Dodge Charger Outruns Two Arkansas Troopers @ 150+ MPH

From the report of Trooper Nick Burleson, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

On February 6, 2020 [yes, he got the month wrong in his report], I was traveling northbound on Interstate 530 near mile marker 34, when I noticed a black Dodge Charger entering Interstate 530 via the 34 on ramp. The black Charger appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed as it entered the roadway. I estimated its speed to be 75 miles per hour and activated my front radar antenna to confirm. The initial reading was 75 miles per hour, slowly increasing—but I lost a good contact on the vehicle, and instead paced the Charger at 80 miles per hour. I also noticed that the Charger had a tinted license plate cover and I was unable to read its tag number. I accelerated to get a better visual on the license plate.

As I neared the Charger, I noticed that its tail lights were blacked-out with dark tint. Closing the distance, I was able to read the plate: Arkansas tag, MSACLP. I ran the plate through ACIC and NCIC, and got a return on a 2019 black Dodge Charger, registered to Lareda Faye Davis and Nichalous [spelled incorrectly in the report; the r/o is Nichalaus Davis] Davis at an address in Bryant, Arkansas.

I initiated my emergency lights and sirens to make a traffic stop on the black Charger. The Charger then accelerated and rapidly pulled away from me. I called Troop E dispatch to advise that I was attempting to conduct a traffic stop. The operator of the black Charger refused to stop and continued to accelerate. I then called Troop E dispatch and advised that I was in pursuit. The pursuit began on Interstate 530 northbound near mile marker 32. I continued to update Troop E dispatch of my location. The black Charger initially reached speeds of 100 to 120 miles per hour. The black Charger was driving in a reckless manner, on the right shoulder passing vehicles, weaving in and out of traffic. The black Charger accelerated to speeds in excess of 130 miles per hour.

Trooper Bob Love was sitting stationary in his patrol unit on the shoulder near mile marker 23 waiting to assist. Trooper Love was able to position his unit in front of the charger, slowing it down and allowing me to catch up to within a few car lengths. The black Charger evaded Trooper Love’s unit and accelerated in the number one lane, continuing northbound on Interstate 530. At this point we achieved speeds from 140 miles per hour to 150 miles per hour. The black Charger continued to drive in a reckless manner at high speeds as we approached the 17 mile marker. Due to increased traffic volume and distance between the black charger and myself, the supervisor ordered me to terminate the pursuit.

Troop E dispatch notified Troop A dispatch of the pursuit and vehicle information. Troopers were dispatched to the address listed on the registration, but the vehicle was not located.


On April 10, 2020, Nichalaus Tyler Davis was arrested in an apparently separate incident on charges of fleeing, possession of a controlled substance (and a paraphernalia charge), reckless driving, a vehicle lighting violation, and improper display of tag. He was ultimately charged with and entered a negotiated plea of guilty to felony fleeing. Davis was sentenced to three years of supervised probation with various terms, 50 hours community service, $1290 in fines, and one day in jail with credit for one day served.

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  1. I think it was a scat pack not a hellcat. You can see the little bee logo in the thumbnail on the trunk

  2. AHP just wanted to stop the car and search it for some cash that they would confiscate. It's happening on Interstates all over the country.

  3. You would think by now the police would step up there game.. I understand nothing is faster than the radio but dam these car pull away like the police slam on there brakes…

  4. @5:08 I got"em he's just a little ways ahead of me here, yeah the guys 2 miles away not even in sight but whatever to keep justify speeding endangering the public yourself.

  5. I live how the factory tail lights are "TINTED" and sure didn't seem to be speedin, he just wanted to pull him over. Glad he got away. Petty ass bs, hall monitor type stuff

  6. To save many real world police fans a few minutes, its litterally just dash cam of the troopers speeding behind him. There was no catching them!!

  7. Damn it, what is wrong with you Trooper Burleson ?! Finally hitting 150 MPH after those long six minutes, that´s too slow for notorious Arkansas State Police 😀

  8. What's the logic here, "5mph too fast when merging is so dangerous! I need to protect the public by engaging in a grossly dangerous high speed chase! I won't relent even after he's loong gone, I'll keep flying down the highway putting everyone at risk to stop the guy who put you at risk!" Cop reminds me of Peacemaker, “I made a vow of peace, no matter how many people I have to kill to get it.”

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