Dewitte Gone Wild: Seminole County Edition

Late last week week you were given “a taste of Jeremy Dewitte turned up to 11,” and promised: “The full video will be available to all Real World Police supporters on Patreon later today, and will go live publicly (for free, obviously) this coming Friday.”

Well, it’s Friday.

The video is all yours.

Note: This is not the only time Mr. Dewitte has recorded himself pounding on the hood of a seemingly-random car. In fact, that action led to one of the current charges he is facing in Orange County, when he pounded on the hood of an off-duty police officer’s car while repeatedly calling him “F***boy!” When later told that the person was an off-duty police officer who was pressing charges against him, Dewitte allegedly replied “I didn’t know he was a cop.”

In case you were wondering, Florida’s funeral escort statute doesn’t cover hood-pounding. Regardless of where the driver is employed.


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Author: rafael.nieves


42 thoughts on “Dewitte Gone Wild: Seminole County Edition

  1. Wtf have I just seen?
    How is this guy not in a mental institution.
    If this was in the UK he would have been beaten to death by random motorists. Truth.

  2. Jeremy needs a “FACE CAM” S.T.A.T.!!!!

    Let him loose and buy him a rear facing camera. 😂😂😂
    We need to see him losing it….

  3. I'm retired from the Fire Department. We didn't drive like this going to legitimate life and death calls. He's escorting a dead body to the cemetery… what's the rush?

  4. I am in tears laughing! I know the story and all the other videos…but this…the desire to feel like in control and commandeer people around…it's turned up to 11…why are some people like that….it's not just him… the horn being used til it melts, the barking of orders….he really needs his own army….

  5. I keep wondering when he's going to flip off the hearse. "WTF are you doing!! How the fuck did you get in front of my Funeral Protection Unit!!! Pull Over!! Pull Over right now!!" Beats on hood of hearse, then leaves it on the side of the road to lay on the airhorn and put countless lives in jeopardy. 🚔🚔🚓🚓🚑🚑🚑🚑🎠🚂🚣🛴

  6. 12:44 I love when he says cars cutting in and out of the funeral are putting the families in danger look at what he's doing right here this guy is fucking gone he's absolutely insane and way far gone he's the one of the dumbest human beings ever dumbass

  7. His aggression towards other citizens should be enough to arrest this 🤡. The verbal abuse and acting like a person of authority is just insane

  8. Jeremy DeNoWit has serious issues and should commit himself to get psychiatric help ASAP. Let real professionals run funeral processions without cussing out the rest of the public…. and not run out of gas.

  9. I came here to watch a funeral escort, ended up watching the next James Bond movie unreleased.

    One can only wonder why a 'rent-a-(wanna be) cop' has so many issues. I don't see my Fed-Ex driver delivering packages acting this way.

    Jeremy…. you ARE equal to a Fed-Ex delivery driver, let that sink in!

  10. If he keeps driving like that the next funeral he attends will be his own, on top of that the idiot runs out of gas, it probably would have had enough to do the whole funeral but God he was doing a 70 mph the whole way

  11. He’s so reactionary, and he can’t focus at all. Pulls his credit card out for no reason on the side of the road, forgets about it and loses it en route to the gas station. Thank goodness he’s not a cop.

  12. 7:45 it sounds like his gf or whoever is just screaming at him over the radio. Whoever it is, it just compounds the chaos that is this narcissist’s life 🤦🏼‍♂️

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