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Washington, DC — On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, At approximately 6:43 a.m., officers from the Force Investigation Team of the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) responded to the 2500 block of Benning Road, Northeast, for a man experiencing a mental health crisis. Over the next two hours, the responding officers spoke with the man, successfully deescalating the situation. DC Fire and EMS then began transporting the man to an area hospital for additional treatment, and the responding officers followed behind the ambulance. During the transport, the man became combative and attacked the firefighter/paramedic who was riding with him, pinning her against the inside wall of the ambulance. She was able to slip out the side door of the ambulance and flee, and the man followed her outside. The officers that were following the ambulance went to stop the man, who lunged at and grabbed one of them. The officer attempted to stop the assaultive behavior by deploying OC spray and giving verbal commands.

The OC spray did not take effect, and the man fled into traffic. The officer requested that additional units and an official respond to the scene to assist them. The man then crawled underneath a nearby truck and emerged with a metal object clenched in his right hand. The officer directed the man to drop the metal object, but he refused and moved towards him with the object raised. The officer retreated backwards and again directed the man to drop the metal object. The man charged towards the officer, grabbed at him, and swung the metal object at him. At that time, the officer discharged his firearm, striking the man. The ambulance crew that was on scene attempted life-saving measures. After all efforts failed, the man was pronounced dead. He has been identified as 41-year-old Clifford Brooks, of Northeast, DC. The MPD member involved is a 31-year-veteran of the department, a Crisis Intervention Officer, and a member of the Emergency Response Team’s Auxiliary Negotiator Unit. He has been placed on administrative leave, pursuant to MPD policy.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “DC Officer Shoots Man Jumping Out of Ambulance and Charging at The Officer With a Metal Object”
  1. Wow, this is night and day compared to departments like Phoenix or Scottsdale police. Those boys just handle business that guy would’ve been handcuffed and wife saving measures started immediately instead you got people walking around in circles here all this stuff about we had to shoot him over the radio, and, it looked like it was some real big deal to use pepper spray people we got to take this back. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

  2. DC is your typical inner city police department of third world caliber idiots running public safety. Congress should have taken back home rule decades ago. Ignorant police dispatchers is the rule because they reflect the quality of the department. Thats, why there are so.many overlapping police departments there such as U.S. Park Police, Capital Police. Federal Protection Police etc because of this lame third world joke DC police!

  3. This is not a good look for the cops and NOT because they shot the man. It's because of how ineptly and passively they handled the initial encounter. Hell, the one dude made no attempt to stop the guy after he was sprayed with CS and just stood there while he ran off. Throughout, no one seems to know what to do except for the one cop who fired shots. Everyone else is the Keystone Cops, the Barney Fife squad. I'd understand if these people weren't paid well or didn't require much training, but they are paid 3x the average income of Americans and are supposed to have completed a demanding police academy. This is what happens when you employ incompetent, barely capable people based solely on their skin color.

  4. Poor officer he sounded worried cuz he shot him asking the truck driver to be a witness when he was completely justified in the shooting which was all caught on his body cam

  5. A lot of comments on the dispatcher and rightfully so but something else alarming, I’ve never seen a video where the suspect, after being shot is not attended to, these bozos are walking around clueless wtf?!?!?

  6. In order to conform to the political correctness of the extreme left in the United States today, police work rights are not effectively protected and respected by law. On the contrary, bad guys are protected. Is there any country in the world where the police are so afraid of being sued in court after killing someone in self-defense while performing their official duties? I'm afraid it's the only one in the United States. America, once great, has now failed.

  7. That one cop has serious control issues in the worst way. I bet whoever gets put with him is not happy. Everyone has worked with this guy at one time in their life.

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