should be ONLY ONE
    KIND OF LAW about firearms
    use by voters (free grownups
    also known as "the militia") —
    for using a gun to commit what
    is already a crime w/o the firearm

  9. Yeah Oklahoma has constitutional carry here and we have for a couple years now do you know how many people I see carrying guns that didn't before maybe 5 in the past 2 years

  10. you have to take a class you drive a car you have to take 2 tests to drive a car you have to renew your licence every five years for guns you have to do none of that in some states and barely any in others what people are asking for is hey mabey guns should be like cars.

  11. "It takes anyone in Ohio exactly zero hours of firearm training to be able to carry almost anywhere they want." I think the guy makes a great point. Until yesterday, only criminals carried concealed handguns in Ohio with zero hours of training. Now, law abiding citizens can also do it. Good to see the playing field leveled.

  12. Hmm… it puts you on equal or superior footing with a criminal even if they're a master of jujitsu and even if you're tiny, so yeah anyone being able to take such a thug off the street should make you feel safer.

  13. I don’t know how the numbers would look, but given how much tax money is sunk into education on some real nonsense, I’d be ok with some of those tax dollars being moved over to provide classes to first-time gun buyers. It shouldn’t be a requirement but I wonder how much it would reduce accidents if it was an option.

  14. I've never killed a deer for my freezer to feed my family with kung fu fighting. I've killed 3 with 3 different trucks, but never kung fu fighting.

  15. With a gun an average person can readily defend themselves against some lunatic that has 10,000 hours of jiu jitsu.
    As with anything it isn't as straightforward as just buying a gun and suddenly you are safe. Everything takes practice and training to be really good.

  16. It is quite sad that people are being delusional about martial arts could help defend people from any dangerous situation when in reality it can't. Metatron did made a video about knives being used by muggers and how deadly they really can be.

    And then there's videos debunking Detroit tactical something, which would more likely going to get people killed.

  17. No gun control makes any analogy Mike

    Gun control is just people control. Only tyrants and authoritarian people like gun control because it gives more power to the government 👍🏽😉

  18. This comments from the thumbnail only:

    Brazilian jujitsu is an art form of fighting, weapons training is simple, load aim shoot. Not much training needed, to properly keep people safe is when training is needed.

    So it makes no sense on why someone would say that at all… because yes you mess up shooting a gun it can kill you, but if you mess up in Brazilian jujitsu it can really hurt you as well, but listen and hear me out.

    Black belt in Brazilian jujitsu is 10000 hours because it’s a hand to hand combat and you need to perfect the art of fighting and dodging, it’s not hard to aim and shoot.

    So basically what I’m saying is if that’s someone’s arguments they are stupid.

  19. If you think that you don’t need training to carry/ own a firearm your are completely incompetent. Your other examples such as speech’s,religion,or even the right to a trial all have one thing in common they are not deadly, also no one says you need the full 10,000 hours of mastery to buy a gun. The argument is that to be considered a “master” you need 10,000 hours of training, NOT that you need 10,000 hours to purchase/use firearms. I think it makes sense that if someone would like to purchase a firearm they would need thorough training, testing, and a background check before purchasing a deadly weapon.

  20. Hmm, Spend thousands of hours of time, energy and money spent in practice and training to learn how to be able to protect yourself in Stricktly unarmed combat, or spend a few minutes at the shop and carry the most effective tools you can for self protection, instantly?

    Decisions decisions…

  21. Half way through but im gonna add so far it seems you've missed the big point to be made

    10,000 hours to become a master
    Being compared to simply existing with an object

    You can walk around doing amateur karate and suck at it all day long with 0 hours just like walking around with a pistol with 0 hours of training doesn't mean youre meant to be an expert marksman

    The op is really comparing apples to carrots with their post forget the rights argument the core of their analogy makes it nonsense

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