Deputy stops driver & immediately saves a Choking Child, Plot Twist when Dad is Arrested for Warrant

​Santa Fe, NM – @CopsConsTV obtained dashcam video from a Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputy showing his quick thinking which saves a one-year-old’s life. The incident happened on June 5 when Deputy Sheriff’s Officer Patrick Ficke says he was conducting a traffic stop on a car that appeared to be driving erratically on I-25.
The Deputy was able to save the child from a choking on a Cheeto. After saving the baby Deputies ran the information on the parents and found out the dad had an outstanding warrant and was driving on a REVOKED drivers license. The deputy had no choice but to arrest on the warrant but gave a warning on the revoked driver license charge. The baby’s father was arrested and was taken to jail. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Deputy stops driver & immediately saves a Choking Child, Plot Twist when Dad is Arrested for Warrant

  1. I had to do cpr on my daughter when she was 2 years old. She is 42 now. Every time i see her i think about that terrible day. It may not be immediate. But within 30 minutes or so i will thinkof that day.

  2. I feel bad for this guy. Sounds like he’s trying. If he in fact thought that he had an extended court date that’s a shame. We all make mistakes. I hope (unless it’s very serious charges) that he can continue to put his life back together. Repent-full people & those who learn from their mistakes deserve a chance to put their lives back together again. I hope he’s one of those. For him, his wife and mostly for his Daughter’s sake.

  3. To fear your son is going to die to being told you're going to jail and know you won't get to try and celebrate his life bring saved as a result must of been devastating. I'm sure the deputies felt terrible as well having to do it, but judges can make their life a living hell if they don't.

  4. Darn, I hope it wasn't just a clerical error. If he had a court date they could have grabbed him then. This is how people get stuck in the system. At least his little girl was okay I hope they get their lives straightened out.

  5. I’m happy everything went well for everyone. I was arrested In front of my daughter , it made me feel so terrible it’s all I thought about while I was in jail. That feeling helped me get my life on track so it would never happen it. Maybe this situation was a blessing in disguise.

  6. Did he really have to run their names after saving their child? A moral dilemma, indeed.
    Since the officer found out why they were speeding, he really had no reason to run them. He could have just wished them a safe journey.
    On the other hand, the young man had to take care of his business sooner or later. Too bad it wasn't later.
    I'm not anti-cop so don't come at me.
    The officers handled themselves very professionally, no complaints there.
    Hopefully by now, the kid is out & taking care of business.

  7. It's crazy how many people don't know CPR. I wonder how many new parents would take free CPR classes at the hospital if they were offered to them before being able to head home with their newborn child.

  8. Is it just me or does the cloud directly above the street sign look just like YODA? I must say “the force was with this officer!” 😂 gotta love happy endings, this kid will grow up to be a huge ‘star wars’ fan !

  9. Just my opinion, but the reason that he pulled them over was speeding. He found out the reason was because of the child choking and was about to die. The cop could have handed the child back to the parents and said, “ I understand now that you were speeding to save your child’s life, but please slow down, and I’m glad we saved your child’s life, have a nice day. That could have been the end of it; if the vehicle came back as clean when he called it in to dispatch before he exited the vehicle at the start of the stop. He did not have to ask for the licenses of the people if he didn’t want to. THAT could have been discretion right there.

  10. Wait, why’d the cop get off the highway, make a u-turn, get back on the highway, then make another u-turn to get right back where he started? If I was the guy in the back I would’ve thought for a minute he was actually gonna let me go.

  11. HAVING BEEN IN THE FD & 1ST RESP TRAINING, ITS A SCARY FEELING DOING THIS ON A CHILD…. especially when its ur niece who's only 2 & turning faint blue, out at a restaurant, after doing it i needed to walk outside alone for a bit.

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