Dashcam Shows Woman Nearly Runs Over Officers During Traffic Stop

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
A Milwaukee woman has been charged with five felony counts after allegedly she slammed into a squad car and sped off. Kevina Freeman was charged with two counts of first degree recklessly endangering safety, two counts of vehicle operator fleeing traffic officer resulting in bodily harm, and one count of vehicle operator fleeing traffic officer causing damage to property. The incident occurred on May 15 when two Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies stopped a car for speeding on I-43 near Loomis Road. The driver’s license was suspended so deputies called a tow truck. Dash cam video showed the passenger out of the car with deputies nearby.

According to the criminal complaint, the driver said she needed to get something out of her vehicle before it was towed. She allegedly said, “I’m never going to get my car back.” She went back into the car through the passenger side and after five minutes she had not exited the vehicle. All of a sudden, the driver puts the car in reverse, slams into the squad car and speeds off. The jolt caused one of the deputies to fall and roll into oncoming traffic, while another grabbed and held on to the driver’s side door. Meanwhile, the woman’s mother was knocked into the concrete wall, unable to get up from the force.

The situation was immediately radioed in to dispatch.

Dispatch: “Injuries?”

Deputy: “I’m not injured. A passenger got injured.”

Dispatch: “What injuries to the passenger?”

Deputy: “Leg injury. She got smashed into a wall.”

Dispatch: “Copy. Conscious and breathing?

Deputy: “Conscious and breathing.”

A backup squad car also caught the crash on camera. Drivers slow down, but some don’t even move over, putting a defenseless law enforcement officer in more danger. It’s the reason why authorities strongly enforce the move over law. One of the deputies runs to his car, checking his own injures, before speeding off to catch the driver Kelvina Freeman, 23, from Milwaukee. Freeman was caught just days later and would have gotten a ticket and a fine for her initial violation.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “Dashcam Shows Woman Nearly Runs Over Officers During Traffic Stop

  1. Plead no contest to two counts of recklessly endangering safety and eluding an officer causing damage. Got seven years in prison.

  2. Yeah those keys should not be in the car and that was really scary. Assault w a deadly weapon? Thats what one of her many charges should be

  3. Stupid for police to find asses on the ground. Just glad no majority presence for a spin into a hate crime! No sueing here against government for free government economic solutions.

  4. For a last run……. some people are very attach sentimentally to their vehicle that wrecking, smashed your own mother in a concrete wall doesn't matter too much.

  5. The real question is if this is just a normal traffic stop why r her front doors & trunk open she obviously complying and listening to the officers where she doesn't have to if its just a traffic stop they have no right to search her car and as u can see she still lets them search she was do as told cuz she was afraid for her life until she realized running was the only way to get out alive, notice she doesn't take action until that 1 officer try's to pull her out the car again this is supposed to be traffic stop why would he try and pull her out the car I think her life was in danger think about it she's a black women and isnt the Milwaukee police where allot of these police shootings of innocent blacks have been happening

  6. Woman Nearly Runs Over Officers During Traffic Stop……Not sure about you,….But I didn't even see the cop car even start to move……. Title should be ~Dam crack head dumps fellow crack head and tests out the new bush bar in cop car~

  7. This will attract the wrath of some feminists and others lacking reality perception but, recently I've only seen women do this kind of thing where they disregard any life around them and just take off. That was her own mother she nearly killed.

  8. Oh for the love of God folks! Please..enough with the ridiculous names already! These are life long obstacles you're creating for yourselves. Isn't institutionalized racism enough? Must you add to it clown names that make it nearly impossible to be taken seriously? Black Names Matter!

  9. You racist ass pieces of shit cannot view a video without bringing race into it. Don't even bother responding..i do not entertain IGNORANT IDIOTS!!!!

  10. lol stupid  bitch, theres two types of felonies, violent and non violent and trust me the court and sentencing are both going to reflect the VIOLENT felony you just decided to do for no reason.  and for any fuckbag who wants to chime in and say ''hurr durr theres actually more kinds and youre wrong'' please just leave

  11. I think the police may have made a procedural mistake in letting the driver get back into the vehicle. But I'm not police officer. Those police officers could have said they feared for their lives and opened fire on her, probably.

  12. I've just read the description and still dont understand how many years in prison she has got. That's because my english is bad. And what the heck does "charged with five felony counts" mean?
    (and rewrite my first sentece correctly please)

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