Dashcam Video Captures Georgia Deputy Hitting Driver During Traffic Stop

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Camden County, Georgia — Newly released dashcam video shows a Camden County Sheriff’s Office deputy screaming, punching, and yanking a suspect’s hair while handcuffed. The Camden County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is calling for the firing of a Camden County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputy.

On January 16, 2022 Deputy Christi Newman pulled over a pickup truck for failing to stop at a stop sign. During the traffic stop, the driver, Charis Faria, had a suspended license, which is when Deputy Newman asked her to step out of the vehicle. According to the report, before walking over to Charis Faria’s truck, Newman learned Faria had a non-judgment suspension.

A report stated the deputy told Faria about the suspension and said she couldn’t drive. When she asked her to step out of the truck, Faria refused. Deputy Newman called for backup and a second deputy arrived after hitting the driver’s front bumper. That’s when tempers flare and Deputy Newman can be seen in dashcam video reaching into the truck and yanking Faria to the pavement.

The deputies tase Faria and handcuff her, which is when Deputy Newman can be seen punching Faria twice and grabbing her hair. Faria was arrested and charged in the incident with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, driving with a suspended license, window tint violation and failure to obey a stop sign.

Deputy Newman was immediately given a warning and time off without pay. Deputy Newman was re-trained on the use of force and officer safety, according to CCSO. Just two months after the incident, in March, Newman was awarded ‘Deputy of the Month’. Her personnel file revealed a letter sent to the Sheriff’s Office in February that praised Deputy Newman’s actions during an incident at a local campground. She did an “incredible job de-escalating a situation,” the letter read.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Dashcam Video Captures Georgia Deputy Hitting Driver During Traffic Stop

  1. “I think you did great” wow what a idiot! That officer should be taken off the streets and fired. That’s why women shouldn’t be cops. She’s like hooks from police academy

  2. Another diversity-hire with a chip on their shoulder failing upwards. It was never about "defunding police", it was about purging the ranks, so they could install their jackboot thugs under the guise of "diversity equity inclusion".

  3. Wow!!!!!! This officer needs to be fired. She apologized to her fellow officer because she knows she’s wrong. She took her bullshit out on that poor woman. She didn’t want to get out of the truck because she knew the officer was unstable.

  4. The incident itself is troubling, but the talk afterwards troubles me more. Not only did they blow up after the suspect is subdued but she is clearly absolutely shaken and not in control from a situation where the suspect was not even using physical force against them other than to remain in the vehicle. Heaven forbid actual assault, violence, or lethal force in the mix. She is a loose unstable cannon and she should not be a police officer or any other job that has lives on the line.

  5. 😂 bargain bin small town officer. beats on the driver, pulls hair, took her back like ufc at one point🤣 yelling obscenities and so emotional she can't string together a proper sentence. she completely blacked out on ego mania trip. she has no business on the force and just adds another reason why women should not be cops. will be fired, easily

  6. First issue is that people don't realize, when you get stopped by the police you are detained and must exit the vehicle if requested. Not doing so is going to get you removed forcibly and land you in jail/on youtube. Honestly now that I type that it makes sense… some people probably do it for the attention.

  7. The retraining clearly worked. She made officer of the month. Well done. We all lose our chill once in a while, even the lord jesus itself did.

  8. 10:05 Who farted? Also – Don’t fight the cops… You won’t get smacked… Officer was suspended without pay and required to re-train before returning to work. Everyone wants a pound of flesh these days…

  9. perp got what she deserved, you dont comply (specially after commiting a violation and driving with a suspended DL) then you get what you asked for, to bad Deputy Newman had time off without pay! Glad she got an award. I am sick and tired of criminals getting praised by other criminals for being a CRIMINAL!!!

  10. The guy at the end is like "I think you did great" to the officer who just berated a handcuffed suspect, this whole department is FUCKED.

  11. 11:05 The two punches and forcing the subject to headbutt the grille of her squad car is where she elected to get herself terminated, never employed again as an LEO and hopefully some jail time. She lost her cool. This is why cops are supposed to be psych evaluated to see if they're fit for duty. This female deputy is FAR from fit for duty. Garbage.

    13:12 Aaaand she admits it right here.

  12. Public Service Announcement:

    When a cop tells you to get out of the car on a traffic stop, you can't legally refuse or demand they answer questions first.

    The more you know…🌟

  13. 8:32 You don't need a reason to step out, she is already giving you a lawful order to step out of the car. If she says jump you jump. And if you need a reason, the reason is that she is giving you the lawful order to step out of the car.

    Just arrest her for obstruction.

    11:00 Yea, that is uncalled for. She is already in handcuffs, you an't slap her or pull her by the hair. That is police brutality. Her pulling her out of the car by force is not police brutality, that was legal since she is resisting a lawful order, cops can use extra force to make you comply.

  14. She is not fit to be an officer. This is not a street fight. You don't need to throw someone's head into your front fender. I understand the person that was pulled over was not cooperative, but this response didn't match the situation.

  15. Police have never and will never beat me up, taze me or mistreat me and I'm openly armed. Lawful commands is a thing. Don't care if the offender gets smacked. They always have it coming to em. The street is not the place to argue the citation, that's what court is for.

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