Dashcam Shows Woman Pointing Gun Before Being Shot by Minnesota Deputy

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Mahnomen, Minnesota — The Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Office released a short dashcam video of the officer involved shooting that occurred in Mahnomen County on March 13th, 2022 involving Deputy Dakota Czerny and Shequoya Deanne Basswood, age 20, of Mahnomen. On March 13th at approximately 1:37 a.m. Deputy Czerny responded to the area north of Naytahwaush to assist another deputy with a traffic stop which turned into a pursuit. Deputy Czerny followed the vehicle into Naytahwaush, performed a pursuit intervention technique which sent the vehicle into the ditch, and then took several of the passengers into custody. The video begins showing Basswood and another female standing outside the suspect vehicle when Deputy Czerny ordered them to place their hands on the vehicle while he was retrieving additional sets of handcuffs from his squad car. Deputy Czerny approached the females and began to place handcuffs on the other involved female.

At one point Deputy Czerny saw a gun in Basswood’s possession and began to retreat away from her, drawing his firearm, and ordering her to drop the gun. Basswood then turned toward Deputy Czerny, cycled the action on the firearm, and pointed it at him. Deputy Czerny fired his firearm, striking Basswood. The video ends at that point. Deputy Czerny requested medical attention for Basswood and began to render medical aid to her as soon as the scene was safe. Basswood was charged with 1st Degree Assault, 1st Degree Murder – Attempt, Felon Convicted of Crime of Violence – Firearm or Ammunition Violation, Possession of Ammo/Any Firearm, Fleeing a Police Officer, and Carry/Possesses Pistol Without a Permit. At the time of the incident Basswood had warrants out for her arrest related to an assault from June 30th, 2021 at Roy Lake. Basswood was charged with 2nd Degree Riot – Armed with a Dangerous Weapon, 1st Degree Assault – Great Bodily Harm, and Interfering with a 9-1-1 call.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Dashcam Shows Woman Pointing Gun Before Being Shot by Minnesota Deputy

  1. Where is the cop partner? There should be one cop with a gun aiming at them while another handcuff them. Do they seriously only have one cop to handle the situation?

  2. It’s crazy how when people wanted body cans to show police brutality but 95% of the videos are actually cops defending themselves when someone pulls out a weapon. The twitter users need to stop crying so hard

  3. Despite having watched multiple videos with the same or similar theme, the one question still continues to linger in my head, to which im likely never gonna get any insightful answers to; Exactly when has pulling a gun on a person of Authority worked in direct benefit of the suspect on the long run? Like what exactly is their end goal? To get another person dead by their hand? Maybe get away for few hours before the tactical team tracks your ass down and busts down every door, window and wall you hide behind? You're never gonna live a normal life for doing some shit like that. Period.

    The human mind is a fucking enigma.

  4. No hate: or being racist if she was a black woman this would have been in news for weeks telling the deputy did wrong. Even sending him death threats

  5. Ppl think they can throw dynamite at the police and everyone cries murder when the police kill them. Wtf. They just don't give a crap how it goes down they just want to see dead cops. This shooting Totally justified.

  6. The officer should be fired someone that scared should not be on the police force instead of keeping calm and shooting the suspect he aimlessly shoots multiply shots in her direction which could have injured or kill the bystander.

  7. You can hear some of the other passengers from the car in the back of the squad car. One says, "He did not just . . . Nooooooooo." Another chimes in with "Noo, na, na, na, na . . ."

  8. Good thing the officer was quick on his toes. He was lucky she didn’t have a round chambered. The outcome could have been different

  9. Glad this LEO survived, this is why i have the up most respect for Law Enforcement they risk their lives every day at work.

  10. Why’d he continue to shoot as he was falling down? God knows where those other bullets went.. if you’re no longer aiming at your target then cease fire. Yes he did the right thing with taking down the suspect but he could have easily shot through one of those houses or even the person in cuffs as he was falling. Just an overall bad scenario

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