Dashcam Shows Trooper Shooting a Man Who Came Out Of His Car With a Gun in His Hand

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Siler City, North Carolina — The North Carolina State Highway Patrol released dash camera video showing a trooper shooting a man who emerged from his driver’s seat with a gun in his hand during a traffic stop in Chatham County. The video shows 21-year-old Mark Diaz of Staley being pulled over for a seatbelt violation by Trooper Rodney Cook on May 30 around 4:30 p.m. Video shows the trooper asking Diaz to get out of his truck after he fails to give him an ID, authorities said. Cook also suspected drug use, according to NCDPS.

Once asked to get out of the truck, the driver, Diaz, pulled out a pistol, the video shows. Cook then tried to block the gun and retreated toward his patrol car. The trooper fired a shot at Diaz as he stepped out of the truck with the gun. As Cook fires, the video shows the truck rolling forward, stalling out and a passenger jumping from the car, fleeing the scene, but returning later, according to Highway Patrol. The dashcam video shows Diaz down on the pavement as Cook called in the incident from his car.

He shouted for Diaz to drop the pistol he is still clutching. Cook approaches Diaz who is still on the ground with the gun in his hand. Cook gets the gun away from Diaz and radios for backup and EMS assistance. Cook also begins performing life-saving measures on Diaz. However, Diaz was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. Cook was not hurt during the traffic stop. He was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation which is agency protocol.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Dashcam Shows Trooper Shooting a Man Who Came Out Of His Car With a Gun in His Hand

  1. That officer makes good use of his range time. I couldn’t do that job, but I’m sure glad there are guys that can. That officer is a real pro.

  2. I’m happy that the officer is unhurt, he handled that situation very well.
    Anyone else notice the guy driving into his driveway hit the car parked ahead of him? Oops. 😴

  3. Guess they don't call it "Dope" for nothing.
    What a dope. A seatbelt infraction, maybe a warrant, possibly an arrest OR Shot Dead?

  4. He probably should have been keeping an eye out for the 2nd assailant. You can't trust that they don't come back to harm you.

  5. A bad decision now the cop is tasked by trying to save his life. So many videos of them making that move. Don’t make any sense to me,he didn’t have any chance

  6. Wonderful job Trooper. Hats off to you. BTW…Did anyone else notice the guy in the black sedan run into the back of the suv parked in the driveway?

  7. Never mind the weed, gun, no seatbelt, not setting the handbrake, and driving without a license—bruh, why you gonna pull over in the MIDDLE of an intersection?

  8. Why don't people understand what a crime scene is? Walking up into a cs, especially with a weapon on the ground, is not a smart move.

  9. WOW. after many times seeing groups of officers mag dump suspects with just a knife and on the floor ( no IMMEDIATE threat), let alone a guy with a gun, really speaks volume of this cops restraint and effectiveness, especially since he was SOLO. Too bad for the cop the shot was actually lethal, you can obviously tell he didn't mean to kill him, only stop him. If he really wanted to kill or kill, he wouldnt have shot just once. He also approached the suspect with the gun still in his hand, something VERY rare to see without backup. How many times have we seen 3 or 4 cops just waiting for the guy to die (yelling for minutes ´Drop it´ only because they collapsed while still clinching on the gun).

  10. For anyone that has never given CPR before it is absolutely exhausting. Great job by this officer quickly switching from fighting to saving.

  11. I get people who are pulled over, looking at like a potential warrant and are realizing they might spend the next decade in the slammer while having their current life ruined; losing their shit and pop off….but a seatbelt bro?

  12. So weird seeing how officers in rural areas act compared to the larger city cops etc. This cop didn’t stand back and wait 10 minutes for help to arrive to walk up and take the gun from the guys hand. You never see the big city cops do this. Ever. There will be 10 of them and they will all stand around for 5 minutes yelling at the obviously dead guy to drop the gun before they can help. Also he never says anything about the other suspect that ran until 10
    Minutes later. So bizarre. But refreshing. Only one shot, not unloading a full clip like most of these cops. And then moving right in to remove the gun and start CPR without even hand cuffing. This is how cops acted when my dad was a cop. 30 years retired. This is how I remember cops acting.

  13. LOL @ the guy in the black car that pulls into the driveway and hits the SUV's bumper and then gets out and casually walks inside the garage as if nothing happened.

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