Dashcam Shows Intense Shootout Between Troopers And Suspect

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State Police have released dramatic dashcam video of the shootout on Route 33 that seriously injured Pennsylvania State Trooper Seth Kelly in 2017. The suspect Daniel Clary was convicted of attempted murder in May. In November 2017, State Trooper Ryan Seiple made what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop on Route 33 in Plainfield Township, Northampton County. Dashcam video shows Clary getting a ticket for speeding, but as the trooper begins to pull away, Clary flags him down again. Trooper Sieple called for backup and the video shows Sieple and Trooper Seth Kelly putting Clary through a sobriety test. The video shows Clary unstable on his feet during several tests. When the troopers try to arrest Clary, he resists and they wrestle him to the ground. Clary attempts to fight back. At one point, the fight spills out onto the road with traffic driving by. Police tried to use a taser on Clary but he gets up and reaches into the driver’s side window of his car. The video shows Clary firing the gun multiple times at both Trooper Sieple and Trooper Kelly. Both officers return fire and Clary drives away.

Trooper Kelly was shot four times during the exchange of gunfire Nov 7, 2017, on the side of Route 33 in Plainfiield Township. He arrived at a local hospital clinically dead. He spent 12 days in a medically-induced coma and 25 days in the hospital. He doesn’t remember the shootout. Houck showed jurors the 45-mintue video of the traffic stop, the struggle and its aftermath. Houck believes he could have suppressed its release. But he and the troopers believe it’s important that the public should view the video to see just how dangerous police work can be and to see the restraint employed by the troopers before they were forced to open fire. “We think the community should see it,” Houck said. Clary, 22, of Effort, Pa., was convicted June 29 of multiple felonies, including attempting to kill Seiple and Kelly. His attorney argued at trial he was scared and shot at the troopers because he feared for his life. Clary will be sentenced Aug. 31.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Dashcam Shows Intense Shootout Between Troopers And Suspect

  1. The headline I just read regarding this incident says, "Look at these two weak and coward pigs!!!" Only a bitch could say something like this! When trying to detain a suspect, police are allowed to use force in subduing them, including punches. Also, the officer tripped as the guy was reaching into the car, so he didn't just let him reach into the car. These "pigs" almost DIED (one did but was revived) while trying to save the lives of every citizen in this country! The suspect was under the influence and could have killed an innocent person or family. Not including the fact that he was almost a cop killer.
    I don't buy his lawyers "he was scared they were going to kill him" story. If he was scared, he would have simply drove off (as he did) WITHOUT shooting two officers. Thankfully this POS is going to be in prison the rest of his life. It's too bad he wasn't killed to save my tax dollars. I have no sympathy for someone like this!

  2. I've noticed those are PA state troopers. 1 of my family members is in the state troopers. He Works as a dispatcher for them now. I even got to ride in his cruiser with him when I was 2 years old! Gotta say I give respect for these guys.

  3. "Chokeholds should be illegal, some criminal in NYC died because of it, so they should never be used ever again ny anyone"
    fucken idiot libs.. hell cops should be able to garote someone with a steel cable around their neck to save their own lives and keep this criminal from killing someone

  4. These two cops are the most lousy cops I’ve ever seen LMFAOOO ! Why would you try and return fire when the suspect already has cover… you are just waiting to get killed.

  5. How the heck he avoid 10 or more shots. He had experience provably and jump under the seats. He had one weapon on him and who knows how many in the vehicle

  6. He’s telling him to get on his back while he already IS on his back 🤦🏻‍♂️ I agree he deserved to get shot but the way cops just blindly spout their preprogrammed commands makes me sigh. They don’t actually think about what they’re saying and then shoot people for not obeying their retarded commands.

  7. why couldnt those tasers just be better. Like the ones that get people knocked out instantly

  8. Just goes to show how under trained police officers are. So confident one minute and a complete farce ensues due to zero skill in restraint. Sorry, but it would have been perfectly appropriate to have played either the Benny Hill theme or circus music during this PSA. I am pro police/law enforcement but this is indicative of a cockiness that is unearned. Jiujitsu training for at least 1 year after hire is minimal. It was embarrassing to watch this. We can do better.

  9. At 0:20 his hands were behind his back and the second "officer" rushed and attacked him. Of course he's going to fight back. What the in fuck are you republic imbassols saying?

  10. Que when stop are stop going when could I have a la orden lol you doing stop going to happen to the gracias por are going to happen to you about

  11. I don’t see any morons here in the comments who still defend Jacob Blake. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re thinking- good. Wish the cop died. Ugh…

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