Cranston Police Officers Shoot Homicide Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Them

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Cranston, Rhode Island — On May 23, 2023, Johnston Police were called to Ligian Court for a complaint of suspicious activity. When cops arrived, 44-year-old Thomas May, reported hearing banging noises on the walls outside his home near his daughter’s window. May informed police that he’d raised the window blinds and noticed his neighbor, 52-year-old James Harrison, standing outside his house with a ladder. Harrison lived just next door to May. Harrison ran back to his residence. Officers found no evidence of attempted forced entry through the bedroom window and were unable to locate the ladder May claimed seeing. May asked to file a trespass order against Harrison. Officers knocked on Harrison’s door and called him, but he did not answer.

Officer Scott Hopkins returned on Wednesday, May 24, in another attempt to reach Harrison and issue him a trespass notice, but when he arrived, he saw Harrison operating a dark blue Buick Encore. Hopkins attempted to turn around to arrest Harrison, but he saw May’s 15-year-old daughter laying on the front yard of the house with an apparent gunshot wound, and stopped to aid her. Thomas May was found in the garage with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. May’s daughter identified Harrison as the shooter, prompting law officials to issue a “Be on the Lookout” bulletin. The injured girl was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, where she was treated for significant but non-life threatening injuries.

Officers entered 4 Ligian Court, which belongs to Harrison’s mother, 83-year-old Janet Harrison. She was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. A police dispatcher called the Cranston Police Department at 9:30 a.m. to report that James Harrison’s vehicle had been seen near St. Ann Cemetery. Officers tracked the vehicle through various jurisdictions before it crashed on Plainfield Pike in Cranston, near the Interstate 295 overpass. Police ordered him out of his vehicle, and the video shows officers scrambling into position behind cruisers and other obstacles before drawing their service weapons. Harrison then got out of his car and pointed a gun at the officers. Police immediately began firing at Harrison and his vehicle, killing him. After about 10 seconds, the gunfire subsided and police rushed over to a visibly bloodied Harrison before putting him in handcuffs. No officers were reported hurt, although some went to a hospital to be evaluated.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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22 thoughts on “Cranston Police Officers Shoot Homicide Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Them

  1. All the officers should have used a rifle on this one. He will still be voting democrat for the next 20+ years even tho he is dead tho.

  2. Remember when we considered cops chasing and shooting at people as something too dangerous for the public. Now they will run you down and unload automatic weapons in public over a turn signal. I for one feel safe, how bout you?

  3. WHY can't the police turn off their sirens or have the siren automated to turn off after being completely stopped in PARK for 5 seconds? Their is NO WAY they can hear or communicate with each other with every siren blasting!

  4. 2:50 This has to be a joke, the officer is looking for a weapon, opens the car door and finds a banana, joking aside, great job by the officers

  5. Justified or not look at how they fist-bump when they realize they killed a person. These f*ckers are some real sickos someone oughta fist-bump over their kids like that see how these pigs feel when it's one of their own hollowed out 😂

  6. So what did that guy think was going to happen with all those cops on him after pointing a gun at them? Did he think they would’ve surrendered? Clearly delusional

  7. Does law enforcement recognize how bad this appears??? Just can't wait to play cops and robbers. It's so blatantly obvious and that puts all of us in danger. Stop putting the general public in danger like this. You literally had the opportunity to stop him in the land of the dead before he reentered the land of the living but didn't???

    Because this makes for better tv and entertainment to profit off of…like the chicken hawks you all are. Youtubers…not cops.

    Ps – 100 cops…you all are way too gung ho and it's costing innocent lives. Stop. You prove how much you get off on it. It's terrifying that we have to worry about you as well.

    Had a rookie cop on a bicycle come onto my property recently because he thought I was a kid on a skateboard ignoring his commands to get on the side walk…even though it was a multi thousand dollar e-board that is legally not permitted on the sidewalk and committed three crimes against me thinking I was a kid because I have intestinal disorder that make sit difficult to eat.

    He was an unbelievable asshole that put himself in the most dangerous position out of ego. EGO!!! Of course, when I gave him my birth date he immediately realized what he had done and tried to weasel out of it by still blaming me. You all are a joke. A joke…and I have no criminal record and pay more property taxes than 99% of the people in my medium sized city.

    You all are behaving in the most ugly manner. and it makes us HATE you. HATE. All he did was ensure that I won't ever go out of my way to help any of them, as all they do is bully. They're fucking bullies and they need to wake the fuck up before the are deluged by law suits from all the people that are sick and tired of them, putting people's lives at risk for no reason other than incompetence.

    It's a joke.

  8. Dude got out too easy. The rest of his miserable life in jail would have been better. Ether way, thank you officers for your work. Especially Officer Hopkins, without him going to the perps house that day, it could have been even worse.

  9. Police did a good job but who is the first officer shown shooting his rifle with officers gathered around the police cruiser directly to his left? None of them could hear one another more than 5 feet apart. If one had stepped out to the right they’d have been shot. Then he’s moving forward with his weapon still pointing down range and the safety off. Finally he puts the safety on when he reaches the suspect.

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