@Cops&Cons live with our Legal Expert Dan Talks About the Sean Bickings and Patrick Lyoya Cases

Dan our legal expert, was live answering any questions about policing and about our channel. We will discuss the police response and death of Sean Bickings and also talk about the Patrick Lyoya case, an officer has been charged in the death of Lyoya. We will take your questions on law enforcement and legal cases.

We look forward to having your participation.

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24 thoughts on “@Cops&Cons live with our Legal Expert Dan Talks About the Sean Bickings and Patrick Lyoya Cases

  1. The other thing to consider which needs to be
    said is when the Officer learned that the license
    plate did not match the vehicle, he put himself
    in grave danger by getting out of his vehicle to
    approach Lyola's vehicle for reason he didn't
    know if these were deadly armed criminals on
    the run wanted by law enforcement considered
    to be armed and extremely dangerous who
    were drug dealers or fleeing the scene of a bank
    robbery that might be armed to the teeth with
    automatic weapons as there were two of them
    in that vehicle from the get go who could of both
    suddenly jumped out and opened fire on the
    Officer in a hail of bullets killing him instantly.

    So from the get go the officer placed himself in
    an extremely dangerous situation just by getting
    out of his vehicle. What he should of done was
    immediately call for backup, and if he did, he
    should of remained in his vehicle until backup
    arrived which then could of transitioned to a Felony Stop that tactically is far different than
    what he ended up doing.

    He could of instantly been shot and killed by the
    occupant of the vehicle with automatic weapon
    fire as he was approaching Lyola and/or Lyola
    could of had a hand gun in his waist ban and
    instantly pulled it and shot the Officer as he was
    approaching him without his gun drawn.

    The Officer placed himself in grave danger from
    the beginning just by getting out of his vehicle
    knowing there was at least one additional
    occupant in Lyola's vehicle who could of been

    The Officer had no idea of the extraordinary level
    of danger he put himself in just by getting out of
    his vehicle under these sucipious circumstances
    that could of quickly turned lethal for the Officer. What if both Lyola and the occupant of the
    vehicle were armed, and as he approached Lyola
    both of them opened fire on him which could of
    included automatic weapon fire.

    So the bottom line is this Officer used extremely
    poor judgment from the get go in addition to
    him not being in adequate physical condition
    for grappling with Lyola or anyone else for
    that matter. He could of easily been killed
    under different circumstances that he never
    considered. If it was me I would of immediately
    called for backup and remained in my vehicle
    until back up arrived to execute a Felony Stop
    with weapons drawn and shielded behind the
    doors of their police vehicles.

  2. Police are the #1 hated enemy on planet earth not because 🐖they catch criminals, it's because police make everyone appear to be criminals while removing food from tables and extorting hard-earned incomes from the innocent with the justification that it's up to the judge to sort things out! (Police volcanically destroy lives and families for profit VOID OF CONSEQUENCE and it is dead wrong!)
    The fact is Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest gift to protect the police from personal lawsuits and is the primary reason our nation has such volcanic justifiable hate for the sovereign police! It's beyond the time the police are licensed rather than certified and carry their own liability insurance saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars annually from valid lawsuits against bad cops!
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  3. I admire people who do what they want to do even in the face of it being rejected by all who see it. You keep forcing legal technicality talk on people who just want to see boots crack skulls of people they feel are deserving. Or inversely on the other side, it's all about in-equality rage bait. What absolutely nobody wants, is the detailed facts and well thought out position. Your audience doesn't exist. You're simply alienating people who watch this for either reason.

  4. The Sean Bickers case. Officers have zero responsibility to save someone and they informed Sean not to swim in the water. They did everything they could.

  5. 1. Those officers did their job IAW local procedures.
    2. Who can swim 20m, grab and swim back one armed with a +220 lbs weight that is struggling and pulling you down?

  6. Hi I'm new the officer was sitting on top of him had him pined down and shot him in back of head. Don't make excuses he was scared you could see that on video. He should also not kill him just for runing .

  7. The officer wasn’t trained well. He pulled out a taser and closed distance just to use it. When the officer was on the suspect back he could have disengaged and told him to “drop the taser or you will be shot” “don’t make me shoot you” instead of just shooting him in the back.

    Some people are fine with officers not being tactical and intelligent with how they speak with citizens

  8. I missed the stream so I have a lot to say. Sorry.
    I like the new set 👍
    I believe that police officers need to learn actual hand to hand combat and self defense so their first instinct isn't to pull their weapons. That will definitely help cut down on shooting.
    The cops should not have gone into the water. He could have easily drowned one of them. Jumping in the water was his choice. When I worked on the Ambulance we were told not to attempt try to rescue the victim but to wait til they stopped struggling and recover their bodies and do ALS on them to bring them back. But it was left up to us to know our own abilities in each situation. A drowning person will always try to push you down to get the high ground. It's just self preservation.

  9. This is long but I'm sick of race always being called in question. So I'm gonna vent alittle. Okay.
    Z for C because of YT censors.
    In reality raze has nothing to do with anything. These people are looking for razist intent where there never is any. NONE of these cop shootings have ever come back with proof that the cop was actually razist. In all these shootings the suspects were NOT following lawful orders givin to them. Fighting, running or going for a weapon or suspected weapon by the officers COULD GET YOU SHOT.
    I don't care what color his skin is I'm concerned with his actions. White black Hispanic or whatever it never matters. 99.0% of Americans and cops are not racist. There is NOT an epidemic of razism in America. That is made up by the fake news Corporate media and Demoncrat politicians and activists. Do these idiots really think that if a white guy was fighting with this cop and trying to take his taser or weapon from him he wouldn't have done the exact same thing. If you don't agree maybe you're the real razist. He would have done the same thing and they know it. Color of skin had nothing to do with this. But it had everything to do with the officer being charged. Stop looking at a persons race and look at their conduct and behavior. Damn people it's so simple. When stopped by an office do as you're told. If you have a complaint go to the police station and FILE a complaint. Try to get the cop disciplined or fired. Then the outcome will not be you laying dead somewhere from resisting and fighting cops. If you have warrants and do another crime and try to run. Well, you should be committing all these crimes. Self responsibility is dead with this generation. It's always someone else fault not their terrible decisions and behavior. Shame on their parents for not teaching them to respect authority. I'm a disabled Firefighter/EMT/911 operator and I've seen a lot of this first hand. These cops are out there because they care. Not to shoot black people that being irresponsibly but intentionally reported in the news and on socialist media sites.
    I'm done. Thanks

  10. 100 % Blue👮‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️👮
    Thankless job with alot of rights taken away from officers and abuse of officers they face everyday.
    So many people giving their advice on how to be an officer with no idea of the traning and law they have to abid by.

  11. We don’t execute drunk drivers. Let it go. Call back up. Seriously! A bullet to the back of the head for an agitated drunk driver. Second degree murder is completely appropriate.

  12. Lifeguards are taught, not to try going in water, to save someone without a floatation devise.

    Oh my goodness. Can't handle the truth.

    Keep up with the pity. Train police for everything, so no one else has any responsibility. A little girl wouldn't be baiting them in either. Which would be a consideration. They've been baited in, on a regularity of late. They are getting set up, to be killed.

  13. When the perpetrator flees or resists being detained, they should loose their rights at that moment. The criminals are fighting dirty and the cops have to follow a bunch of rules. History has proven the criminals are getting released with little to no penalty now days. The LEO's across the country need to go on strike. The judges and lawyers need to start being held accountable for the crimes committed, after criminals are released. They want the revolving door because their pockets are getting fat!

  14. Why did the cop escalate the situation to the point of pulling his taser? The guy was running away. That's a misdemeanor. The officer had his vehicle. It's a murder in my mind. Death penalty for the murdering coward.

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