Do 40% of Cops Beat Their Wives?

Here are the links to what I used for study/reference:

Women and Policing Original Reference Point:

Primary Study Cited/Reviewed:

Any reference to 1991 congressional hearing:

2009 Study, “Domestic violence within law enforcement families: The link between traditional police subculture and domestic violence among police”

Later study (I believe 1998, I may incorrectly date this later in the video, however, the point of changing statistics in various times and places is important and stands as articulated)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Stats:

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25 thoughts on “Do 40% of Cops Beat Their Wives?

  1. I only beat mine on days that end on "Y"….and by beat I mean she calls the shots and runs the house…wait how did that happen? I told her the title of this and she laughed and said I wish you would try me like that.

  2. My neighbor, whom is a sheriff's deputy, slapped his wife in front of multiple people. The cops were called, and nothing happened. Although policy dictates an action must be taken in domestic cases, the officers colleagues claimed officer discretion and left the wife in the hands of her abuser.

  3. Well add this stat to the rest of the 40%. Our dad was an abusive officer towards his wife and children. Shockingly we were never allowed to say anything…and he did so on multiple occasions actually fairly often. Not able to outright say it without risking harassment but if I write how police families are maybe not as likely so I can actually speak for myself. SOOO were the fuck were we. Ah yes dad with badge can many many times but if I email my ex about when I was a teen I get walked all over by those that just protected their old work buddies. Glad to see how when it comes to domestic violence or even what I tried opening up about…well…hey…not even the fbi can be bothered. Middle fingers to all of you for that.

  4. Most COPS have issues with P.T.S.D. and some GO UNCHECKED THESE ARE CRIMINAL INTENTS , UNFOURTUNATE children have to suffer , since the comment were off from the DOCUMENTRY ABOUT COPS WHO COMMIT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRIMES !

  5. I never heard this statistic and immediately thought about these officers as evil people, I did however think about PTSD and the need for counseling in my own opinion. I have a lot of LE in my family and I’ve heard the stories, and when I heard about this “study” I was actually like…well duh. Some of the most fucked up shit I’d ever heard was just common and they’d seen it ALL, so.

  6. Anyway you spin it, cops are cops and assholes. Whether it's the stress of the job, the bully mentality, racism, or roid rage, they are typically more violent than the average person. There's good reason why so many cop marriages fail.

  7. Mike the Pig is completely dishonest and irrational. For the first five minutes, he says absolutely nothing other than he bought the study and did calculations and standard deviation blah blah blah. What the fuck does that have to do with this issue? Talk about going on a tangent. Yes cops do beat their wives at a much more alarming rate than the rest of the population. Why? Because they are on a power trip and believe that their wife just can’t call the police. If there is belief of no enforcement of laws, people run amok like pigs do. Mike the Piggy wants to dismiss this because he’s a cop. He’s sympathetic to this institution, many of whom were bullies in high school and just graduated to being the only career that would accept them…violent maniacal pigs. That’s all Mike the Piggy had to say.

  8. So, looking at my own experiences with hookups who are married,…. I will say that the ones who are afraid of their husbands tend to be married to a cop. so there is something behind this study.

  9. Mike let's just cut it in 1/2 20% Cops are not above the law. Even at 10% that 1 in every 10 cops beat their spouse. In America felons and domestic abusers are not allowed to carry firearms!!! When cops get called to a home of a fellow officer in unless the woman is shot or beating to a point where she needs medical attention. The charged is always dropped to breach of peace. The same goes for felonies. The DA always plead down to a misdemeanor. WHY? Do cop get to keep their gun rights when no one else in America can. Please use your platform to keep domestic abusers from bearing firearms. Your either pro COP or domestic abuse advocate. You can't be both.

  10. Both studies are self SELF REPORTING… Just like internal affairs ha. Lol how many people would admit to breaking the law? Not many. There are several other studies. Let's not kid ourselves and pretend police officers don't hesitate to arrest their colleague for domestic abuse (one little slap) and end the poor guys career. Furthermore, the issue is under reported (as is all domestic violence) becasue a spouse of police officer would understands they are at a disadvantage reporting the crime to officers coworkers. Also, officers deal with these incidents regularly and understand how to navigate the situation to avoid consequence, ie: "she had a frying pan" = off duty qualified immunity. While you make a valiant attempt to clear the good name of the institution of policing, frankly the issue isn't as debatable as you make it seem. Substance abuse, depression, anxiety, etc all more common in police officers than gen. pop. Domestic violence is more prevalent among individuals in these categories.

  11. Great video. Im seeing so many leftists/ACAB people citing this study as a fact. Its like they want it to be true to make cops seems terrible. I refer them to this video when discussing this unrealiable "40%" stat.

  12. Let me get my analysis of a subject that makes cops look bad from a cop. Sounds smart. After this I'm watching a video from marble cigarettes on "are cigarettes dangerous?"

  13. This is the most commonly quoted statistic that I have ever heard used amongst the people I know, I've handed out copies of this studie and have contnay bought this up almost every single time this has come up in conversation and I have never once changed any detractors mind.
    It scares me that you can present people with a factual counter point and people will not even consider that they might be wrong.

  14. Yeah it does make it non funny ubald sexless clown. When women their rights after black men did get you can't make racist jokes those are not funny and you can keep making sexist jokes and those are still funny. Sorry no they are not women have been oppressed heavily more than anyone or any race funny since you wouldn't even exist without us birthing you

  15. So essentially, they used the same shady tactics to misread this study, that they use in those "1 in 4" or "1 in 5" rape studies, where any unwanted touching is classified as "sexual assault", so of course using that faulty metric, a large number of women have been "sexually assaulted". It's extremely filthy and dishonest.

  16. This is so cringe worthy, biased and sexist. Making the police culture look even worse. I’ll ignore his “jokes” about sand which making. His justification and trying to explain some officers only slapped their wives or maybe it was only once. Stating female cops admitted to abusing more…still officers. The disgusting notion of “maybe officers just pick bad spouses. I’ll use his defense. At best. The 3rd study showed only 24% of (older more experienced) officers spouses reported abuse.” In contrast to the 10% of the general population. That is STILL 2-4 TIMES HIGHER THAN THE GENERAL POPULATION!

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