Defensive Shooting by Concealed Carrier Stops Threat: The Aftermath

[Pending, however it should be noted that Clay, a licensed concealed carrier, has never been arrested; he has not been charged with any crime in relation to this incident.]


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39 thoughts on “Defensive Shooting by Concealed Carrier Stops Threat: The Aftermath

  1. He seems like a decent kind of guy just trying to get by doing what he loves, unfortunately sounds like his gf/child’s mother and her friend are a pair of idiots and hang with idiots. I hope this guy can succeed in life…

  2. DO.NOT.TALK.TO.POLICE. They do NOT care about locking up the correct person. They want someone locked up, and they'll do it to innocent people. They do not care about you. You have nothing to gain by talking to them, and everything to lose.

  3. Twice in my life time I`ve been imprisoned for using genuine self defence, the other guys went to hospital, a fair trade as far as I`m concerned.

  4. “Officer I am more than happy to comply with your investigation after I speak with my attorney.” All you say after having to use your firearm.

  5. Would agree to have an attorney. This guy is pretty well spoken and had a good case though. Glad investigators were able to find this incident defensive and didn't try flipping it around. Good work on everyone's end. Only thing i'd say is always carry loaded, he's lucky he had just barely enough time and a place to retreat to rack one before the incident worsened.

  6. I feel bad and pissed for this guy. He seems to have his head on straight! Tries to disassociate from this Gloria chick and she wants to be a dumb b!tch and cause drama.
    People want to know why? Attention. She's petty. Ignorant. She's tired of her pathetic life so she has to f*ck up other people's lives to bring them down to her level, so she feels better. 🙄.
    Respect to this guy for trying to do the right thing. More people need to think like him. Talk it out. JUST TALK!
    All of this is my opinion. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong. It's just what I think about the situation.

  7. All I gather is his BM has been spilling everything he says about Gloria to Gloria.. might have simply just been "I don't like her to much" but still. his BM got him into that situation..

  8. good job Clay. As a retired Cop, will say the investigator was very nice to you compared to how suspects are treated. I hope everything works out for you. It is normal to require counseling after a shooter and can really help you out in the long run.

  9. So the officer hasn't take off his sweatshirt grabs it with his bare hands and then throws it on the carpet outside the office interrogation room there.
    Plus guilty or innocent the police are always looking for content to arrest you this guy is not there to defend you he's there to make sure or find evidence to prosecute you don't talk to the police

  10. Over a fucking grill. You can romanticize this as a justified shooting but he had multiples chances, according to himself, to disengage and stop the incident but he went back inside for his extended magazine. You can dress up a piece of shit but it’s still a piece of shit. Dress this up as a justified shooting and it’s still a shooting over a grill. So stupid.

  11. DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT COUNSEL PRESENT — E V E R!! why can't people get that?

    you may say something you'd swear was innocent and whatever and that can backfire on you…..

  12. It's amazing to me that people don't understand to keep their mouth shut.

    The police are never your friends. They are there to f**** your life and that is it. Even when being friendly with you they're gathering evidence to use against you even during something as mundane as a basic traffic stop. Do not talk to police

  13. I say it’s important for all who carry a firearm to carry a less lethal tool such as pepper spray or stungun before going straight to firearm unless your attacker has a firearm

    That being said a big reason I no longer support law enforcement is because they will arrest you for simply defending yourself and they infringe on gun rights on a daily basis, to other law enforcement agents that may read this I won’t apologize for not supporting you because you guys won’t do yourselves any favors to obtain support find another job one that doesn’t require you to inflict violence on people who are trying to defend their lives and their families. I don’t need to say shame on you!!

  14. Why doesn't someone comment to suggest the guy should get a lawyer? I would, because I've watched a true crime video and think I'm Johnnie Cochran as well, except I can't be assed.

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