Deputies Fatally Shoot Man Who Lunged at His Grandfather and Stabbed Him in The Neck

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Joliet, Illinois — On Nov 6, 2021, at approximately 4:00 PM, members of the Will County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to 300 Middletree Road in Joliet Township for a domestic disturbance involving a grandfather and grandson, whereas the grandson was armed with a knife. Upon deputies arriving on scene they observed 21-year-old Jabbar Muhammad holding a knife in a threatening manner near his grandfather. The deputies ordered Jabbar numerous times to put the knife down, which he refused to do.

As the grandfather, 70-year-old Eldred Wells, got closer to Jabbar Muhammad, deputies began to fear for Eldred’s safety. It initially appeared to responding deputies that Jabbar was complying with deputies’ commands as he began to crouch down with his hands up, acting as if he was going to place the knife on the ground. Without warning, Jabbar lunged at his grandfather with the knife, stabbing Eldred in the neck several times. Deputies fired their service weapons, at Jabbar Muhammad, in defense of Eldred’s life. Jabbar Muhammad was shot several times by responding deputies. Both Jabbar and Eldred fell to the floor upon Jabbar being shot. After being shot numerous times, Jabbar continued to stab his grandfather as the two were laying on the floor.

The deputies again, fired their service weapons multiple times in an attempt to stop Jabbar Muhammad’s deadly actions. Deputies performed life saving measures on both Jabbar and Eldred Wells. Eldred Wells was transported to a local area hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased. Jabbar Muhammad died on scene as a result of his injuries. The Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force were summoned to the scene to investigate this incident under provisions set forth by the by the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act in regards to an Officer Involved Shooting incident.

At the time of the incident, it was unknown by Will County Sheriff’s Office personnel if Eldred Wells was struck by gunfire as a result of the deputies firing their service weapons. During the investigation, the Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force advised the Will County Sheriff’s Office that Eldred Wells was struck by gunfire. In addition, the Will County Sheriff’s Office learned the official cause of death of Eldred Wells upon completion of the Will County Coroner’s Report. Upon completion of the Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force investigation, the case was handed over to the Will County States Attorney’s Office for review on 12/14/2021.

On 07/21/2022, the Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force along with the Will County Sheriff’s Office was advised that no charges would be filed against the officers involved in this deadly use of force by the Will County States Attorney’s Office. Upon completion of the criminal investigation, the Will County Sheriff’s Office was tendered the reports done by the Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force in order to complete the internal affairs investigation for potential policy violations committed by the officers involved. That investigation was completed on 11/15/2022. That investigation concluded that the officers that used deadly force in this encounter were justified in their actions, and there were no policy violations associated with the actions of those officers.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “Deputies Fatally Shoot Man Who Lunged at His Grandfather and Stabbed Him in The Neck

  1. My grandpa did this to my grandmother with a machete. Look up Alice and Elue Watson Sanford Florida 😭. The news story is man in Sanford. Murdered wife. It's in central Florida WESH 2 and Orlando sentinel. Spoke about it the Orlando sentinel interviewed me. My name is Edward Gibson. Like the astronaut

  2. i think that the cops put the granddad at risk of being shot even tho they was tryna stop the grandson. but they was to close. so granddad was gonna be collateral damage.

  3. Back in the day, we didn't disrespect our elders. If we did, we were dealt with. Since corporal punishment has been frowned upon by today's society, we see kids, even very young ones, getting away with all sorts of mess. If you don't deal with it when they are little, they grow up, and this is what you have to look forward to. He was probably told to turn the television volume down.
    There had to be signs before this that this punk had issues. So many young people today, the one's who apparently never got told "NO" as a kid, whose tantrums now involve killing family members, parents, and grandparents. This kid used his dying breath to make sure his grandfather was dead. Someone in that family had to see the signs well before this day.
    As a parent, one of your duties is to raise your child to be a good standing member of society. If you fail while they are still little, the rest of us suffer when they get big. Do your job parents!!!

  4. Why did the cop on the left get so trigger-happy at 1:23 after shooting multiple times before? I'm sure this is when the grandfather was killed at this moment those shots were very close to his head 😡

  5. I would give everything I have in this world to have another day with my grandfather while this fucking piece of shit killed his. He deserved a lot worse than having his head turned to soup.

  6. Why didn't the grandfather just walk out of the room? He escalated the situation by staying there and becoming a target to a very damaged human being…

  7. I guess let me just state the obvious! They are supposed to protect and serve. Definitely not serve a plate of gunmetal for dessert! Training is NEEDED

  8. Sorry, back seat driver here, but the cops letting this guy dictate what they should be doing while he's holding a knife that close to his grandfather was a mistake. Then to find out he was shot by the police also 🙁

  9. The cops waited too long. This kind of yelling "Drop the ____!!!" 3489723047203948 times is stupid! ASK, TELL, MAKE!!! It should be "Please put down the knife! DROP THE KNIFE!! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Reload BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Body bag, toe tag, move on.

  10. you can see the grandfather raising his hands to let them know he's not a threat anymore and they kept shooting, i'm on the cops side most of the time but don't know about this one to be honest.. You can even hear a cop in the back telling them to stop shooting.. They're just bad.

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